Why it is deliberately made easy for people to reject this website

You cannot understand the form and purpose of this website unless you know that there are certain spiritual laws that govern planet earth. The most important of these is the Law of Free Will.

The earth is one of the lower planets with intelligent life as witnessed by the amount of war, conflict and “man’s inhumanity to man.” This means that the earth is a repository for lifestreams who are blinded by the illusion of separation, which is the primary product of the mind of anti-christ.

The Law of Free Will mandates two things. First, such lifestreams must be given a planet on which to act out their state of consciousness until they see the futility of it. Secondly, in order to uphold free will, no irrefutable proof of God’s existence can be given on this planet. Plausible deniability must be maintained.

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he performed certain so-called miracles yet it was still possible for people to deny him, as witnessed by the fact that he was crucified and rejected by most people.

The same consideration applies today. Jesus is very much alive as a being in the spiritual realm and he is still working to help human beings escape the consciousness of anti-christ, yet he can do this only within the parameters set by the Law of Free Will.

This means that Jesus cannot appear in some undeniable manifestation but can give new teachings to humankind only in such a way that plausible deniability is maintained. Over the past 2,000 years Jesus has worked with many human beings in order to give inspiration and teachings. This website is simply one link in Jesus’ ongoing effort to set us humans free.

This website is created based on a direct initiative from Jesus who continues to sponsor the website. The creator of this website is a human being who has acknowledged his Christ potential—the potential that all of us have. He has followed the path to Christhood until he was qualified to serve as a messenger for bringing forth the teachings on this website.

As with all of the other efforts, Jesus must work through a human being in embodiment because this gives people the option to reject what he offers. Many people reject this website for a variety of reasons, be it the human characteristics of the messenger or the form or content of the teachings.

Only those who are willing to look beyond the outer form will sense the vibration of Jesus and feel how it resonates with something in their own hearts. And only those will get the real message of this website, namely that you too can access Jesus directly within yourself without having to depend on ANY institution on earth.

The entire purpose of this website is to help you see and accept that you have the potential to manifest the Christ consciousness, whereby you can say that you are one with your spiritual teacher (be it Jesus or another ascended being). This website will give you the understanding and the tools that will empower you to claim your spiritual birthright. Let no man take thy crown.


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