If Jesus was God, who are we?

Ascended Master Mother Mary, January 28, 2004, through Kim Michaels:

This means that the Catholic doctrine that Jesus was God is correct only when understood from a deeper perspective. As my son Jesus has explained, he was not the only Son of God. The reason being that everything that was ever created by God was created as an individualization of God. This means that even Jesus was created as an individual lifestream. He went through the same process of embodying on earth and gradually losing the full awareness of his divine origin. Yet he regained that awareness and that spiritual attainment.

As a result of that, the lifestream of Jesus was able to hold a spiritual office for this planet. That spiritual office is the office of the Son of God, which is also the office of the Savior of mankind. However, this office was in existence before the lifestream of my son Jesus was able to fill that office. So you see that Jesus truly is an individualization of God, and therefore it is not technically wrong to say that Jesus was God incarnate.

Nevertheless, all other lifestreams created by God are also sons and daughters of God. And therefore, it is incorrect to create the doctrine that Jesus was the only Son of God or that Jesus was the only incarnation of God that ever took place on planet earth. In fact, all sons and daughters of God are the incarnations of God on this planet. I too was an incarnation of God and so was my beloved Joseph, the disciples of Jesus and almost every other human being on this planet.

What set Jesus apart was that he came to the full realization that he was a Son of God. Therefore, he became the conscious incarnation of God, as opposed to the unconscious incarnation of most other people. Yet Jesus came to show that all people are the incarnations of God and have the potential to put on the Christ consciousness, whereby they become conscious incarnations and can express their divine qualities freely.

I realize that this teaching will be shocking to many Catholics who have been brought up with the doctrine that Jesus was God incarnate and was the only incarnation of God ever to occur. I must tell you that we in heaven feel great compassion for the souls who have been indoctrinated with this doctrine, some of them for almost 2,000 years. We understand that it is difficult for many people to let go of this doctrine. Yet I must tell you that if you could, for one second, experience how we in heaven look upon this doctrine, and how limited that doctrine is compared to the cosmic reality of God, then you would truly become instantly free from the heavy weight this doctrine has put upon you. The doctrine causes you to deny your own spiritual origin as a true son or daughter of God.

You would then realize the truth in the teachings given by Jesus on this website, that he came not to be elevated to an idol. He came to show all people a systematic path to a higher state of consciousness. He came to show all people that they too can manifest their Christhood even while in a physical body on earth. Therefore, you would realize that to Jesus the Catholic doctrine that he is the only Son of God and that he is the only incarnation of God, is truly the ultimate form of blasphemy and the ultimate form of idol worship. In fact, I can assure you that this doctrine is directly embarrassing to my son Jesus, even though he is reluctant to tell you so.

I would therefore ask those who have an open mind and heart that they simply let this doctrine go. If you need any help to let go of this doctrine, do an honest study of how this doctrine came into existence. You will see that it was never taught by Jesus or by his apostles or disciples. It was, in fact, not invented until the third century, when it became the catalyst for the Arian controversy that split the Christian Church into what became the Roman Catholic Church and what became the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This division of Christianity was never the desire of my son, and it was never the desire of God. You will see that this doctrine was created by people who simply did not understand the true nature of Christ, and who used the Christian religion in their power struggles for the ultimate control of the Roman Empire. At the time, this empire represented the entire known world, and therefore it was a grand prize for those souls who were committed to ultimate power on earth.


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