Power Elite 6: Understanding the rationale behind irrational acts

NOTE: These teachings are taken from Lord Maitreya’s book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Excerpts from Key 20

The ungodly truth about religion

If you look at many of the things people do, you will see that the individual acts have no rational or logical purpose. Why do some men rape women or molest children? Why does a serial killer decide to kill dozens of people? Why does a mother decide to drown her children in the bathtub? Why do two groups of people allow hatred to build until is seems like violence is the only solution? Why do people engage in organized crime? Why do people destroy their bodies and minds with drugs, alcohol, tobacco or impure foods? Why do nations engage in the mass hysteria called war? Why do huge companies seek to concentrate money in the hands of a few shareholders by exploiting the workers, when spreading the wealth among the workers would give those companies a greater market? Why does an entire civilization allow a few large companies to pollute its environment and deplete natural resources in order to make a short-term profit, when doing so threatens the long-term survival of both the companies and the civilization?

Taken at face value, none of these individual actions are logical or rational, so why do people allow them to go on and on in an endless cycle of repeating the same mistakes? My point is that if you look at surface appearances, you will never find a rational or logical answer, for there is no such answer. The fact is that people do not know why they perform self-destructive actions, they have no logical or rational reasons. If people knew better, they would do better, meaning that people can engage in self-destructive actions only when they are trapped in ignorance. So if you want to understand what is really happening on this planet, you have to look for the reason why people are ignorant. Is there perhaps a force on this planet that wants to keep people ignorant? Is there a force that benefits from people’s ignorance, whether it be innocent ignorance – people simply don’t know – or willful ignorance—people don’t want to know? What could such a force possibly be?

Obviously, I have answered that question in previous chapters, so let us briefly summarize. There is indeed a force on Earth whose very existence is dependent on keeping people ignorant. That force is made up of the following elements:

  • Beings who fell in what is now the spiritual realm and have kept falling until they ended up on Earth. Some of these beings are in physical embodiment while others reside in the lower levels of the emotional realm, what people call hell.
  • Beings who fell in one of the three higher levels of the energy field of Earth.
  • Beings who fell in the physical realm, most of whom are still in embodiment.
  • The identities and beasts created by fallen beings who wanted to maintain and expand a separate sense of identity. The creation of these identities started in several higher realms, and the identities have now fallen to the material world. They reside primarily in the emotional and mental realms.
  • Certain identities or entities that have been created by people in the physical realm, specifically as a reaction to conditions in this realm. An example are entities created out of people’s addictions to physical substances, such as alcohol, tobacco or sex. These reside primarily in the emotional realm, from where they pull on people’s emotional bodies in an attempt to make them engage in the activities that feed the entities.
  • An overall identity that ties all of these parts together in a superstructure, what I called the dragon.

The essential fact about this entire conglomerate is that both the individual beings – the fallen beings – and the mass entities can no longer receive light from spiritual teachers or from within themselves. They are literally cut off from the spiritual world, which is the source of life for the entire material world. Therefore, in order to survive or even grow in power, these beings must obtain energy from those beings who are still either receiving it from a spiritual teacher (although most are not aware of this) or are bringing it into the material world from within themselves.

As I said, the material world is so dense that even a being with high spiritual attainment will forget its true identity and origin when taking embodiment on Earth. Thus, there are many people on Earth who have some spiritual light, yet if they are ignorant of this and ignorant of the many ways this light can be stolen from them, they can unwittingly give it to the fallen beings. Obviously, a person with spiritual attainment would never do this if it understood what is happening. Which is why it is so essential for the fallen beings to keep the people on Earth ignorant about the existence of the fallen beings and the methods they use to get people’s light. Ignorance truly is bliss—for the forces of duality! Your ignorance is their bliss.


Let me briefly describe the main principle that allows fallen beings to steal people’s light. The reality is that a fallen being has become fully identified with a sense of identity based on the mind of anti-christ, which can only exist in the shadows, meaning in a lower vibration. Thus, if a fallen being was to receive a portion of pure spiritual light, the fallen being could do nothing with it. On the contrary, the pure light would be extremely uncomfortable for such a being, making it feel like it was burning up. And if the light was concentrated enough, it literally could burn up and consume a fallen being.

The basic equation is that a fallen being can only absorb light of a lower vibration, which is why such a being cannot steal spiritual light directly from others. It must get those who have spiritual light to misqualify that light, to lower it to a vibration that the fallen being can absorb. It does this by getting people to engage in any type of activity that lowers the vibration of their mental and emotional energies. An obvious example is any activity that causes you to feel anger or fear. Yet many activities will feed your spiritual light to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, which is why Jesus told you to be aware so you do not cast your pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6).

You now see that although human beings commit many acts for which they have no rational or logical explanation, there is a rational and logical explanation for why people commit such acts. The stark reality is that these people have become tied to the conglomerate of fallen beings and beasts, and thus their minds are – at least part of the time – controlled by, even taken over by, this force. The dualistic force can manipulate people – by pulling on their mental and emotional bodies – into committing actions that misqualify light. When you look at the action itself, you can clearly see that it accomplished nothing positive and had no constructive purpose for anyone on Earth. As just one example consider how many battles have caused people to be killed without actually accomplishing anything decisive or constructive for any society. Yet the action was not motivated by a desire to accomplish a constructive purpose on Earth. It was triggered by the desire to produce misqualified energy that feeds the fallen beings and the beasts behind them.

