I Am on a Mission Impossible from God

A message from the ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (January 3, 2004)

I am your Jesus.

I am your older brother, and many of you have known me in times long forgotten. You have known me truly as an equal, and not as the idol that many of you have come to see in this day and age. In today’s world, the very religion that claims to represent me on Earth has turned me into an idol and put me on a pedestal, where many of those who are my own see me as unreachable.

I come in this hour on a very special mission, one might call it a mission impossible. You see my beloved, if you survey the history of the human race for the past many thousands of years, you will see that human beings have indeed been trapped in a state of consciousness entirely dominated by ignorance. This ignorance makes it impossible for them to understand the truth about who they are, where they came from and why they are here on Earth.

As a typical example, an exponent for this state of consciousness, look at the situation in which I stood before Pontius Pilate during my trial. I stated that I came to bear witness to the truth. My beloved, do you remember his reaction? He said, “What is truth?” I can assure you that he did not say this mockingly. Pontius Pilate was not an uneducated man, he was not an evil person, and truly did not want to convict me because he believed I was completely innocent of the charges labeled against me by the religious authorities.

So when he made his remark, he did so with the agony of a soul who knows that there is something more to understand about life, but it simply cannot grasp that something more. A soul who is in torment, the torment of knowing that there is something which it cannot reach, yet it knows that that something exists.

How to help human beings see truth

You see my beloved, as I have tried to explain many times, there is a hierarchy of spiritual beings, and we call ourselves by many names, but the name I use in this context is the Ascended Host. We are the spiritual teachers of humankind.

Some of us have been working with planet Earth for a very long time. Many of us have actually taken embodiment on planet Earth, and we have been trapped in the same state of consciousness in which you are trapped today. We gradually started to part the clouds in the mind, to part the veil and to see glimpses of truth. After we embodied and internalized that truth, and allowed it to become the leaven that raised our whole consciousness, we eventually qualified for the process of the ascension, whereby we could permanently ascend to our home of light here in the spiritual realm. Since then many of us have functioned as the spiritual teachers who are seeking to raise the consciousness of those of our brothers and sisters who are still trapped on planet Earth, trapped on the wheel of rebirth.

You see my beloved, for millennia the spiritual teachers of humankind have been discussing various ways for how to help people start the gradual process that leads them to a higher state of consciousness, a consciousness in which they can grasp truth. We of the Ascended Host work together as a team, but this does not mean that we are all alike or that we are in complete agreement on the best way to help human beings.

Over the centuries, there have been many discussions among us concerning how we could possibly help human beings grasp and accept the Living Truth of God. I must tell you frankly that there is a large group of beings here in Heaven who believe it is impossible to make most human beings grasp and understand the Living Truth of God. This is indeed a topic that has been the subject of much discussion. I happen to belong to a group of us who hold the hope in our hearts that it will somehow be possible to find a way to make people understand the truth, the Living Truth about themselves and about God.

Why is it so difficult for people to see truth?

I come today in an attempt to provide such a way for human beings to grasp truth. I come in an attempt to perform the impossible mission of helping people see what many of them sense must exist, but which they simply cannot grasp and hold on to. And therefore their souls are crying out, like the soul of Pontius Pilate cried out with the eternal question, “What is truth?”

Before I have any chance whatsoever of successfully completing my mission impossible, I need to set the stage by telling you why it is so difficult for people to grasp truth. You see my beloved, a very long time ago, in fact at a time when there was no time, as time is known on planet Earth, God decided to create the material universe in which you live.

When God creates a new universe, he creates it out of his own Being and consciousness. But he does not create it in the fullness of who he is. The reason is that God himself is not what human beings envision him to be. So many human beings have built an idolatrous image of who God is. They think that God is almighty, that God is perfect. And they think that if something is perfect, it must be complete, and therefore it could never change, it could never grow, it could never evolve. This is a fallacy, and it springs from the consciousness into which human beings have descended.

I will shortly comment on this consciousness, but for now let me simply say that this consciousness gives people a distorted view of the nature and reality of God. The truth about God is that God is indeed perfect but not according to a human standard. Therefore, God is not static, God is not stationary. God is not something that can be fixated, and the reason is that God is the eternal creator.

