Why women must change Christianity

Ascended Master Kuan Yin, March 22, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

This is one reason why, in today’s culture, women need to be given greater influence in society, and especially in religion, especially in the Christian churches. As Mother Mary spoke about, what is going on right now in the Christian movement in America is that many, many women in Christian churches are feeling disenfranchised, are feeling like they are exiled by their own religion. Because they know that they have a greater place, they have a greater role to play in their religion. But they are not allowed to do so by tradition, by the leaders—who again have become stuck and rigid and, therefore, will not change.

The reality of Christianity today is that it is a religion, that can no longer meet the spiritual needs of today’s people. And the reason for this is that Christianity has become stuck in the unbalanced application of the Father element. And therefore, it has lost the practicality of the Mother, of the Divine Feminine. And the only way out of this for the Christian religion is to open up for women to hold any position in any Church. And this is a prophecy I will give you, only the Christian churches who will open up for women to hold any position will survive the next few decades. Others will shrink to insignificance.

For it is only the women, the female influence, who will have the practical knowledge of knowing how to meet the spiritual needs of today’s people, so that they can transcend the Christian movement into a movement that is relevant to today’s spiritual people. Because it actually meets their needs and allows them to apply spirituality to their everyday lives, so that they can move out of the rut of the perversion of the Father—portraying God as the remote being in the sky.

This has led to the situation of the division between Church life and daily life, so that you go to Church for a few hours on Sunday, and then when you leave the Church, you basically say to God, “OK God, leave me alone for the next six days and then I’ll come back.” And this is not the kind of spirituality that will do anything for the people in the Aquarian Age. For spirituality needs to become something you live in every aspect of your daily life. Otherwise, it will simply die, for it will no longer give you what you need in this age, for this is an age of spiritual freedom.

Understanding spiritual freedom

Spiritual freedom is not something that exists by you traveling to the Himalayas and sitting in a cave and having no worldly obligations—and thinking you have spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom is something you attain, when you spiritualize every aspect of your life, so that everything you do is an expression of your spirituality. And therefore, you have freedom in all aspects of your daily life. This is spiritual freedom, my beloved. And it cannot be attained as long as there is the division – not between Church and state, although that division also needs to be broken down – but, as long as there is the division between Church life and daily life, or as some would say, real life.

But you see, real life is when you recognize that everything is an expression of Spirit; everything is an expression of the Infinite, as we say in The Art of Non-War. For let me assure you that The Art of Non-War is an expression of the totality of the ascended masters, and the essence of the most universal message that we wish to bring forth at this particular time.

There is no more universal expression available in the physical realm of the consciousness that is needed to bring humankind out of the past and into the Golden Age of Saint Germain. It is only when they decide to not declare war against war, but to challenge the consciousness of war through the consciousness of non-war – by accepting their own infinite origin, their own infinite source, their own infinite being – accepting that they are the open doors for the Infinite to stream into this finite world—and only that stream into the finite world will manifest the Golden Age.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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