What has happened to the Divine Mother and her children

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 19, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

For my beloved, the painting you heard described – of the soldier’s body that was shattered on the battlefield and the mother going in and assembling the parts of the body – that was an image that was inspired by me upon that particular artist to illustrate what has happened to the Divine Mother. The body of her children has been scattered on the battlefield of life, the battlefield of duality.

And the mother calls and sings to bring her children together, but they cannot hear her song. So what does the mother look for? She looks for those who are the more mature of her children – who have come into some degree of oneness with her, realizing that they are the Divine Mother in expression – who will then go down and sing to people in a way that they can hear, and that they, thus, cannot as easily ignore.

Again, you are not here to change their minds, my beloved. You are just here to show them that it is possible to change your mind—that you have done it, and that they cannot force you to descend to their state of consciousness.

For my beloved, you have heard us talk about the closed circle. What is the closed circle, what is the closed system? It is the mindset of the ego and the separate self. What is – if you strip away all of the outer camouflage of the separate self – what is the one question asked by the ego and the separate self, my beloved—the constant question that the ego is projecting out from itself.

It is this: “Validate me. Tell me I am real. Tell me the illusion I have created, the image I have created of what life is, what God is, what I am, tell me it is real. Affirm it. Affirm me. Affirm me. Affirm me.”

How can you help people who are so trapped in this consciousness that they are not willing to rethink it, to reconsider it, to consider that it might be wrong? Do you help them by affirming their illusion? Of course not! So how can you help them? By demonstrating that you are not trapped in that illusion, by standing there firm and letting them attack you, letting them ridicule you, letting them ask questions—but you remain who you are. And thus, you demonstrate that whatever they throw at you, they cannot pull you into their state of consciousness.

And thus, you are not affirming the reality of their state of consciousness—you are demonstrating the non-reality of it. And that is why you need to work on your attachment to the reactions of other people, for you cannot stand firm in who you are if you have a sense of responsibility for others, if you are attached to their reactions, or if you are still so identified with your separate self that you want validation from others.

You are a spiritual being, my beloved. You are here to help those who are trapped in duality. Do not expect that you can open your mouth and they are instantly going to say, “Oh, he is right.” They cannot see it. Do you not see that?

And therefore, do you not understand that for you to help a person, you must demonstrate repeatedly that you will not affirm the person’s state of mind. And therefore, you must sometimes – as some of you have experienced, with your friends or even family – you must let them question or attack or seemingly reject you many times. But if you can stay centered and non-attached, my beloved, one of two things will happen. Either the person will have a breakthrough and see that they can follow your example and reach a higher state of consciousness—and thus, they will come with you up. Or they will come to the point where the Law of Free Will mandates that they have had enough opportunity, and therefore they reach what we have called the judgment. And that does not necessarily mean that they are condemned to hell, but it means that they have had enough opportunities from you, and therefore, you can now move on and seek to help others. And thus, you do not need to encounter that person or even that state of consciousness anymore.

But you see, you need to come to that point where you are non-attached to whatever state of consciousness you encounter. This, of course, is difficult, I understand. Do you know why I understand? Because I see that the consciousness that you will encounter, my beloved, the consciousness you will encounter in other people is exactly the consciousness that you have not yet raised in yourself.

Whatever wounds you have left, whatever unresolved substance you have in your own being, that is what you will encounter from others, because the unresolved stuff in your own being will act as a magnet that magnetizes these other people to you. And therefore, it is, of course, the most difficult for you to depersonalize your relationship with these people and remain non-attached. For the very unresolved substance in your own mind, the beam in your own eye, holds you into an attachment and a dualistic reaction.

But my beloved, you are indeed, mature on the path. You can come to understand this, you can come to realize it. And you can come to very quickly apply it and feel that release that I do not have to react the way I have always reacted. I do not have to affirm the reality of a lower reaction. I have an option to step outside of my previous reactionary pattern of that costume, see it as a costume and say, “I have had enough of playing that role in the drama of life. For this role no longer reflects who I AM.”

This is something we will talk more about in the coming releases. But I want to give you a glimpse of what is ahead, as I have attempted to reach to what has come before, bringing it together. And I hope that you have now gained a new vision of the spiritual path and what the spiritual path is all about, so that you can change direction instead of seeking to always reach up.

Be willing to go from the nexus out. Bring back all the parts of yourself. Bring back all the parts of your larger self, the Body of the Divine Mother, that we may all come into wholeness, into oneness. And thereby be the chalice that can receive the vision for the kingdom of God and the Golden Age of Saint Germain.

Thus, I thank you for being who you are—whomever you think you are. For I love you unconditionally. I love both who you really are and who you think you are. And so, I hope I have shattered the illusion that you are not loved by the Divine Mother. For, whatever you feel towards me, however you respond or not respond to my words, I love you for that response.

I AM love, and you cannot come up with any response that will force me to no longer love you. For I choose to be One with the River of Life.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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