As I explain in the book The Christ Is Born in You, God has a dual nature. One aspect of God is the state of pure Being. This state of Being is indeed completely without change because it is completely without form. The other aspect of God is what I have called the Creator. The nature of the creator is to create that which has form. So the creator aspect of God is always changing. God is not an old man with a white beard sitting on a great throne somewhere in Heaven. God is like a river that is always flowing. God is a process. God is a process of growth and self-transcendence.

How does God grow, how does he transcend himself? He grows by creating worlds and universes out of himself, out of his own being and consciousness. So God creates by encapsulating his own consciousness and Being within a certain form. A form that has limitations and that exists in a limited state, such as the time and space that you know in this world.

You see my beloved, the essence of creation is that it is an ever-moving process. So therefore God never created anything that was meant to be static and unchanging. God intends everything he creates to evolve and grow and transcend itself. And what is the purpose of this growth and transcendence? It is that his creation will grow into realizing from where it came, namely that it is an expression of, a materialization of, an individualization of God himself. And after that realization, the creation can then realize that it has the potential to become one again with the creator. Not one in the sense that is disappears, but one in the sense that it becomes the creator, it becomes the new creator who can continue the never-ending process of creation.

So when God creates a world that has form, that world is created out of his consciousness, but it does not yet have the full awareness of whence it came and where it has the potential to go. How can a world transcend its limited state, its state of ignorance of its own reality, and come to the recognition that it is truly a part of God and that it was never apart from God? To help the creation grow in awareness, God sends conscious beings into his world. Those conscious beings are created in his own image and likeness, meaning that they have the capacity of consciousness to become aware of their own identity as individualizations of God. Thereby they can act as co-creators with God.

This has created a hierarchy of beings extending from God the creator through a number of spiritual beings, an entire hierarchy of spiritual beings, and finally to the beings who volunteered to descend into the material universe and help that universe become self-aware and recognize its own identity, origin and potential. These beings are you, my beloved. You are the divine shock-troops who volunteered to descend into this material world to help the entire universe rise and become self-aware.

The mechanics of the process of descending into this universe makes it inevitable that you will lose some of your awareness of who you are and from where you came. However, you can never lose your potential to regain that awareness because the consciousness of God himself is embedded within your being.

People think they can act on their own

I will now jump ahead of the story and talk about the consciousness in which most people find themselves. The consciousness that you now experience is not what God intended for you. You descended into this state of consciousness through a long and gradual process, and I have described the mechanics of this elsewhere. I will not go into it here because it would detract from my purpose.

The essence of the consciousness in which you are now trapped is the sense that you can act entirely on your own. You literally believe that you are a self-contained being who has the power to act in this world and who needs nothing from beyond the material universe in order to live and to act in your environment. You believe that all you need in order to survive is material nourishment in the form of food. And the energy you use in order to perform your daily activities supposedly comes from the food your eat, the light you absorb through your skin and other material means.

What has happened to human beings is that they have become entirely disconnected from their source, and that source, of course, is God himself. Some human beings have started identifying themselves fully with their physical bodies and with the material universe. Therefore, they literally believe that the material universe is a self-contained sphere and that they need nothing from outside this universe in order to exist. Many of these people truly and firmly believe that there is no God because they believe there is no need of him.

Obviously, there are many people on this planet who do believe in God, in one form or another. It is interesting to see that many of these people actually believe that they know the truth about God. They firmly believe that their religion has told them the essential truth about God and about their relationship with God.

People are trapped in mental boxes

Oh my beloved, how my heart overflows with love for those people who are so trapped in both of these belief systems and world views. How I wish I could somehow find a way to reach into their mental boxes, to drill little holes in the boxes that they have built around their minds, and let a ray of the pure truth of God shine through to their conscious minds. I wish I could help people see that there is oh so much more to truth than what can fit into their mental boxes.

You see my beloved, it is precisely these mental boxes that make it so difficult for us, who are your spiritual teachers, to reach you with a ray of God’s truth. So let me now attempt to explain to you why the mental boxes that you have created around your minds make it so difficult, and in many cases almost impossible, for you to grasp God’s truth.

The essence of this problem is what I explained when I said that people firmly believe that they can act on their own. Oh yes, I realize that many religious people believe they are acting by God’s grace or that everything is subject to the will of God, but these beliefs are merely intellectual, and most people do not truly understand the reality of the situation.

