Who is Jesus trying to reach with this website?

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

NOTE: The following discourse explains who Jesus is trying to reach with the teachings on this website. It also explains the very core of his true message, his inner message, that has been almost completely lost over the past 2,000 years. The discourse also explains why it is so crucial for people to rediscover Jesus’ true message and apply this knowledge in our time.

The only possible solution to human problems

Beloved hearts, to explain why I am pleading with you to make the decision to seek Christ consciousness, let me summarize what we have looked at so far.

  • We have seen that God has not created the current state of suffering, limitation and misery found on planet earth. Instead, human beings have created their own situation.
  • We have seen that there is only one possible solution to the problems found on planet earth. That solution is the Christ consciousness.
  • I have told you about the universal Christ consciousness. Yet, the solution to the problems of earth is not the universal Christ consciousness. The reason being that the universal Christ consciousness simply cannot enter this world.
  • God has created the law of free will, and no being in heaven will ever violate the free will of human beings. Therefore, the cosmic Christ consciousness itself simply cannot act in this world.
  • As a result, the key to changing the current situation on planet earth is not the universal Christ consciousness, but the individualized Christ consciousness. When I walked the earth, I expressed my individualized Christ consciousness in this world. I was, quite literally, the light of the world. It is true that I was completely united with the universal Christ consciousness. Yet, I still was not expressing the universal Christ mind. I was expressing my individualized Christ mind.
  • The essential point is that you cannot expect some spiritual force from heaven to suddenly descend and solve all of the problems on earth. You cannot expect that God or myself will suddenly appear in the sky and whisk away all of humankind’s problems.This simply will not happen.
  • God can indeed solve all of the problems on earth, but God can only do so through his sons and daughters. God can only bring about change if you decide to be the instrument for bringing about change by putting on your personal Christhood.

When you consider the impact that my short mission has had on this planet, I think you can see the potential impact of thousands of Christed beings walking the earth.


I hold a very high and beautiful vision for this planet.

I hold the vision of 10,000 Christed beings in physical embodiment. I desire to give you a glimpse of my vision.

  • I see a large-scale and dramatic change in people’s consciousness. I see a large-scale awakening, whereby millions upon millions of people will come to a realization and a conscious acceptance of the spiritual side to life, their spiritual identity and their spiritual potential.
  • I see a vision of millions of people recognizing their potential to put on Christ consciousness. I see them making the conscious decision to put on that Christ consciousness and to engage in the spiritual path that will lead them to that goal.
  • I see the potential for a golden age of progress, peace and growth that will turn this planet into a bright star, as opposed to the dark star it is today.
  • However, I also see that for this to happen, people must have examples to follow. My example took place too long ago. Furthermore, the intense cult of idolatry built around the outer person of Jesus Christ makes it very difficult for people to identify with me and to see me as an example. That is why I need you.


The call for 10,000 christed ones

I know that 10,000 people are prepared at inner levels to attain the full measure of Christ consciousness in this lifetime. Most of these people volunteered for this mission before they came into embodiment. Most of these people have not yet come to a conscious realization of their mission.

However, if those 10,000 people receive these teachings and accept my message, they can quickly rise to a high level of Christ consciousness. Thereby, they can become the shining examples that millions of other people can follow.

Most of these 10,000 souls have already attained a high level of Christ consciousness at inner levels. They simply need to come to a conscious acceptance of their inner attainment. Therefore, many of these people have the potential to go through a very swift and dramatic transformation from their current level of consciousness to a high degree of Christhood.

I can assure you that if 10,000 people manifested a high level of Christ consciousness and continued towards the full Christ consciousness, you would begin to see some very dramatic changes on planet earth.

I also know that millions of people are prepared at inner levels to come to a conscious acceptance of their potential to become the Christ. These people have already attained a certain level of Christ consciousness. They still have a ways to go to attain the full measure, but if they will make a sincere effort, it can be attained in this lifetime. I can assure you that if these millions of people were to receive these teachings, they would make an immense contribution to the positive change on planet earth.

If 10,000 people were to accept their Christhood, and if millions more were to accept the potential for Christhood, planet earth would never be the same. You would literally see so many changes within a few decades that the concept of future shock would take on an entirely new meaning.
As a result of such an awakening, the vast majority of humankind would rise above their current consciousness of materialism, hopelessness and despair.

People would recognize the spiritual side to life.
People would gain hope from seeing the dramatic changes that would begin to occur.
People would gain a new sense of meaning and purpose.
They would realize that life is not something that is forced upon them, nor is it some form of punishment from an angry God.
Life is a miracle.
Life is a gift.
Life is an opportunity for growth.
Life is an opportunity to express your God-given individuality.
Life is pure joy.


My vision for earth

My beloved hearts, if you will make an effort to still the outer mind and emotions and to go deeply within your heart, I will show you at least a portion of the vision I hold for this planet. Were you to see even a glimpse of this vision, you would be so uplifted that your life would never be the same. You would realize that God has a solution for every problem on earth. You would realize that God is ready to bring forth that solution as soon as some people raise their level of consciousness so that they can be the open door through which that solution can be brought into the material world.

Furthermore, you would realize that you have the potential to become the open door through which God can bring forth one or several solutions to problems that human beings currently consider to be insoluble.
You cannot tell me that this would not make you excited. I know you, I know your soul at inner levels, and I know you have a deep inner desire to see positive change on planet earth.

My beloved heart, if you are reading these words, you are one of my flock. You are one of my servants. You are one of my brothers and sisters in spirit. You are already working with me at inner levels. However, I can do so much more for you and for humankind through you if you will consciously realize your divine origin and your potential to manifest Christhood.

There is almost no limit to what I could do for this planet, if I had 10,000 Christed beings in embodiment and millions of people who were sincerely striving to become Christed beings.

However, we must start somewhere. Everything begins with one person who decides to raise his or her consciousness. If you desire to help bring about my vision, you must begin the only place you could possibly begin, namely by changing yourself. Make an effort to turn the dial of consciousness so that you can hear me speak to you in the stillness of your heart. I will show you, measure for measure, your personal path to Christhood.

This is not an empty promise.
If you will listen with an open mind and heart, you will hear my voice. You will know that it is indeed I, your brother of light Jesus Christ, who is speaking to you. If you can recognize my voice through these teachings, you can recognize my voice in your own heart.
Dare to listen.
Dare to be.


 Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels

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