Understanding the consciousness of the multitudes

Ascended Master Jesus, August 24, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

In many cases such sporting events do not give people what they really long for. Because even though they come together in a certain sense of oneness, it is colored by the spirit of competition, the desire to have their team win. Yet, even this is to some degree an expression of that longing for oneness, longing for something more, something beyond the ordinary. Only again, people do not understand that for which they are longing.

But you see, most people on this planet are not in a state of consciousness, where they can grasp the true Spirit of Oneness. And thus, they are in fact in a certain level of consciousness that I referred to 2,000 years ago as “the multitudes.” The multitudes, are wonderful people but they have not yet manifested a high enough degree of individuality to stand above the crowd, to go beyond that level of consciousness, that we might call the mass consciousness or the consciousness of the multitude.

Surely, they have some individuality, but it is not strong enough to go against the crowd, and thus they follow the crowd. Not only in sporting events but in all aspects of life, including what they believe in, how they worship, what churches they go to, what political parties they vote for, and so forth and so on. Even down to the details of how they dress or cut their hair. So, what I am endeavoring to explain to you is, that many people on earth – in fact the majority of the people on earth – are indeed at this level of the consciousness of the multitude. They do not have sufficient individuality, but they long for that individuality. And thus, they seek to find it in rooting for their team.

For who are the people on the team? Well, they are, indeed, people who have more individuality, a more strong individuality than the multitudes. And that is why they desire to be on a sporting team, where they excel beyond this “ordinary person.” And where they can stand out from the crowd—and even many of them desire to be worshiped by the crowd. For you see, when you begin to raise yourself above the consciousness of the multitude, you will build a stronger sense of individuality. But it is inevitable that that sense of individuality will be colored by – even to a large degree based on – the illusion of separation, that makes people seek to build their individuality as a separate individuality. And thus, they strive to excel, in order to build that sense that they are different, they are better than others. And what they seek to raise is, of course, the separate self.

However, what I desire you to understand is, that this is an inevitable stage in the forward progression of the individual. For as long as you are blindly following the currents of the mass consciousness, you cannot actually walk the spiritual path and manifest personal Christhood. For personal Christhood is individual Christhood. Individual Christhood must be won by you as an individual being, raising up and attaining a direct contact with your own higher being and with your spiritual teachers.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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