Women in the priesthood

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 2, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I tell you that there is an absolute necessity to allow priests to marry. And yet there is an equally great necessity to allow women into the priesthood. And this is obviously a step that will meet immense resistance, not only from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, but from many Catholics themselves. Yet I tell you that unless this step is taken, and taken within the next few years, I see no future for the Catholic Church. The Church will continue to fall behind the times, until its membership dwindles to the point where it becomes an insignificant force in the world.

I must even tell you that unless proper balance between male and female, masculine and feminine, is restored in the Church, I foresee various disasters that will actually destroy the Church. This will happen from the inside out in terms of inner turmoil and conflict. And it will happen from outer events, such as the lawsuits that have led to the bankruptcy of many congregations in the United States and could spread to the rest of the world.

I am well aware that the many Catholics who are grieving over the pope would like to hear a more comforting message. But if you will be willing to go within your souls, and listen to what your higher beings are telling you in your hearts, you will realize that my message is actually supremely comforting. Because I am not simply giving you soft words that make you feel better at the moment yet do absolutely nothing to change the organization. Instead, my message is a message of hope and comfort for those who are willing to realize the stark reality that the Church must change or die.

So the question is simple, “Do you want temporary comfort and a long-term discomfort of seeing the Church that you love shrink into oblivion? Or do you want to use this dark hour as the birth of a new opportunity, a new cycle of growth and change, that can change the Catholic Church into a modern organization?”

Use my rosaries to reform the Church

So I tell you, truly, this is the eleventh hour. It is the hour of choice, because when the midnight hour strikes twelve and ushers in the year 2012, it will either signal that the Church has begun a process of fundamental, of foundational, reform, or that it has resisted change and thereby entered a period of irreversible decay. I must tell you that these next seven years are crucial for the Catholic Church, as they are crucial for the entire planet. And I must also tell you that unless a far greater number begin to use my rosaries as a tool for reforming not only the world, but also the Catholic Church, then I see very little hope that the Church will be able and willing to transform itself.

Therefore, if you are a Catholic, or if you have concerns for the Catholic Church, I encourage you to spread my rosaries to as many people as you can. Give them whatever explanation you find appropriate. But use the rosaries yourself and bear witness to the transforming power they have in your own life.

I must tell you that I need those who are in the Catholic Church, or who care about the Catholic Church, to have open minds to the reality of the message I am speaking here. Because truly, I am using a messenger who does not come from a Catholic background precisely because he is not hampered by fear and tradition, whereby he would have been unwilling to let me speak through him the truth that must be spoken in this hour.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

Copyright © 2005 Kim Michaels