Why science has not set people free

Ascended Master Jesus, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

This does not mean that you are always speaking the way I am speaking now. The Living Christ can speak in many different ways and can be soft and gentle. But I am speaking sternly now because I am speaking into the mass consciousness of this European continent. And I tell you, that consciousness is so dense that unless my words are piercing, they would have no chance of penetrating that consciousness.

This death consciousness has been hanging over this continent for so long, that it has become so solidified in certain areas that it is almost impenetrable by anything. Yet nothing is impossible to God. And certainly, nothing is impossible to the Living Christ who knows he is not the doer but it is the Father doing the works through him. And thus, I take this opportunity to speak the words that can penetrate this density of consciousness, the death consciousness, the mechanical consciousness of thinking that there is a mechanical path to God.

Whether it be the path presented by the Catholic Church and the Christian churches or the path presented by science—which really is no path but simply says that everything is the result of a game of chance. But how is it possible that science discovers still deeper and deeper layers of order and organization, yet they claim that all this order came out of a completely random process? This is so illogical that it is time to say, “The emperor of science has nothing on!” For truly, an orderly and sustainable universe could not have come about by chance, by a random process. It must be the result of an intelligent mind holding a vision for that universe and then imposing that vision on the Ma-ter light, so that the Ma-ter light outpictures the vision.

And this then gives rise to the recognition that all self-conscious beings have the power of mind to impose the vision on the Ma-ter light, and that is why human beings have been able to create something that is lower than the vision of earth held in the Mind of God. And that is why you see so many imperfect conditions on earth. It is not a matter of God creating in this way. Nor is it a matter of a game of chance so that there is no real systematic way to improve life.

Has not science systematically improved the material conditions of life on this continent? Then does it make sense to say that everything is random? Is it not more logical, indeed, to say that human beings have the power of mind to envision a future that is different from their current reality? And thus, if they envision a future that is lower than their current reality, they will create that future and they will create the dark ages for an entire civilization. And if they break the mold of thinking and start envisioning a brighter future, they will create a better future as has indeed happened on the European continent since the emergence of science and the age of Enlightenment.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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