Understanding the challenge that Jesus hurled at humankind

Ascended Master Saint Germain, March 22, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

So then, this is the consciousness that humankind has been up against for these past 2,000 years. Certainly, they have been up against it before, but they have not really been up against it; they have been subjected to it. For it was only 2,000 years ago that humankind received a true opportunity to see and transcend this consciousness. And what gave them that opportunity to transcend the fallen consciousness, the consciousness that something on earth can be infallible, can be permanent? Well, it was, my beloved, the incarnation of Jesus as the living Christ. When he walked the earth those 2,000 years ago, he hurled the challenge at humankind: there is a higher reality than the fallen consciousness. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father will ye do, for he was a murderer from the beginning.” He murdered truth, the fallen ones murdered truth, murdered innocence, murdered the very transcendence of life.

For life is transcendence. Without transcendence, there is no life. Life is not in a stationary orbit; life is constantly transcending and renewing itself. And a species that will not adapt and renew itself, will become extinct. That is the one valuable lesson, that can be learned from the entire concept of evolution and the survival of the fittest—meaning the most adaptable, those who are most willing to transcend the old matrix.

Look at the life of Jesus. Born in humble circumstances, born like any other man—despite the myths that were added later about a star appearing. I was there as Saint Joseph – or rather, as Joseph the carpenter – when Jesus was born. You have seen the images of a manger with a star appearing above it. Well, I was there and I saw no such star, my beloved. This was an entirely metaphorical thing, that could only be deduced by those who had inner sight—not a physically visible star, as the legends would have it.

For what have they done to Christ? He embodied as an “ordinary” human being in order to show the potential that all have. The fallen ones, of course, did not want people to realize their true potential, so what did they do. Well, first the Roman emperors tried to suppress Christianity. And then, when it became clear to one pragmatic emperor – one political animal by the name of Constantine – that it could not be suppressed, what did they do? Well, they said, “Let’s use it then—if we can’t kill it, let’s use it. Let’s accept it as the official religion, but of course in doing so, let us add a few subtle conditions that no one will notice—a few conditions that twist and turn Christianity.”

Not that this was an invention of the emperor Constantine; it was already started by other fallen beings who had joined Christianity, and who had started to glorify Jesus and set him up as an exception rather than as an example. And so, it was easy for Constantine to magnify this, to put the support of the Roman Empire behind those who had the view of Christianity, that most suited his political ends. Gradually, you saw the formation of a Church which elevated Christ to the status of God, thereby being fundamentally different from other people on this planet, therefore being completely unsuited to serve as an example for them and their potential, for he was so different. He was of the same substance as the father, he was God from the very beginning.

Well, my beloved, you are all God from the very beginning, because without him was not anything made that was made. And thus “ye are gods” as Jesus himself said. And that, of course, is precisely what the fallen ones do not want you to realize. They do not want you to realize your true co-creative potential.

Not that you are gods in the sense of the fallen ones wanting to set themselves up as god on earth. You are not God in the fullest sense; you are individualizations of God. That does not mean, that anyone of you is superior to any other, for how can one expression of God be superior to another expression of God? You are all individualizations of God, you are all equal in your uniqueness. Yet what the fallen consciousness has done is, it has imposed that value judgment, whereby it now becomes possible to say, that due to certain characteristics here on earth, one person is unique, one person is above all others—be it an emperor, or a pope or Christ himself.


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