Why you are NOT forgiven for rejecting the INNER Word

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

And as I said, those who speak a word against the Son of man – including killing him, killing his body – it shall be forgiven them. But then, what happened after my death on the cross, my resurrection? What did I say I would do? I said I shall pray the Father that he shall send you another Comforter (John 14:16). And that Comforter is the Holy Spirit. And that Holy Spirit is an aspect of the Living Christ, but it is an aspect of the Living Christ that does not come to you from without—it comes to you from within.

As I talked about earlier, there comes that point, where you need to see something from inside yourself instead of hearing it from the outside. And it is precisely the function of the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, to give you that “Aha” experience, that inner realization, that helps you see the dualistic illusion and snap out of it instantly, when you see it as an illusion.

Here is the subtlety expressed in my quote. If you speak a word against the Son of man – who is clearly external to you, at least in a physical sense – then you are forgiven that, because this is an outer action. But the sin against the Holy Ghost, the speaking a word against the Holy Ghost, is when you deny the Living Christ that comes to you inside yourself, when you refuse to listen to that inner Christ, the Holy Spirit, when you refuse to change your consciousness.

And why is it that that sin – that speaking the word against the Holy Ghost – shall not be forgiven? Well, it is because the rejection of the Holy Spirit within you happens at a deeper level of your consciousness than your outer actions. You see, it is quite possible to have a difference, a separation, between your outer actions and your inner thoughts. You all know from your daily experience, that sometimes you are not able to do what you really knew was the right thing. And this is because there is a gulf between your outer actions and your inner consciousness. It is possible that somebody can be so trapped in an outer consciousness, that they can condemn and persecute the Living Christ, the Son of man, while actually in their inner being having a pure heart.

And this is what you saw exemplified in Paul, who persecuted the Christians until he had an encounter with the Living Christ so intense, that it shattered his illusions and shook him out of the illusion that caused him to reject me in the form of Jesus and reject my disciples. But you see, Paul went through that experience on the road to Damascus because he was willing to listen to the Holy Spirit that came to him from within (Acts 22:6). For contrary to what many people think, I did not appear to him as the external Christ standing beside him. I appeared within as the internal Christ, as the Holy Spirit. And though he had rejected the external Christ, he did not reject the internal Christ, and therefore he was converted and he was healed. And therefore he became one of my foremost apostles.

It was the inner man of Paul that was ready to represent the Christ, even though at some point the outer man was not ready. And that is why he sinned against the Son of man, he spoke a word against the Son of man. But when it came down to the critical moment, he did not speak a word against the Holy Spirit, he did not reject the Spirit, he accepted the Spirit, converted, changed his life dramatically and followed that Spirit for the rest of his embodiment.

At the deeper level of your being, you can reject the Spirit—and what is the deeper level of your being? Well, my beloved, is it not the heart? For as I said earlier, the heart is the center of your being. What you speak with your mouth it is simply what is in your heart that overflows. So you see, the deeper part of your being is the very core of your sense of identity. And until you let go of a false sense of identity, you will continue to reject the Holy Ghost. And as long as you reject the Holy Ghost, you cannot overcome your illusions, you cannot come up higher, you cannot overcome separation.

And that is why – as long as you reject the Holy Spirit within yourself – you will remain outside the kingdom of God. For you cannot enter the kingdom of God within you, except you accept the one Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and become one with it. Do you see the subtlety here, that could not be explained 2,000 years ago—and that even today cannot be understood with the reasoning mind, even though the collective reasoning mind is much more sophisticated today than it was back then.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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