Why people cannot be at peace with themselves

Ascended Master Jesus, June 17, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

Moving on to the topic of how you can come to see through the inferiority-superiority, or the superiority-inferiority, dynamic, what I desire to bring you is the perspective from the sixth ray of peace. Indeed, when you are in the consciousness of duality, you cannot be at peace. It is simply impossible, and why is it impossible? It is impossible because one dualistic polarity cannot exist without the other.

You cannot take one dualistic quality or polarity and have it exist alone, independently, separated. It can only exist in a relationship, in a bond, with the opposite polarity. This means that when you go into the consciousness of duality, you will have both polarities in your mind. They will pull your being in opposite directions, and that is why you can never be at peace, truly at peace within yourself.

If you are a person who is trapped in feeling superior most of the time, you cannot escape the fact that you are superior only compared to some who are inferior. Thus, you need to defend your superiority, or even expand it indefinitely in a race that never ends. It cannot be any other way.

If you are the kind of person who is primarily dominated by inferiority, you still cannot escape superiority. You know that there are some that are superior to you and they might be suppressing you and you might find the need to fight against them. Or perhaps you are not fighting, but you are dreaming about one day rising to the status of superiority.

Do you not see, my beloved, if you look at many of the old folk tales and fairy tales found on this earth, many of the modern books, many of the modern movies, do you not see that they are geared to the dynamic that has dominated this earth for a long time? Namely that we have a small elite who is superior and a larger population that is inferior.

You see many of these stories that portray a person that is first unworthy, unknown, of a low estate or treated unjustly and then something miraculous happens and the person is suddenly elevated to a superior status. This is the dream of those in inferiority, but it is also the dream of those in superiority: to keep the people believing that one day some miracle could happen and they might be raised to a status of superiority.

Instead, the reality is that if you are willing to start taking responsibility for yourself, you can follow a systematic path that will not raise you to a status of superiority, but that will take you out of inferiority and out of superiority. You will raise yourself into the abundant life that comes directly from within and is not dependent upon the appearances of this world.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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