What does it mean that Jesus is now an ascended master?

By Kim Michaels

If you take the image of Jesus presented by mainstream Christian churches, you might get the following impression:

  • Jesus is very far away, up there in a remote heaven.
  • Jesus ascended, but after his ascension he has not spoken to us.
  • Even though Jesus is said to have all power in heaven and on earth, he is not using that power to speak to us, except maybe through very special people, such as the Pope or certain ministers.

The basic message is that you cannot achieve a direct, personal relationship with Jesus. You can reach Jesus – and he can reach you – only through the intermediary of the external church. The Pope is said to be the vicar of Christ, but why do you need a vicar when Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you?

Jesus was a spiritual revolutionary, and the core of his message is that each of us can have access to the kingdom of God, meaning the Christ consciousness, directly within ourselves. This message is revolutionary because throughout history all mainstream religions have preached the opposite, namely that we cannot reach God directly but need an intermediary in the form of an external religion and its hierarchy of priests.

The key to overcoming this illusion is to realize that Jesus is today an ascended master. When you understand what an ascended master is, you will see why no power on earth can limit your access to the ascended masters. You will also see why you need the ascended masters.

What is the ascension

Most Christian churches teach that Jesus died on the cross, was resurrected and finally ascended—and that is where their teachings stop. They usually have little to say about what it means to ascend and what happens to you after you ascend. It is almost as if Jesus disappeared into a black hole after his ascension.

This is in sharp contrast to what Jesus himself said, and which is recorded in the scriptures. Jesus stated that because he ascended, he was able to send to us a part of his Spirit. This comforter or Holy Spirt would be our direct link to Jesus. It was Jesus’ intention that no power structure on earth could interrupt this direct communication between the Ascended Master Jesus and his unascended disciples.

This is perfectly in line with his revolutionary message. In reality, Jesus came to set us free from all power structures on earth, namely what he often called the “prince of this world.” It is clear that for Jesus the Jewish religion and its leaders were very much working to keep people trapped in the state of being separated from their God, what Jesus called “death,” meaning a state of spiritual death.

It now becomes clear that the last thing Jesus would want was that the religion that claims to represent him on earth would do exactly what all other religions have done, namely reinforce the sense of separation between us and the spiritual realm.

Jesus gave his life in order to demonstrate that we can all be free from the prison of the prince of this world. We become free by penetrating the illusion that we are separated from our God, thereby declaring with Jesus: “I and my father are one.” After his ascension, Jesus gave his spirit to us so that we would have a direct personal link to the ascended Jesus. Why did he do this?

The central dynamic on earth

Jesus perfectly understood the central dynamic on earth. This dynamic is very simple and can be learned by reading Jesus’ words carefully. The dynamic is that most human beings are trapped in an illusion. This illusion makes us think we are separated from our source, from God and the spiritual realm.

Some people are so deceived by this illusion that they deny the existence of a spiritual realm and spiritual beings. Others believe there is a spiritual realm, but they are convinced that they are separated from it by a barrier that they themselves cannot cross. Only very special people can cross that barrier and they themselves can enter heaven only by obeying a religion on earth.

What Jesus taught and demonstrated is that this is a complete lie. You are not actually separated from the kingdom of God because it is within you. What does this mean? It means that the kingdom of God is a state of consciousness.

Right now most people are in a state of consciousness dominated by separation. This is the state that Jesus called “death” and it makes you convinced that you are separated from God. Yet this sense of separation is a complete illusion, cleverly created and upheld by the prince of this world. This prince will do anything in his power to keep you trapped in the illusion of separation, including using an outer religion. This outer religion makes you believe that if you accept its doctrines and follow its rules, you are guaranteed to be saved after this lifetime.

Jesus preached that the kingdom of God is at hand, meaning you will never attain it in the future. You will attain it only in the NOW because the key to the kingdom is to overcome the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of anti-christ, and raise your consciousness until you can embrace the consciousness of Christ. This is how you escape death and attain the life that the Christ consciousness offers to all.

What it means to ascend

While you are trapped in the consciousness of separation, you cannot see the spiritual realm directly. It is a matter of believing or not believing. When you rise above the consciousness of anti-christ, you attain the consciousness of Christ and thereby you directly perceive the spiritual realm and the beings who live in it.

Once you become completely one with the universal Christ consciousness, you can follow in Jesus’ footsteps and ascend like he did. Thus, the ascension is the potential of all human beings. This, of course, is the last thing that the prince of this world wants you to believe. He wants you to believe that there is only one way to be saved, namely the external salvation. When you believe this, you deny the internal salvation and thus you will never discover the kingdom that Jesus said is within you. You will, remain trapped in the domain ruled by the prince of this world.

