Making peace with Jesus – why it is important

 The test of the Living Christ is:

  1. Will you recognize that Christ is MORE than your current mental box?
  2. Will you allow Christ to take you beyond your mental box, or will you use the consciousness of anti-christ to make Christ conform to your current perception filter?
  3. Will you allow the Living Christ to be born within you, or will you cling to your mortal sense of identity?


A message from Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels: 

I AM indeed the real Jesus, and I have sponsored and inspired this website for the purpose of giving you an opportunity to make peace with me.

The person who has created the physical aspect of this website does not claim or believe that he is Jesus, is Jesus in embodiment or Jesus come again. He is serving as my mouthpiece, my messenger, my open door for bringing forth the teachings on this site, as many people have done during the past two millennia.

Planet earth is presently at a rather low level of its cosmic evolution. This planet has made the considerable sacrifice to serve as a home for people who are still in a rather low state of consciousness, giving them an opportunity to live out that mindset until they have hopefully had enough and want more. The hope is that they will one day have had enough of the death consciousness and will want the LIFE of the Christ consciousness that I offer to all people on earth.

Plausible deniability

Due to the Law of Free Will and the rather low state of consciousness of many of the inhabitants on this planet, plausible deniability must be maintained. I do not have the authority to create some kind of undeniable proof that I exist, and thus I have sponsored a website created by a human being, so that it is easy for people to deny the validity of this site and the teachings upon it.

This is the same law I followed, when I walked this earth almost 2,000 years ago. I was allowed to perform certain miracles, but I was not allowed to manifest any phenomena that could not be doubted or denied by those in the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ.

This also explains why my non-dualistic, mystical teachings and example were turned into a rigid, abusive, dictatorial religion, that for almost 1,700 years has been in direct opposition to my purpose for coming to this planet. I am perfectly aware of how many people have been abused and hurt by the religion that claims to represent me on earth. I am aware of this because I truly feel the pain of all these people, and that is why I have decided to give all people this opportunity to be free of all pain, fear or doubt related to their relationship with me

Why do you need to make peace with Jesus?

Why do you need to make peace with Jesus? Because no matter where you have grown up – in a Christian or non-christian culture – you have been given a false image of me and my mission. And the real problem is that this has also caused you to accept a false image of yourself, an image that limits your life experience and that will prevent you from following my example. Thus, you can benefit greatly from overcoming that false image and getting some sense of who I am and what I truly teach. Not only will this enrich the rest of your journey on this planet, it will also greatly assist you in what happens after you leave this planet.

  • If you consider yourself a Christian, you will want to know that mainstream Christianity presents a false image of me that simply cannot take you to salvation. You will not make it to heaven by following the blind leaders of the Christian churches, regardless of the fact that they claim to be my representatives. You will make it only by knowing my true teachings, as I present them on this website and in other places shunned by orthodoxy.
  • If you consider yourself a spiritual seeker, you will want to know that although you do not have to become a Christian in order to grow and make your ascension, you still have to make peace with me by overcoming all false images of me. My true teachings and my example provided an archetypal pattern of the process that all people have to go through in order to graduate from Earth’s Schoolroom. Today, I hold a spiritual office that all people must pass through in order to ascend from earth. Thus, unless you have made peace with me, how can you possibly even approach me and move through my office to your permanent ascension in the light?
  • If you consider yourself a non-Christian, and perhaps look upon Christianity with suspicion or hostility, you can benefit from knowing that my true teachings are universal and are aimed at helping all people escape the death consciousness. And as explained above, no matter what is your outer religious affiliation or non-affiliation, you still have to pass through my spiritual office in order to become permanently free from what might be called the treadmill of the death consciousness.

Why Jesus came to earth

Everything that happens on earth is an opportunity and a test. If you really want to understand why I came to earth, you need to understand that my coming was the supreme opportunity and the supreme test. I came to give all people a real choice.

The simple fact is that life on earth has been almost entirely dominated by the consciousness of death, the consciousness of anti-christ, in which people see themselves as being separated from their spiritual source and from each other. If you have never encountered anything but the consciousness of death, how can you actually make a free choice between death and life?

Thus, I came to demonstrate that there is an alternative to the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of anti-christ. It is the Christ consciousness in which you know and accept who you are, and thus see yourself as one with your Creator and one with all life. I came to teach and demonstrate a path that helps you let the mortal self die, so you can be reborn into your true identity as an individualization of your Creator’s Being.

Due to the Law of Free Will, I could not prevent those who are entirely blinded by the duality consciousness from developing a religion called Christianity and setting themselves up as my only representatives. I could not prevent them from creating a religion that teaches the exact opposite of my true teachings, and thus makes an entirely false promise that cannot take people beyond the death consciousness.

Are you ready for the path of Christ?

Yet what the law does permit me to do is to present people with an alternative to the false path, and that is the entire purpose for this website. What I teach on this website is the true path of Christ, the path that can take YOU to the same state of consciousness that I demonstrated, namely personal Christhood.

I am fully aware that those who are still blinded by the duality consciousness will deny, put down or ridicule the very existence of this website and the teachings upon it. And by doing this, they will simply hasten their own judgment, for did I not say that by your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned? Yet the primary purpose of this website is to offer the true path of Christ to those who are ready for it.

How will you know whether you are ready? Well, you will not know with the outer mind. You will know only with the inner mind of the heart, your intuition. Tune in to your heart and consider whether you feel something stirring or burning in the core of your being? If you do, then consider that you might indeed have chosen to take embodiment at this critical time in order to help me and other ascended masters facilitate the transition of this planet into a new phase of its cosmic evolution.

Thus, I encourage you to consider whether you might identity yourself as one of the millions of people I talk about in the following discourse. And if you do, then use the teachings and tools I present to awaken yourself to the true purpose for which you came to this planet at this turning point of cosmic cycles.

I AM the ascended master Jesus Christ, and I am eternally dedicated to your victory and ascension in the light. Are you?



Copyright © 2009 Kim Michaels