Why Jesus could perform miracles

Ascended Master MORE, October 26, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

What does it mean to be reborn of water and of Spirit? Well, several things. But one certainly is that being born of water is that you come the understanding with the mind, that you actually need to surrender the lower self. For in coming to that understanding, the “I” of the conscious self can then separate itself from the mortal self, because it realizes that if the mortal self dies, the “I” will not die. It will be reborn into its true identity as One with the All.

And when you give up that finite identity and merge into the infinite identity, then you are not an “I” located in the nexus, thinking “I am this, and I must express that down here.” Because there is no distance. You are everywhere, above and below. So you are just letting the I AM Presence flow through your nexus into the four lower bodies and express itself through those four lower bodies without the “I,” the conscious self, having to think about this, or even feel that something from outside of me up there is flowing through me here and expressing itself down there. Because it has stopped thinking that “I AM here and only here.” It knows it is everywhere in the consciousness of God. And that is when the “I” becomes the “Is” for now the energies, the ideas, the reality from the spiritual realm can flow through you into the material realm.

But not only flow through you, but also be expressed by you, because you are now fully conscious of everything you do. And in every situation you are not thinking: “Oh, I don”t want to be in this situation, I wish it was over.” You are simply there with the Allness of who you are, expressing that, and thereby transcending and transforming the situation so that other people are raised up. And so that the you have mastery over the material realm, and the matter light is raised up, is freed from the imperfect matrices that have been put upon it through the duality consciousness. It can be instantly set free, whereby the water is turned into wine, the dead are raised, the sick are healed.

This is what you saw in Jesus. Jesus had united, he had become the IS and that is why God could manifest these so-called miracles through him—that are not miracles; they are simply the natural state of the Ma-ter light expressing the reality of the Father, rather than the unreality of the duality consciousness. And as I said, with the mass consciousness that can be pulled here and there, the matter light has volunteered to express any form that God’s co-creators impose upon it. But this does not mean that the matter light has no consciousness. It does not mean that the matter light enjoys taking on the negative forms of violence, and images that are not in harmony with the higher principles. The mother light would at any moment gladly shake this off and instead instantly manifest the higher reality of God.

Change is always possible

So again, nothing is hopeless. Change is possible. That, my beloved, is what the power elite do not want you to believe, and they especially do not want the people to believe it. They want them to believe that status quo cannot be changed, or certainly cannot be changed beyond certain boundaries. And this is the lie that Jesus challenged, and that we need those in physical embodiment who are also willing to challenge. And this implies many things. You do not always have to come out strongly and give a teaching like I have given today, which surely, as they say, will blow many people away, as I know some of you are holding on to your seats here.

Nevertheless, there are many more gentle ways to awaken people to the fact that change is always possible. Look at history, my beloved. Look at how much society has changed in a thousand years. Think back—go to one of the museums you have in Britain and elsewhere, and see how people lived in the Stone Age. And then see how you live today, only a few thousand years later. And then see how much has happened just within the last century, just within your lifetime. How computer technology has transformed society.

Should not a realistic assessment make you see that change is indeed possible? And that change can have many levels? And is it not possible to help people see that the reason why society is at a higher level today than in the Stone Age, is that there has been an expansion in consciousness, and that it is the expansion in consciousness that drives all progress?

It is not that difficult to make people see, that because the expansion of consciousness has become one-sided in the West, where people have forgotten spirituality – partly because of the perversions of Christianity that took Jesus’ true teachings away from the people, and then because of the consciousness of materialism – well then, people have become unbalanced and that is why you have a one-sided progress. Where you have technological progress – as Jesus recently explained in the answer to a question – and the technological progress itself creates problems which people cannot solve, because they do not have the corresponding expansion in their spiritual awareness. This is not, as they say, rocket science. It is possible to make many, many people understand these concepts, when you make them your own and express them in your own words.

I have spoken for a long time, which shows you that I have had a great desire to once again be able to speak freely on this island of Britain. Having spent several lifetimes here; having been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to awaken the British people to a higher way, to higher principles. I have a very strong desire to see these people become awakened to their true potential for expressing a Golden Age in this nation.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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