We all had our challenges

Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, one more note on idolatry: I did have a spiritual vision, but I can assure you that when I came to this island and felt the mass consciousness literally seeking to push me into the sea, I had my moments where I was wondering if this was indeed possible. And I only overcame it by being willing to surrender the expectations, and I only surrendered those expectations by making the decision to let it go. The decision that I am not the doer, for it is God within me who is the doer.

I tell you this because I want you to realize, that even for the most spiritually mature people, such as Jesus himself, there are indeed times when your vision is clouded because as yesterday, when you were ascending that mountain, you were literally walking in a dense cloud and you can see only a few yards ahead. And there are times on the path for anyone, where all you can do is to lean forward against the wind, bend the head and determine to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you pass through that cloud and the weather clears.

So many people look back at Jesus’ life, at my life, at Mother Mary’s life and say, “Oh it must have been easy for them, they never had any doubts, they never had any problems, they never encountered any difficulties.” But we all did, you see. So why did we make it? Was it because we were special? Yes indeed, we were special. Was it because we were stronger? Yes indeed we were stronger. Why were we special, why were we stronger? Because we decided to take one more step than the person who gave up. How do you win the race? By always taking one more step than you think is possible or necessary.

For I tell you, truly, as long as there is that doubt in your own being, the forces of this world will pound on you relentlessly as the winds yesterday showed no signs of stopping, no compassion whatsoever. The only way to make it through, is to not let it bother you because you are not attached. You do not have an expectation that it should be easy. I must tell you that so many sincere well-meaning spiritual people have been awakened to the spiritual path, have started doing some outer work, but they have had an expectation that if they were willing to sacrifice themselves, to sacrifice a part of their life in order to promote the spiritual teachings, well then somehow God would make it easy for them. This is something all of you have seen if you will be honest, in yourself and in others. 

And yet you need to be willing to re-asses your expectations, realize your expectations were not realistic, and then keep following your vision, your inner vision, and just share your light and your teachings, no matter what the outer response is. And this is how you will win, this is how you will overcome. For then you come to that point, where there is no resistance in you, so the wind can blow right through you. And then you can move as if there was no wind of the mass consciousness. You see what I am saying, my beloved? They Holy Spirit is a mighty wind. And yes, the Holy Spirit is stronger than any wind on earth. So theoretically, if you have a sufficient flow of the Holy Spirit, you can resist any of the forces on earth.

But do you see that in this Aquarian age we are calling you to come up higher, to go beyond the dualistic game and say, “We will not seek to gain the Holy Spirit in order to push against the false spirits, and impress them with some trickery or some outer physical manifestation. We will instead seek the even higher spirit, the Spirit that is beyond duality that does not push against the forces of this world.” It simply blows right through them, reaching those who are open-minded and have open hearts to the true non-dualistic universal, timeless, eternal, triumphant teachings of Christ that are being brought forth in this age. And they shall continue to be brought forth throughout the Aquarian Age, as long as there are hearts who are open and mouths who are willing to speak the Living Word, which is truly the only way that the teachings of Christ can be brought forth in their pure form.

For my beloved, you can go back and read these words in a book, but will you get the same flow in the voice that is speaking? For surely there is a flow of the Spirit, and there could be an even greater flow of the Spirit, and might be in the future, if it is necessary.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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