What is the significance of the ascension? In this world, everything is affected by the illusion of separation, by the prince of this world. Ascending means that you raise your being to a level that is completely beyond the reach of the prince of this world. He is the prince of THIS world, and NOT the prince of the spiritual world. He has no influence at all on the spiritual world, meaning that an ascended being, an ascended master, is completely beyond the influence of the prince of this world. Why is that significant?

Why we need ascended masters

Why do we need ascended masters? Because we are trapped in the illusions of anti-christ and the ONLY way to escape them is to make contact with something that is beyond this illusion. The “something” that is beyond the illusions on earth are the beings who have ascended before us and who have volunteered to help us ascend as well. Jesus is one of these ascended masters, although not the only one.

The main characteristic of the consciousness of anti-christ is that it makes you believe that you can define truth on your own. This is illustrated in the story of Genesis where Eve is tempted by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. God had told her that if she ate the fruit she would die. The serpent says she will not surely die but will live as a God who knows good and evil.

The reality is that the fruit represents the consciousness of anti-christ, which is the opposite of the consciousness of Christ. The consciousness of Christ is meant to ensure oneness between the Creator and its creation. It helps us see that we are one with God and that all life is one. Behind all appearances in this world, there is the oneness of the Christ consciousness.

When you know the oneness behind all appearances, you can never be fooled into thinking that the appearances on earth are ultimately real. Thus, you can never be fooled by the illusions created by the consciousness of anti-christ. You can never die to the reality of oneness and instead think you are a separate being.

When you eat the forbidden fruit, you become blinded by the consciousness of separation. This means you can now be fooled into believing that an idea created by the consciousness of anti-christ is an absolute truth. You think that you – or some authority figure on earth – have the power to define absolute truth here on earth. You have become “as a God” who thinks you can know good and evil through the illusion of the separate self (as opposed to the self that knows it is one with God).

The consciousness of anti-christ is what makes people believe they are separated from their god, and thus they can define truth separately from God. Instead of using God/oneness as their frame of reference, they think they can define their own frame of reference here on earth. They think that if they say something is true, then it will be true.

This explains why you can have people who are absolutely convinced that there is no God. This explains why you can have people who are convinced that God is as described by the Christian religion whereas others are convinced that God is as described by the Muslim religion. It also explains why these two groups of people can kill each other and feel it is justified by God—the same God.

The central realization about the consciousness of anti-christ is that once you are inside it, there is nothing from the consciousness of anti-christ that will help you escape it. The illusion is self-reinforcing, you become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The ONLY escape is to make contact with an unvarying reality that is beyond the relative “realities” you see from inside the consciousness of separation.

That unvarying reality is the Christ consciousness. However, the Christ consciousness is offered to us only through those beings who have already ascended, either from earth or from another similar environment. Jesus said that because he ascended to his father, he would send us a comforter. Likewise, many other ascended masters have given part of their spirits to add to the indivisible Holy Spirt that is our ONLY escape from separation.

This is significant because we have gotten ourselves trapped in the consciousness of separation by thinking we could act as separate beings, by thinking we could define an absolute reality based on separation. We can NEVER escape this trap by thinking we are separate beings. We can escape separation only by coming into oneness with something that is beyond separation.

The master-disciple relationship

One of the ultimate illusions of the consciousness of separation is that we can walk the path to a higher state of consciousness on our own, that we can define our own path. Many spiritual or New Age people think they don’t need a teacher, but this is a potentially dangerous attitude.

It is perfectly true that you don’t need a teacher here on earth (although a good teacher can be very helpful). That is exactly what Jesus came to demonstrate. He demonstrated that because the kingdom of God is within you, you will not be saved by blindly following a religion on earth. Yet he also demonstrated that the ONLY way to escape separation is to come into oneness with something greater than your separate self.

The most dangerous illusion is that you can use the separate self to walk the path of oneness. In reality, you can walk the path of oneness ONLY by coming into oneness with an ascended master. The ascended masters are the beings who are appointed by God to serve in the capacity of our spiritual teachers.

Contrary to what many people think, this does not mean that they only give us teachings. They give us teachings in order to help us question the illusion of separation. However, we will not do justice to the ascended masters until we use their teachings to start coming into oneness with them.

Why Christianity is so dangerous

In the very beginning, the movement of Jesus’ followers was entirely based on the direct contact with the comforter, the Holy Spirit. This means that the early Christian movement was guided directly by the Ascended Master Jesus. As Christianity started to become more organised, and especially after the formation of the Roman Catholic Church, this direct link to Jesus was lost. Instead, Christianity became a centralized religion, controlled by people who thought they were gods on earth and could define what was the true doctrines of Christ.

