Stop dancing around the golden calf of the false Jesus created by the power elite that took over Christianity


A message from Jesus through Kim Michaels:


The single most important thing you can come to understand about who I was 2,000 years ago is that I came to teach and demonstrate the path that ALL people have the potential to follow. I came to be an example, and what the power elite behind the Christian religion has done is to elevate me to an exception that no one can or dare follow. Thus, what Christianity has done to me is the exact opposite of what I wanted to see happen. 

The people of the power elite first killed my physical body, and then they killed my example by perverting my teachings and telling an entirely false story about my life. Yet on this website I will expose this fraud, so that the people who are ready for it can acknowledge who they are and claim their right to follow my example by attaining personal Christhood.

The single most important thing you can understand about who I am today is that I am a spiritual being, an ascended being, an ascended master. I am still working with the earth, because I made a promise back then that I intend to fulfill: “I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” Thus, I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to attune his or her intuitive faculties to the Presence and vibration that I AM.

The entire purpose of this website is to help you stop dancing around the golden calf of the idolatrous image of Jesus built by Christianity, so that you can tune in to me directly in your own heart. After all, I did say back then that the kingdom of God is within you, did I not? That remark is precisely what got me killed back then, and it is precisely what will cause many to reject this website today.

Yet the simple fact is that I was and I AM a spiritual revolutionary. I came to revolutionize the relationship that human beings have with God. I came to take that relationship away from being dominated by the very beings who seek to enslave humankind, those I called the blind leaders or the sons of the devil. I came to give all people life and that more abundantly, so that they might know and experience their personal connection with their God right within their hearts. I came to help all people raise their consciousness, so they can know God within, instead of being trapped in the mental prison of thinking that their road to God and salvation must go through an earthly institution controlled by a power elite.

I am here today to fulfill that purpose. Thus, my intention with this website is to help you make that direct inner connection to me or another ascended master. It is NOT my intention with this website to create another external religion or spiritual movement that will do what such institutions have always done, namely stand between the people and their direct, inner relationship with their God.

If you will use the teachings and tools that we provide on this and our other websites, you can indeed attain that direct inner connection. And after all, it might be precisely to demonstrate this inner connection that you took embodiment at this critical, but also very fortunate, time in the cosmic evolution of this beautiful planet. 

So if you truly want to know the real Jesus, do not expect to find me on this website. Use the teachings and tools given, and you will indeed find me in your heart. That experience will be beyond words, so why would I use words to try to describe it? Seek me, and ye shall find—I AM willing to be found. Are you willing to find the real Jesus?



Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels