Understanding why the Spirit will not conform to matter

Ascended Master Jesus, January 3, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

What is the purpose for the Holy Spirit? It is not to conform to peoples’ ideas, mental images and beliefs. If the Holy Spirit were to conform, how could the Holy Spirit awaken anyone from their current state of consciousness?

The Holy Spirit has only one purpose; that is to initiate and accelerate the process of self-transcendence. For the Holy Spirit is the force that has been created by all of the self-aware beings in your current sphere that have transcended their state of consciousness. They have formed this giant force, this mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit, that is indeed meant to help all who have not yet awakened to awaken to their full potential as spiritual beings.

Therefore, the Holy Spirit will never conform to any mental image, any belief, any doctrine, any system, any structure that keeps you in a certain state of consciousness. So can you see why it simply is not possible that you can have a structure in your mind for how you should be as the Christ, and then at the same time be the open door for the Holy Spirit? It cannot be done. It cannot happen.

There are, of course, some – particularly in the Christian movement of the Pentecostals and other similar movements – who have managed to gain some flow of certain spiritual powers while they still have a structure in their minds. But this is not Christhood. And as long as they will not let go of their structures, they will not go beyond a certain level. And after a certain time, they will no longer be open to any flow of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, but they will be open to the flow of lower spirits that howl through them and still attempt to perform miracles. But this is not Christhood, for even if you can perform signs and wonders, you are not the Christ—if you simply heal people without awakening them to the power of God within themselves.

Yes, when I walked the earth, I healed the sick, I raised the dead. Nevertheless, there were many who were not healed, and I only performed these miracles – so-called – for a time. For I was not here to take upon myself all the sins of the world, so that I could do all the work for humanity. I was here to awaken people to their own built-in potential. This is the purpose of the living Christ, of the flow of the Holy Spirit: to awaken those who are willing to be awakened to their own potential to be the Christ, to transcend their current state of consciousness.

It is possible to attain what looks like certain spiritual powers without having fully let go of the ego and the desire to be thought wise or outstanding among men. Yet this is indeed taking heaven by force, and it will be allowed only for a time. And then, those who are not willing to step up to a higher level of selfless service, will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. Which is indeed why you see that certain preachers might have a following for a time, yet suddenly something happens, where their congregations see them for what they are: egomaniacs who think they are above the law and can do anything they want from a self-centered perspective.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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