One effect of this is that many of today’s most openminded spiritual people know from deep within themselves that Christianity is false. Unfortunately, many of them also reason that this must mean Jesus was either a false teacher or is insignificant to them today.

The deeper reality is that if you chose to embody in an environment affected by Christianity it was most likely because you wanted to help resurrect the true knowledge of what Christ is. This is most likely part of your divine plan that you chose. How can you fulfil this aspect of your divine plan if you reject or ignore Jesus as an ascended master?

What does it mean to restore the true teachings of Christ? It means to restore the knowledge that Jesus did not go into a black hole after he ascended. He is here with us today as an ascended master and through his spirit he is willing to help us rise above the consciousness of anti-christ so we can fulfil our spiritual mission. What can restore the true teachings of Christ except that millions of people make a direct, personal inner contact with the Ascended Master Jesus?

The significance of this website

This website is sponsored directly by the Ascended Master Jesus. It is Jesus’ official website for helping today’s spiritual seekers overcome the illusions promoted by mainstream Christianity—and overcome their rejection of Jesus based on these illusions.

Surely, there are many people who will deny or ridicule this claim. This is not different from when Jesus walked the earth in a physical body. He was also rejected or ridiculed by many.

It is foreseeable that the authority figures in the fields of both science and religion will reject and ridicule this website. It is even foreseeable that some people will dedicate their lives to tearing down this website, its teachings and the person who has done the physical aspects of the work.

Yet despite all claims made to the contrary, let it be stated clearly that this IS the official website of Jesus Christ for restoring his true teachings. This is not denying that Jesus is working with many people in various capacities for restoring aspects of his true teachings. Yet this website is sponsored directly by Jesus and the teachings are given directly by him and other ascended masters.

You may ask why Jesus is working through a human messenger and putting his teachings on a website. Why isn’t Jesus appearing in the sky in some undeniable manifestation, like many Christians expect? The answer is that on earth, free will reigns supreme.

Knowing what kind of planet you are on

Although Jesus has all power in heaven and on earth, he cannot use his power indiscriminately on earth and the reason is the Law of Free Will. Free will mandates that if self-aware beings want to experience what it is like to be in the consciousness of separation, they must be allowed to have this experience. That is why the forbidden fruit was in the garden and why it was possible for all of us to eat of it.

Human beings trapped in separation often become very self-centered and filled with their own importance. One example is the medieval Catholic doctrine that the earth was the center of the entire universe.

In reality, there are billions of galaxies and billions of planets with self-aware lifeforms. The entire material universe is a giant educational institution in which self-aware beings are presented with the opportunity to raise their consciousness by experiencing an environment that corresponds to their current level of consciousness.

Most of the planets with self-aware lifeforms are at a much higher level of consciousness than earth. Earth is actually one of the lower planets. Most self-aware beings on other planets are consciously walking the path of raising their consciousness. Obviously, this is not the case on earth, which shows that earth is a planet for those who have gone so far into the labyrinth of separation that they believe there is no way out or that the way out is separated from themselves.

Many people on earth are so trapped in separation that they refuse to take responsibility for their own growth. This means they are looking for an external savior to come and do all the work for them. This explains why Jesus, after Christianity became dominated by separation, was portrayed as exactly such a savior.

A small group of people on earth have a need to dominate others. These are the people who have set themselves up as “gods” on earth, seeking to have absolute power over their subjects. They are the ones who took over and perverted the Christian religion. There is an unholy alliance between those who want to dominate others and those who do not want to take responsibility for themselves. This is the central dynamic that dominates earth right now.

The Law of Free Will mandates that self-aware beings must be allowed to experience this dynamic until they have had enough of it and want more. The moment they want more, a way to rise above their illusions will be offered to them by the ascended masters.

Yet because there are still many people trapped in illusion, the way offered must be of such a form that it can easily be denied by the people who are not yet ready to take responsibility for themselves. This is why Jesus, when he was in a physical body, did and said certain things that made it easy for people to reject him. That is why this website has a form that makes it easy for people to reject it.

The motto of the ascended masters is: “When the student is ready, the master appears.”

This website has appeared to you.

If you have read to this point – instead of rejecting this article for any number of reasons – you might consider that you have found this website because you are ready for it. You outer mind and your intellect might have many arguments for rejecting this website and its message. Yet your heart will tell you the truth of your inner being.

Are you one of the people who have volunteered to restore the true teachings of Christ in this age? If so, this website (and the associated sites) is the best starting point you will find for developing your direct, inner relationship with the ascended Master Jesus or another ascended master.

After you develop this inner contact, you will no longer need this website because you will now get directions from within. This means the website will have fulfilled the purpose for which it was created.



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