The reason is that they all believe that God is somewhere up there in Heaven and not here on Earth, and certainly not inside themselves. So you see my beloved, even most religious people have created an image of God as being outside of and separated from themselves. Many religious people look at atheists or materialists and believe that they themselves are far more pleasing to God than the people who deny God’s existence. But you see my beloved, most religious people are also denying God’s existence because they are denying God’s existence within themselves and within everything that surrounds them.

As I explained earlier, God created everything out of his own substance, his own Being, his own consciousness. So everything you see around you is simply God wearing a disguise, and everything you see inside of you is also God wearing a disguise. And you yourself are God wearing a disguise. And this is what most religious people fail to see, and therefore they too are denying God. It is not a fundamentally different kind of denial than that promoted by atheists; it is different only by degree. The atheists simply say that God is not, and most religious people say that God is not here.

Both of these beliefs are a denial of God because God is everywhere and God is everything. So what happens here is that in their minds people have created a false image of reality. Both the atheists and the religious people have created the image that they themselves, and the world in which they live, are not God.

This is indeed a violation of the very first commandment that thou shalt have no other gods before me. When God is everywhere and God is in everything, if you do not see God in everything, then you are worshiping a false God. If you see God up in Heaven and deny his presence within you, you are worshiping an idol, and you are dancing around the golden calf.

What you have done in your mind is that you have created an image, and your are saying, “This is God, this is reality, this is truth.” And then you project that image upon reality and you begin to build a mental box around your mind. And as a soul continues to reembody on planet Earth, it reinforces that mental box, until the mental box is solid and will not let in any of the light or the truth of God that is continually shining upon the Earth from the spiritual realm.

 My heart is burdened for you

The inhabitants of the Earth are indeed like the people who were chained inside of Plato’s cave. They could not see what was happening outside the cave but could see only the shadows on the walls of the cave. And so the cave is representative of the mental boxes that people have built around their minds, and the shadows on the walls of the cave are the fleeting images, the projections, the mere shadows of reality that managed to filter through the erroneous beliefs that surround people’s minds.

And some people have completely closed their caves, and there are not even shadows of reality on the walls of the cave but only the illusions created by people’s own minds. And I can tell you that some of the people with the most tightly closed minds are indeed sitting in their Christian churches every Sunday, feeling that they are surely following my teachings, doing my work and that they will surely be saved.

Oh my beloved, what a burden to my heart it is that so many people, so many Christians, have indeed used me to build a mental box around their minds which says that they could not possibly do the works that I did, attain the Christ consciousness and ascend to Heaven. And the reason is that they are not sons and daughters of God because I, Jesus Christ, was the only Son of God.

Oh what a fallacy this is. And if I could, for one second, make you feel the burden this is to my heart, I think it just might jolt you out of your mental box and have the scales fall from your eyes, as happened to my beloved Paul, when he finally stopped kicking against the pricks. And so what is the true meaning of the statement I made to Paul, “It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks?”

Well my beloved, you will recall that Paul was a very religious person. He knew the letter of the law taught by the Jews, and I can assure you that he believed firmly that he had followed that law all his life and that he would surely be saved because he had done everything right according to the outer law. You see, Paul was the perfect example of a human being who has built such a firm mental box around himself that he simply cannot see the fact that truth cannot fit into that box, and therefore truth is more than the box.

That is why Paul himself could not recognize the Living Christ. You see my beloved, what is not recorded in scripture is that Paul did indeed meet me before my crucifixion. He did not meet me in a personal encounter, but he did attend one of the talks I gave on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. He was indeed among the multitudes that were fed by the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. And yet because of his mental box, he was not able to recognize the Living Christ when he saw me physically. He was unable to recognize the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, and the reason was that some of the things I said that day did not fit into his mental box of how God was portrayed in the Jewish religion.

God, according to the Jews, was an angry and judgmental being up there in Heaven, and I portrayed God as a loving father figure. Well my beloved, Paul could not accept anything beyond the orthodox view of God, and therefore he rejected me as a false teacher who was using trickery instead of truly producing the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes.

The importance of free will

So Paul went his way. And I must tell you that I was ready to let Paul go his way because he truly had had his opportunity to affirm the Christ, and he had used his free will to deny that Christ. Yet after my resurrection, I realized that Paul was indeed sent to this planet on a mission to help bring forth the new religion of Christianity. I also realized that because Paul had now started persecuting my followers, he was not only compromising that mission but indeed making such a severe karma that he was compromising his soul. That is why I resorted to the dramatic measure of appearing to him in a powerful vision that shattered his mental box and made him see the light and truth which could not shine through that mental box.

