Why you are forgiven for rejecting the outer Word

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, when you are stuck in this illusion of the remote God, you will reject the Living Word. You will find ways to counteract the Living Word. What the scribes and Pharisees did was only the most primitive version of this rejection, and there are far more subtle ones that I will talk about in the coming discourses. Yet what they did was to reject the person who had come to bring them the Living Word because that person – myself – had become one with the Living Word, which is the only way to truly bring the Living Word—although you can for a time be in a state where you are the open door for the Living Word but have not fully become one with it.

When I came to them representing the Living Word, they rejected the Word. That is why I said that those who speak blasphemy against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven them. Because you see, even though I represented the Living Word, the scribes and the Pharisees inevitably saw me as being outside themselves. So I represented the Living Word that was the external Word—and so do I now when I speak through this messenger, whom you identify as being different or separate from yourself.

This is the nature of the physical octave, of being in a body, because you know that the body is separate from other bodies. You know that there is a part of your mind that is separate from other minds. So you see, you have this duality that is inherent in the physical octave at this point—which is not quite the same duality as what I normally call the duality consciousness of the ego.

For truly, your senses are not evil, they are simply doing what they were designed to do, which is to detect the vibrations that make up the physical universe. And in the physical universe, the vibrations are separate and have created separate, distinct forms. But what really happens is that the ego takes this sensory perception of separateness and builds onto it, and then builds the duality consciousness which says that you are separate because you are nothing more than the body, and the senses, and the outer mind or even more than the soul which is also separate from other souls. Do you see that this is subtle and difficult to grasp?

But even though you are in a physical body, even though you see the world through the physical senses, you – meaning the Conscious You – have the ability to know that you are more than the body, more than the senses, and that there is more to know about the universe than what you can see through the senses. And this is indeed what you all know because that is why you are spiritual people. Otherwise, you would not be on the path, unless you knew from within that there is more than the outer world and the senses.

For what you need to do is realize how the ego has used the senses to build this illusion of separation. And then you can separate yourself from the identification with the separateness. This is what the scribes and Pharisees were not willing to do. This is what even my own disciples were not all able or willing to do. For you see, when the Living Christ appears upon earth, he does not come to say, “Here I am, I am the Christ, I am the only Son of God, I am so much better than any other human being on this planet.”

No, the Living Christ comes to say, “Look, I have discovered God within myself, and so can you discover the God within yourself. And when you discover the God in you, you will know that it is the same God that I have discovered in me. And therefore, you will know that you and I are one at a deeper level, that goes beyond the separateness of our physical bodies and even our separate minds.”

This is a deeper oneness that the Living Christ comes to exemplify to people, to awaken them to that oneness. And so what did they do with my teachings and my example? They said, “We will have none of it, we want to cling to our ego’s illusion of the external God and the external path to salvation.” So they killed the Living Christ. They killed the Son of man when he stood before them in the flesh.

This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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