Most people are completely unaware of this mechanism, and part of the reason is that they have never been told about the dualistic forces. The obvious reason is that their religion does not give them the full truth about the forces which oppose God’s purpose. Yet another part of the reason is that because people would do better if they knew better, most people who are not completely spiritually blind assume there must be some kind of rational reasoning behind people’s actions. They assume others are doing what they do because they think they are getting something out of it. And when people cannot find any possible rationale, they don’t know how to make sense of a situation and they often ignore it. Some even deny the existence of a dualistic force that wants to steal people’s energy. It is an unfortunate mechanism that when a problem seems too overwhelming and incomprehensible, people will ignore it. Which is precisely why Jesus said that with man – with the human perspective – many things are impossible, whereas with God – meaning with the vision of Christ – all things become possible.

If you only step back and look at the bigger picture, you will see that the people who commit evil acts often have no personal rationale for doing so. In other cases they do have a rationale, but it is so flawed that most other people clearly see that it makes no sense. For example, consider how those who were blinded by the illusions of Nazism could push children into the gas chambers. How could they get themselves to do something that most people today see as one of the most horrendous acts imaginable? How can people commit evil acts for no reason or based on a flawed reason? The answer is that their minds are so overpowered by the illusions of duality and the emotional pull of the beasts that they mindlessly carry out their acts without thinking about what they are doing, why they are doing it and what consequences their actions have for themselves and others.

There is no rational reason in the minds of the people performing many evil acts, but there is an explanation for why the acts are committed, namely that they misqualify light and feed it to the fallen beings and the beasts. I am not saying this is a justifiable reason, I am only saying it is a reason you can understand with the rational mind. And when you do understand it, you can withdraw yourself from the influence of the fallen consciousness and also seek to set other people free from the blindness that pulls them into these downward spirals over which they seem to have no control. For is it not true that if people have no awareness of dualistic forces, they are not making a free choice to act on behalf of such forces? And thus, if you care for such people, would you not naturally want to at least give them a free choice by telling them what is happening?

The stark reality is that the vast majority of the people on Earth have ties to the dualistic force, and people will – from time to time, for some even all of the time – do things for which the only purpose is to produce misqualified energy that feeds the beast. Ideally, your actions should be based on Christ discernment, so they only generate energies of a higher vibration. Anything done in true love and kindness will generate energies of such a high vibration that they will rise to the level of your I AM Presence. Once here, the energies will be multiplied and sent back to you so that you now have more creative energy. Thereby, you establish a figure-eight flow between your lower being and your higher being. When you do things based on a lower motivation, such as in anger or out of a desire to punish others or put them down, you generate energy of such a low vibration that it cannot rise up. Thus, such energy stays in the material, emotional or mental realm, and it will often be consumed by the dualistic forces.

Any action that springs from a motivation below unconditional love will feed the beast. I know this is a startling truth, but it is an absolute truth. An even more startling truth is that you are still partly responsible for the energy that you have misqualified. Thus, you become partly responsible for what fallen beings or beasts do with that energy, especially when it is used to overpower other people.

A substantial number of the people on Earth have their minds so controlled by dualistic forces that they are literally like cows that live only to have their energies milked by the dualistic force. One obvious example is how addicts live and breathe only to get their next fix. Yet even many so-called normal people feed one or more of the planetary beasts through seemingly innocent activities, such as smoking, drinking, watching excess TV, sex addiction, gossiping, pornography, buying the latest consumer gadget or fashion, or watching a violent sports activity. Basically, any activity that can be addictive will feed one of the planetary beasts, as will any activity that causes you to feel negative emotions or think negative or selfish thoughts.

Most people are not completely taken over by dualistic forces, but they do have ties that allow these forces to steal their energies on a more or less frequent basis. These are the people who have the potential to take action and free themselves and the Earth from the influence of dualistic forces. The first step is to become aware of how they are personally influenced by dualistic forces and then extricate themselves from that influence. The second step is to cry out to God for the Light of God to banish these forces – and the state of consciousness out of which they spring – from the Earth. And the third step is to go out and challenge the influence of such forces on individuals and on the institutions of society. If people knew better, they would do better, but who will help them know better? Certainly not the forces of duality and the institutions they control, including most religious institutions.

Once you begin to understand how every aspect of life has been influenced by the duality consciousness, you realize that all of the institutions of society have been manipulated by dualistic forces—at least to some degree. As a result, these institutions have become tools for keeping people in bondage, in democratic nations mainly through ignorance. So there is an obvious need for people to speak out against duality in every area of society, according to their expertise and experience.

However, since this book is about spiritual freedom, I will focus on how the institution of religion has been influenced by the duality consciousness. The fact is that if religion could be set free from duality, it would become much easier to free all other areas of society. Religion was meant to be the primary institution for giving people spiritual freedom by maintaining an activity on Earth that cannot be manipulated by the duality consciousness. If such a bastion of truth is maintained, it will then filter into all other areas of society. Consequently, the dualistic forces have done everything possible to pervert the institutions of religion. What I am actually saying here is that instead of being the primary force for setting people free, religion has become the primary force for keeping people ignorant, and thus keeping them in the bondage imposed by dualistic forces. If you will be honest, you will see that most religions actually close people’s minds to a higher understanding of life. They close people’s minds to Christ truth by imprisoning them in a mental box defined by the duality consciousness—often through a perversion of a true religious teaching.


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