Now my beloved, here is a subtle but important distinction. Everything in this universe is subject to the free will of human beings. I am a spiritual teacher, and I have an absolute and uncompromising respect for the Law of Free Will. From a superficial viewpoint, it might seem as if I violated the free will of Paul. Yet the reality is that the soul of Paul had volunteered for a special mission before it came into that embodiment. Had Paul recognized me at the Sea of Galilee, he could have joined me as one of my disciples, and it would not have been necessary to appear to him in a vision. Had he gone his way and not started persecuting my followers, I would have let him go his way without appearing to him.

This would have compromised his mission but it would not have compromised his soul. Yet because he started persecuting my followers, I could, according to the Law of Free Will, appear to him in a vision that forced him to choose this day whom he would serve. You see my beloved, Paul could easily have denied that vision and explained it away as the work of the devil. Yet Paul did not deny the vision, and thereby he turned his soul around and started the upward path that led him to become not only one of my apostles but eventually to become an ascended being such as myself.

What I would like you to understand about the situation with Paul is that it was his soul’s choice to come into that lifetime with the special mission of helping spread the teachings of Christ, and this made it possible for me to appear to him in a vision that jolted him out of his mental box. Yet that was possible only in a very special situation, where I came at the beginning of an age and where my mission depended on a very few souls who had volunteered to come in to carry the torch and spread Christianity. As you can certainly see, had not Paul been awakened, Christianity might never have spread and become a significant force in the religious life of this planet. That is how important one soul can be at certain crucial times in history.

The situation today is a little bit different. Today, we are also at a crucial point in history. We are indeed on the threshold between the old age of Pisces and the new age of Aquarius. Humankind is going through a transformation between two levels of consciousness, and it is indeed fully as dramatic and fully as important as the transition that occurred 2,000 years ago. Nevertheless, what we have today is a situation where millions of souls have volunteered to come into embodiment and support the transition from the old age to the new. These are the souls who over the past 2,000 years have managed to embody my inner teachings, to read between the lines of the orthodox Christian scriptures and doctrines, and to discover the inner meaning and the path to Christhood hidden behind the outer doctrines.

So you see my beloved, today we have the potential to experience the second coming of Christ. But whereas the first coming of Christ was the coming of the Living Christ in one person only, namely myself, the second coming of Christ is meant to be the coming of the Living Christ, the Christ consciousness, in millions of people. And therefore the completion of this mission is not as dependent upon a few individuals as was the case 2,000 years ago. As a result of this, I do not have the dispensation to appear to everyone of the millions of people who have the potential to manifest a high degree of Christhood and awaken them through a vision that is as powerful as the vision I gave to Paul. This simply is not allowed according to the Law of Free Will.

You see in today’s age, it is necessary that people discover their mission, their identity, their Christhood and their Christ potential through an inner experience, through an inner knowing and not through some powerful outer vision or some material proof, such as the raising of the dead, the walking on water or the turning of the water into wine.

This is truly an age where I have need of those who see not and yet believe in their inner potential to be the Living Christ in embodiment on Earth. So you see, my beloved, today I do not have the option of appearing to each and every one of you and give you some undeniable proof of the truth of the teaching.

You must find the truth by finding it inside yourself. You must find it because you discover that you already have that truth, a morsel of truth, anchored in your heart. And so how can you discover that truth, that Christ truth, which is already within you?

The Living Truth of God

This is why I am talking to you today. The simple fact is that there are certain people in embodiment today who have advanced far enough on the spiritual path that they have obtained a momentum which allows them to discover and recognize the truth within themselves without outer stimulus or reminders. Yet for most people it will take an outer reminder for them to be quickened and remember and discover the truth inside themselves, and this outer reminder comes in one form only and that is the Living Word, which is delivered through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You see my beloved, what has happened to most people on Earth is that they have created mental boxes, which prevent them from seeing and acknowledging the truth of God. Yet there is a morsel of truth within their beings, which makes it impossible for them to be completely content and at peace inside their mental boxes. Pontius Pilate stood before the Living Christ and could not recognize me as the Living Christ. Yet he nevertheless recognized that there was something more to reality than what he could grasp with his outer mind, and that is indeed why he cried out, “What is truth?”

