Uniting Buddha and Christ

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, July 5, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

You have been told about the God Flames and I will give you a teaching that takes this a bit further. Many of you might have wondered how you can have a spiritual teaching that unites the Buddha and the Christ. What is the connection between Buddha and Christ? Well, the Buddha and the Christ are symbols for two spiritual offices that are meant to guide the evolutions of earth to their salvation, to their enlightenment.

And the Buddha and the Christ do it in two different ways. The Buddha is the one who sits on top of the Sea of Samsara and holds the balance and the vision, holds that perfect balance for the Mother Light. The Christ is the one who descends into that Sea of Samsara, to those who are lost in ignorance and cannot ask the questions that will make them free. And he offers them a cup of cold water in Christ’s name.

And this does not mean that he offers them the ultimate spiritual teaching, for truly many people are not ready for it. And thus, when Jesus says you have a right to go out and disturb those who are caught, he does not mean that you have to give them the highest spiritual teaching you can see. You need to tune in to the soul and say, “What does that soul need to take the very next step? That is the cup of cold water I will offer them.” That is the function of the Christ.

So when you transfer that to the concept that there are two aspects of your God Flame, you can say, that the Alpha flame is also the Buddha flame. This is the flame that you hold as a balance for the earth. The Omega flame is the Christ flame. This is the flame you bring to those who are lost in ignorance, so that they can be awakened. You might have heard that Christ is the Prince of Peace. Well, the Buddha is the King of Peace. The Buddha sits on the throne, holding the overall vision for the kingdom, and then he directs the prince to go out and cut free those who are stuck in the mud.

Thus, the Christ flame is the Word incarnate. And did not Jesus say – even though he was called the Prince of Peace – did he not say, “Think not that I come to bring peace to the world. I come to bring a sword” (Matthew 10:34). And what is that sword of the Christ? It is the Word, the Word incarnate that cleaves asunder the real from the unreal, so that people can see their egos and the unreality of the ego, and thereby have the free choice to separate themselves from it. That is the sword of Christ. And that is why, truly, Christ did not come to bring peace into this world. He came to disturb those who are trapped in ignorance, trapped in pride, trapped in hypocrisy, and challenge them to come up higher.

He came to set brother against brother in the sense that he would rather see people have conflict – that could bring out their egos, that could bring out the worst in them – so that they might see that aspect of the ego in themselves. He would rather see that kind of conflict – that would lead to growth – than he would see everybody remain indifferent, remain asleep, as if they were numb, walking through life as if they were sleepwalking.

So thus, the Christ does come to disturb, to stir up the pot, and to get people to move out of their indifference. And yet, the Christ is the Prince of Peace because only when you are willing to take the battle with the ego can you reach the true peace of freedom from that ego. How can there be peace if people are trapped in the ego? Tthe Christ comes to bring them the sword that will allow themselves to divide the Conscious You from your ego. And this is the difference in your God flames. You hold a balance for the earth. But you are here to bring a sword and to be that Prince of Peace—that you are willing to disturb those who think they have peace, but it is the false peace.

And thus I am come to lend my momentum of peace, my momentum of silence, to those who will guard the Mother Light. Because, truly, if you have never made contact with the peace of the Buddha, how can you guard the Mother Light? You will just be caught in another dualistic fight between those who are absorbed in their egos.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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