Today, most people are in a similar situation of knowing there is something more but not being able to grasp it with their conscious minds. And this is indeed what causes people to accept ideas and beliefs that are in direct opposition to personal Christhood and the reality that they are truly the sons and daughters of God who are meant to be part of the Second Coming of Christ.

Many of these people are indeed the people who call themselves good Christians, and in reality they are good Christians because they are my own. They have volunteered to come into this lifetime precisely because of their love of me and out of a desire to see my mission fulfilled the only way it can be fulfilled, namely by thousands and millions of people following in my footsteps and manifesting a high degree of Christhood.

This is precisely why these people have become attracted to the Christian religion and why many of them have followed that religion diligently in the outer form that they have come to know. But unfortunately what has happened to many of these people is that they have become trapped in the outer religion and its outer doctrines, rituals and practices.

And out of their love for me they have built this misguided loyalty to the outer religion and the outer church, and this is exactly what you saw in my beloved Paul. He also had a misguided loyalty to the outer religion, the Jewish religion. And therefore, he refused to acknowledge that I had come to renew that religion and take it to its next logical level of a higher understanding of the reality of God. And this is indeed what caused Paul to kick against the pricks, because his outer mind was going against the inner longing and the desires of his soul, the very longing that had caused him to volunteer to descend to this planet to support my mission.

I am calling my own to awaken

I am telling you now with the full fire of my heart that so many of those who are in the Christian religion today also have a deep inner soul love for me, and many of them have volunteered to come into embodiment in this day and age to be part of the fulfillment of my mission of the Second Coming of Christ. Yet in their minds they have accepted the orthodox Christian doctrines that there was only one Son of God, and therefore they cannot become the Christ that I was. And this is indeed why these people are kicking against the pricks and why they are, in reality, persecuting me and the true teachings of the inner Christ and the Christ potential of every son and daughter of God, just as Paul was persecuting my followers.

Do you not see what is going on? Do you not see what is happening here, and that this is simply an outplaying of a pattern that took place 2,000 years ago. You are today in the exact same situation that Paul was in, when he walked the road before his vision. And I can assure you that if you could look at the situation today, you would see that as Paul was heading down that road, he was fully convinced that he was a righteous Jewish warrior who was fighting against the onslaught of the ungodly Christians who were threatening the Jewish religion. And he was firmly convinced that he was doing the works of his God and that he was being loyal to everything he was brought up to believe in.

Yet, my beloved, as I said to Paul, he was truly persecuting me and he was kicking against the pricks of his own soul. And therefore, I now say to those of you who are still trapped in the orthodox Christian doctrines and following in the outer path that has been promoted by the Christian religion for these 2,000 years, I say to you, as I said to Paul, “Why persecutest thou me; it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks!”

So my beloved hearts, stop kicking against the pricks. Recognize the deepest desires of your soul. Recognize the deepest love of your soul. And recognize the fact that you are not loving the outer church, the outer doctrines, the outer rituals. The love that you have is the love for me, Jesus Christ. It is a love for the living spiritual being that I am. And it is a love for the Living Truth that I am and the Living Truth that I bring.

My beloved, if I had one wish, it would be that you would, for one moment, decide to set aside your outer beliefs in Christianity and just listen to these words, and as you read these words, turn your attention towards your heart. What you will discover if you look inside your heart with an unbiased mind is that as you are reading these words, something is stirring in your heart. The reason is that you have a portion of Christ truth anchored in your heart, and as you read these words, the Living Truth that is carried in these words, is resonating with the Christ truth that is already in your heart.

My beloved, if you were to recognize and admit that resonance, you could go through an experience that was fully as powerful and fully as dramatic as the one experienced by Paul. Fortunately, you would not have to be blinded by that experience, and instead your inner and your outer sight would be opened to recognize the Living Truth that I am.

What is the Living Truth of God?

We have now reached the point, where I will explain to you the meaning of the Living Truth of God. Do you remember what I told you in the beginning, namely that God is a process, an eternal process of self-transcendence? Now contrast this with the fact that most human beings have created a mental box around their minds. What is the essence of this mental box? It is that it is not flowing, that it is not growing, that it is not transcending itself. Instead, it contains a number of fixed pictures, still pictures, of what you think reality is like. And you are constantly holding on to those fixed pictures and trying to make reality conform to your images.

Many of those who call themselves Christians have used the Christian religion to reinforce and build those still pictures of what they think God is like, what they think Jesus Christ is like and what they think truth is like. And so they have created a fixed image of me and a fixed image of God and a fixed image of themselves. And those fixed images say that God is up in his Heaven, that Jesus Christ is the only son of God and that they are poor sinners who are separated from God and can only be saved through Jesus Christ.

The fallacy of these images is that God is everywhere and in everything, that Jesus Christ is not the only Son of God, but simply their brother, and that I came as an example, not the exception. I came to show the path of personal Christhood that everyone has the potential to follow. And therefore you are not sinners, my beloved, you are not separated from God, you are indeed babes in Christ with the potential to grow into the full Christhood that you saw me demonstrate, and which will enable you, empower you, to do the works that I did and even to do greater works.

You see, my beloved, the truth of Christ cannot be fit into the mental boxes that human beings have created, even the mental boxes that are created based on the outer religion of Christianity. The truth cannot be fit into the fixed images because God is an ever-moving process of self-transcendence, and therefore the truth of God is not fixed, it is not absolute, it is not unchanging. The simple reason is that as God transcends himself, his truth is expanded. It grows, it moves and the truth transcends its former state.

Do you see my beloved, the fallacy and the danger of religion, a religion which seeks to promote the idea that it is possible to capture the truth of God in a fixed doctrine, in a fixed church and in a fixed ritual? Oh my beloved, how I wish I could raise your souls up to where I am today and help you look down upon yourselves, your outer forms, as you go about your daily business on planet Earth. How I wish I could give you a glimpse of the contrast between the consciousness that we have in Heaven and the consciousness in which so many people are trapped on Earth. You would instantly see that we, who are your spiritual teachers, have such a deep love for you and such a deep longing to help you be free. And yet, because you are trapped in your mental boxes, it is so difficult for us to communicate with you and to make you understand and accept our love. It is so hard to make you accept and understand the Living Truth that will set you free.

The true purpose of religion

Do you remember that, 2,000 years ago, I talked about the truth that will set you free? What is the truth that will set you free? Well my beloved, it is precisely the Living Truth of God. And why will that Living Truth set you free? Because if you accept and absorb the Living Truth of God, you will transcend the mental box in which you are now trapped.

It is precisely this mental box which keeps you out of the kingdom of Heaven by making you think that you are separated from God, that the kingdom of God is somewhere up there and that it could never be where you are. Well my beloved, the kingdom of God is a state of consciousness. And yes, it is certainly easier to maintain that state of consciousness after you have ascended to Heaven. But I tell you it is possible to obtain the Christ consciousness while you are on Earth, and when you do so, you will be in the kingdom even while your soul inhabits the physical body. In fact, you will bring the kingdom of God to Earth.

Do you remember what I said in the very beginning, when I said that the very purpose of God’s creation was to create a limited creation which eventually transcended its limitation and became aware of itself as an extension of God, as an individualization of God. So you see my beloved, that even though a soul must ascend to Heaven to become permanently saved, it is not really the purpose of religion to get all people to ascend to Heaven. The real purpose of religion is to bring God’s kingdom to Earth by making a critical mass of human beings manifest their personal Christhood and thereby draw down the consciousness of the kingdom of God, so that the entire Earth can be raised up to a high level of awareness, where even the stones themselves will reflect the consciousness of the kingdom of God.

You now see that we of the Ascended Host have a purpose for giving religion that is entirely different from the purpose which most people see in religion. So many people think that a religion is meant to give them an absolute and infallible truth. And therefore they think that their particular religious doctrine is the only truth, is the only possible way to describe the reality of God and therefore all other descriptions must be false. Therefore, all other religions must be false religions, and it is their holy duty to seek to save other people from those religions or even to wage a holy war to destroy those religions, possibly by killing all the people who follow those religions. And so we have the endless human power struggle, fueled and justified by religion, whereby people kill each other in the name of God.

My beloved, it is my sincere hope that there is a critical mass of human beings in this day and age who can and will recognize that this approach to religion is a fallacy. Time has utterly and completely run away from this outer, dogmatic, fanatical, extremist approach to religion. Oh my beloved, when will people wake up and realize that this is not why God gives religion. God is not attempting to bring forth a religious doctrine which contains absolute truth because God knows that the truth of God is the Living Truth, which is constantly transcending itself.

The Living Word and the dead word

Do you see the all-important distinction here? Throughout the ages, many religions have been inspired by the Ascended Host, and the founders of those religions were bringing forth a new spiritual understanding through the power of the Holy Spirit and the delivery of the Living Word. What happened to almost every religion on this planet is that after the original founders were no longer on this planet, the flow of the Living Word through that religion came to a halt. The reason being that the followers of that religion were not able or willing to raise themselves, to raise their consciousness, so that they could become the instruments for, the open doors for, the flow of the Living Word.

When the flow of the Living Word stopped, people took what had been brought forth through the Living Word, and they turned it into an outer doctrine. And when that outer doctrine was written down and codified, that which was originally the Living Word had now become fixated in time and space. And therefore it did not take long before, with the addition of interpretations and official doctrines, the Living Word had now become the dead word.

And yes the dead word can still contain fragments of truth, but nevertheless the dead word can never contain the truth that will set you free. Only the Living Word can empower you to transcend your mental boxes and be free of those boxes. Only the Living Truth of God has the power to raise you up. And so my beloved, this is the true meaning behind the statement that unless you eat of the body and blood of Christ, you have no life in you. The body and blood of Christ is the Christ consciousness, and it is only through the Christ consciousness that you can recognize the Living Truth of God. So unless you partake of the Christ consciousness, you have no life in you, no matter how many doctrines that you have memorized.

My beloved, do you not see that I was in constant opposition to the Pharisees, the scribes, the Sadducees and the lawyers? Those were the people who knew the outer law. They had taken the outer doctrines, the dead truth, and they had memorized it. They knew every letter of that outer law. But they were truly, as I said, like whitened sepulchers full of dead men’s bones.

Do you not see what I am saying here? Do you not see the stupendous importance of recognizing the distinction between the dead, outer doctrine and the Living Word of God, which can only be delivered and flow through the power of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think I sent my apostles out to preach by the power of the Holy Spirit? Why do you think I didn’t write down a fixed outer doctrine and told them to go out and read aloud from a book? Well, I did this precisely because I knew that only the power of the Living Word, the Living Truth, can set people free to transcend their mental boxes, to stop kicking against the pricks and stop persecuting the Living Christ within themselves.

The Movement of the Living Word of God

My beloved, I am truly like the voice crying in the wilderness saying, “How long, oh Lord? How long before these people wake up and see what has been under their noses for these 2,000 years and yet has been so obscured by dead outer doctrines that only a precious few Christian mystics have been able to read between the lines and discover the Living Truth?”

How long oh Lord before people will wake up and realize that I came to Earth to deliver a morsel of the Christ consciousness to every human being? And my hope was that that morsel would be the leaven that would raise the whole loaf of their consciousness, until they too manifested the Christ consciousness that I demonstrated and did the works that I did.

So therefore, I have now attempted the impossible mission of trying to explain to people, who are stuck in the relativity of the carnal state of mind, the significance and the reality of the Living Truth and the Living Word. And so I trust that some of those who will make the effort to read these words will indeed stop kicking against the pricks, will indeed have the scales fall from their eyes and recognize the value of the Living Word of God.

And therefore, I now take the next step, and I tell you that I desire to create a new movement, a new movement on planet Earth. And it is the Movement of the Living Word of God. I do not want to call this movement a church, I do not want to call it a religion. Because thereby so many people would see it as just another religion promoting an outer doctrine. And this truly is not my intent. So what I desire to see is a movement that is based on the recognition of the essential difference between the dead outer word and the living inner word. A movement based on the recognition of the stupendous value of the Living Word of God, and that only the Living Word can deliver the Living Truth that will set people free.

Therefore, I desire to inaugurate a movement that is dedicated to delivering that Living Word, so that people do not have to base their spiritual growth on a dead outer doctrine that is written in a book. Instead, they can experience personally the Living Word of God, delivered to them through a living person who has been willing to go through the process of raising his or her consciousness, until he or she becomes the open door, whereby the Living Word and Living Truth of God can stream into this material octave and indeed quicken the consciousness and memory of those people who are yet stuck in their mental boxes.

Through that quickening, people can feel that the outer word itself, the Living Word itself, resonates with something in their own hearts. And when they recognize that there is something in their own hearts, they realize that they have a portion of Christ truth anchored in their hearts. And by focusing their attention on that morsel of Christ truth, they can indeed let it rise and raise the loaf of their consciousness, until they too become the open door for the Living Word. And so I desire to see thousands, and eventually millions, of people raise their consciousness and quicken themselves and allow their Christ selves to quicken them until they become the open door for the delivery of the Living Word.

I inaugurate on this day the beginning of a new movement, the Movement of the Living Word of God. And I hereby call my own, those who know who they are, or who are willing to be quickened into remembering who they are. Those who stood before me in this spiritual realm before they came into this lifetime and the physical body in which they now abide. Those who stood before me and took a solemn vow to descend to planet Earth and to be the instruments for the bringing about of the second coming of Christ and the awakening of millions of souls through the power of the Living Word and the Holy Spirit.

I have need of thee!

My beloved, I showed you, 2,000 years ago, that there is only one way to be a teacher for the people of Earth. Why do you think I rebuked the scribes and the lawyers who had a mere intellectual understanding of the letter of the law, but had not the spirit of the law? What does it mean to have the spirit of the law? It means that you have embodied the teaching to such a degree that the teaching is not an intellectual idea for you. The teachings is a living reality; it is a Living Truth. You are living the truth that you are teaching. So you are not only preaching it through the dead outer word, you are preaching it through the Living Word and the living example of being that truth and that teaching in action because you have become the teaching, you have become the truth.

So you see my beloved, the only way to teach the Living Truth of God is to teach by example. And that is truly what I showed you 2,000 year ago, namely an example of what a person can be, when he or she has become one with the Living Truth and therefore can say, “I am the way, the truth and the life!”

This is not a mere outer understanding, a mere intellectual construct of the mind. No, this is a living reality. You do not simply recognize the truth; you are the truth. And everything you do and say expresses that truth in action for all to see. By recognizing the Living Truth that you have become, people are quickened, and they realize that they have a morsel of that truth in their hearts. And therefore they have the potential to follow your example and become that Living Truth.

This is what I desire to see. And my beloved, millions of souls volunteered to come down here to walk that path, to be instruments for the Living Truth and to bring about the second coming of Christ. Your soul stood before me, and you said, “Jesus, I will go and help you fulfill your mission and bring about the second coming of Christ!”

I am now telling you that it is time and high time that you remember the vow taken by your soul and that you break down the mental box that stands in the way of your full acceptance of why you are here and that you truly have the potential to be the Living Christ in embodiment. Because I tell you, my beloved, “I have need of thee!”

Can you see that it is totally obvious that orthodox Christianity has built such an idolatry around me that hardly anyone dares to follow my example. And so to help people wake up and realize that they have the potential to follow the example of Christ, they need to see those who dare embody that example and become the Living Christ in embodiment. And when they see that someone, who is like them and has grown up in the same culture and society, can become the Living Christ, then they too can finally overcome their idolatry and accept that they have the potential to become the Living Christ.

My beloved, this is what needs to happen on planet Earth. This is indeed what I and all of my brothers and sisters of the Ascended Host are waiting for. We are waiting not for one human being to wake up and realize his potential to become the Christ. We are waiting for a critical mass of human beings to bring about a large-scale awakening, whereby millions of people recognize their potential to become the Christ and therefore bring about the true Christ Mass, the mass awakening of human beings into the full manifestation of their Christhood.

This Christ Mass is precisely what can bring God’s kingdom to Earth. And I tell you, it is a living reality, a living potential a Living Truth. So I , Jesus Christ, hereby stand before your soul at inner levels, and I say,

“In the name of the living God, the I AM THAT I AM within me, and by the authority given to me by Almighty God as the Savior for humankind, I hereby call YOU to recognize the reality of the Living Word and to recognize the Christ truth in your heart, to allow that Christ truth to consume the unreality and the lies that surround your conscious mind. I call you to come to a conscious acceptance of who you are as a son or daughter of God and why you are here on planet Earth, namely to bring about the second coming of Christ and to bring about the manifestation of God’s kingdom on this planet, so that we can turn this Earth into a bright star, a star of spiritual freedom, so that we can turn the Earth into Freedom’s Star. And therefore I say, Stop persecuting me! Stop kicking against the pricks! And BE the Living Christ that you are!

It is done, it is finished, it is sealed, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it, I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ. Amen.”


 Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels