Power Elite 4: Understanding the beast that was, and is not, and yet is

NOTE: These teachings are taken from Lord Maitreya’s book Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom.

Excerpts from Key 18

Why good people commit evil acts

In this chapter we will take an in-depth look at why people commit selfish – or evil – acts and why they can actually believe such acts are justified, necessary, beneficial, for a higher good or their only option. This is truly the central mystery of human existence, as it has been known on planet Earth. And thus, understanding this mystery is one of the master keys to attaining spiritual freedom. We might say that feeling forced or compelled to commit evil acts or doing so without realizing it is an obvious violation of your spiritual freedom. I have already given you the keys that are needed in order to put together the big picture:

  • Everything is made from the Ma-ter Light.
  • The Ma-ter Light has consciousness, or rather, it is consciousness.
  • A self-aware being has the ability to imagine an image or belief and then use the power of the mind to superimpose that image upon the Ma-ter Light. Because the Ma-ter Light has consciousness, it can take on any form imposed upon it.
  • A self-aware being can construct mental images by using either the consciousness of Christ or the consciousness of anti-christ.
  • An image based on the consciousness of Christ will uplift all life by helping it become MORE, and this is the purpose of life itself. Such an image is sustainable because it is in oneness with the forward movement of life, the River of Life. An image based on the consciousness of anti-christ will cause all life to become less, which goes against the basic life force. Thus, such an image will eventually be broken down by the contracting force of the Mother that is built into the Ma-ter Light.

We now see that when an image is superimposed upon the Ma-ter Light through the consciousness of duality, that image will not instantly be erased. It will continue to exist for some time, which has the purpose of giving beings an opportunity to learn by experiencing the consequences of their creative efforts. Thus, whatever you co-create, you will inevitably experience. However, we now need to take this one step further and understand that because the Ma-ter Light has consciousness, what beings create can take on a life of its own.

To explain this, let us look at the creative process that I described earlier. We have seen that there is the spiritual realm, in which there is no room for darkness or evil, and there is a sphere that is set aside from the void but still has a mixture of light and darkness. The lower sphere has entered the process of ascending, leading toward that sphere becoming part of the spiritual realm. In other words, in the past some of the spheres that are now in the spiritual realm were in much the same state as your sphere is in today. As the intensity of light increased in those spheres, the beings in them began to face the initiation I described earlier, namely that they had to overcome their innocent ignorance and begin to consciously create a higher sense of identity based on the Christ mind. Some of these beings refused to do so, and instead they entered into a state of willful ignorance that they justified by using the duality of the mind of anti-christ. These beings refused to come into oneness with the purpose of life, and instead they insisted on maintaining a separate sense of identity as being outside the process of life itself—what I have called the River of Life.

From the beginning of creation, self-conscious beings have always had free will, and thus they had the opportunity to go against God’s vision by using the mind of anti-christ. Several spheres had ascended without anyone using this option, yet there did come a point when some beings for the first time chose the mind of anti-christ. When that happened, the mind of anti-christ was simply an option that had never been expressed. In other words, nothing had been co-created through the mind of anti-christ. Yet as the first beings made their choice, they started creating something through the mind of anti-christ. And because a number of beings used the mind of anti-christ, they created something that was bigger than themselves. In other words, the whole became more than the sum of the individual contributions. How can this be?

The explanation is, as I have already described, that the Ma-ter Light has a built-in evolutionary force that pulls on any organized structure, urging it to become more. So what actually happened was that the initial group of beings created a structure out of the consciousness of anti-christ. When this structure reached a critical mass of complexity, the evolutionary force built into the Ma-ter Light gave it a separate state of consciousness, a sense of awareness as a distinct being with certain qualities (as defined by the beings who created it). In other words, the beings actually created a new state of consciousness, a new mind, a new entity. And this new “mind unit” inevitably became subject to the evolutionary force, causing it to develop a basic level of consciousness. This does not mean that this new entity was self-aware, but it does mean that it had a basic sense of identity that gave it a survival instinct. Part of this survival instinct was the drive to propagate, the drive to grow, to evolve.


Let us now return to the first group of beings who became ensnared by the mind of anti-christ. Because of the Law of Free Will, these beings were allowed to create their separate sense of identity. This was possible because the sphere in which they lived still had some darkness left in it, and this darkness allowed these beings to maintain the illusion that they had set themselves aside from the rest of the beings associated with their sphere. Because of the nature of the dualistic mind, these beings – both co-creators inside the sphere and angels working with the sphere – desired to feel better and more important than others, and they were allowed to set themselves up in what seemed to be powerful positions. This was done partly to give them an opportunity to live out their desire for superiority, so that they might eventually have enough of it and decide to return to the Path of Oneness.

Yet despite the fact that these beings thought they were the most important beings in their sphere, they were few in number and – due to the fact that they were co-creating through the mind of anti-christ – their actual power was rather limited. They could not see this, but it was obvious to anyone in the Christ mind (when you are in the Christ mind, you never feel threatened by anything, for you realize nothing can override the law and the power of God). While the misguided beings were consumed by the drive to raise up themselves, the majority of the beings in their sphere were devoted to raising up their entire sphere. Thus, there inevitably came a point when the sphere had reached critical mass and was ready to start ascending to the vibration of the spiritual realm, meaning that there would no longer be room for the consciousness of duality. The illusions that spring from duality can only thrive in the shadows, and when a sphere ascends, the light becomes so intense that there are no shadows left.

The beings who were still in the duality consciousness were now given a final opportunity to let go of duality and join the River of Life. They were given the opportunity to serve all life instead of serving what they had defined as their self-interest. Here comes a subtle point. The Law of Free Will states that no one can be forced to see the unreality of their illusions. A being can be given an opportunity to choose between its illusion and a higher understanding, but there must always be a choice. In other words, a being cannot forcefully be brought into a vibration where it is no longer possible for it to deny the truth and cling to its illusion. Thus, the beings who were blinded by duality could not be forced to rise higher as their sphere ascended. And since they refused to let go of their dualistic illusions, only two options were possible. One was for these beings to have been erased as if they had never existed. The other option was for them to descend into the sphere that had recently been created and in which there was still sufficient darkness left for them to maintain their illusions. Obviously, since the Creator is a loving and merciful God, the latter option took effect and these beings fell into a lower sphere.

Yet the fallen beings did not fall alone, for in order to maintain their illusions, the consciousness – the entity – they had created fell with them. This was the superstructure, the mind, the separate identity, that they had created through their use of the mind of anti-christ. Thus, the sphere into which they fell now experienced a unique situation. In the previous spheres, the mind of anti-christ had been an option that no one had chosen. Thus, nothing had ever been created through the mind of anti-christ. New co-creators transitioned from innocent ignorance to the understanding of the Christ mind without willfully separating themselves from their teachers while angels kept serving in a balanced way. Thus, each new sphere had, so to speak, started out with a clean slate in the sense that there was no structure based on the mind of anti-christ. This mind remained an unexpressed option with no gravitational force that could pull new beings into choosing it. Take note that it is quite possible to co-create based on innocent ignorance without using willful ignorance. Innocent ignorance means that you have some true knowledge and a lot of areas where you have no knowledge. Willful ignorance means that all of the knowledge in your mind is distorted by duality so you have no true knowledge but you think you know everything. That is why Jesus said the devil had “no truth in him” (John 8:44).

After the first beings fell, the situation in the newly created sphere was dramatically different than the previous spheres. As these first fallen beings descended into the newly created sphere, the mind they had created by using the consciousness of duality fell with them. This mind had become bigger than any of the individuals who created it, and it exerted a certain magnetic or gravitational pull. In other words, a new entity had been created, and as an expression of its survival instinct, it actively and aggressively sought to pull beings into its own sphere of influence. It is essential for you to understand the mechanics of how this happened.


As I explained earlier, a being in an unascended sphere can co-create only by using spiritual light that has been brought from the spiritual realm into its sphere. Only the Christ mind can serve as the open door for such a transfer of light, which is why a new co-creator must receive its light from a spiritual teacher who has the Christ consciousness. As a being grows in self-awareness – without becoming arrogant in building up itself in comparison to others – it begins to attain a degree of Christ consciousness, which allows it to bring forth light from within itself. It is a law that as you sow, so will you reap (Galatians 6:7), meaning that if you co-create by using the mind of Christ – even if you do so imperfectly – you will receive more light. If you multiply your talents, you will receive more light, for to him or her who has, more shall be added and he or she shall have abundance (Matthew 13:12). Angels can likewise receive more light as they serve faithfully.

Here comes another subtle point. Having some degree of Christ consciousness does not mean that you have attained full union – oneness – with the Christ mind and become the Living Christ. This full union will happen only when you rise above all ignorance, which normally happens when you ascend from your native sphere. As long as you are still in a sphere that has not ascended, it is possible that you can be tempted by the mind of anti-christ and fall into duality. This is the situation faced by those who graduate from a spiritual schoolroom and go out into their sphere to express their co-creative abilities. Obviously, the higher the degree of Christhood you have attained, the lower the probability that you will be tempted, but it is still possible to achieve some degree of Christhood and then fall. In fact, the scenario described in the Book of Revelation indicates that Lucifer had a high position in his native sphere before he fell (Revelation 12:12), with some spiritual teachings saying he was an archangel. It should be noted that he was created as an archangel that had not yet become immortalized and thus could fall until his sphere ascended and he passed the final initiation. Lucifer fell because of pride, which makes beings think they are better than others or that they know better than God how things should be done. Such beings will eventually lose what they have created in order to set themselves above others. That is why Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the Earth (Matthew 5:5).

How is it possible that a seemingly highly evolved being who holds a powerful position can still fall? This is due to the scenario I described earlier, namely that a being can begin experimenting with the mind of duality while still being allowed to grow and reinforce its separate sense of identity. The purpose is to give that being the maximum opportunity to experiment with duality until it hopefully has had enough and chooses oneness over separation. My point being that some of the first beings who fell did have some spiritual attainment before they fell. Thus, they had gathered to themselves a certain amount of light, and that light was not taken from them, even when they fell to a lower sphere. If it had been taken, they would have ceased to exist.

We now have a scenario where a group of beings had fallen into a lower sphere. And while they still retained their light, the very fact that they had rejected the Path of Oneness and had fallen meant that they could not get any more light from within themselves. Yet they were using light to live, so it was not difficult for them to see the handwriting on the wall, namely that one day they would run out of light and be no more.
At the same time, they also faced another problem. The entity they had created was generated from the light they had received and then misqualified. Obviously, this entity was not created by God, and thus it did not even have the option of receiving light from inside itself. In other words, such an entity can only receive light from outside itself, from a being who has light. The entity also needed light to survive, and thus it also faced extinction unless it received more light. And precisely because the fallen beings had created this entity, they had a tie to it, meaning that the entity could draw light out of them. Thus, the monster that had been created by the fallen beings now turned on them – as in the story of Frankenstein’s monster – and attempted to consume their light for its own survival, thereby hastening their demise.

You now have a group of beings who are in the unique situation that they cannot receive light from a spiritual teacher and they cannot generate it from within themselves (unless of course they had gone back to the teacher and the path). So where do they get the light that is needed for their survival or even their growth in power? Well, the logical solution is, of course, that when you cannot get light from a higher realm, from a vertical direction, you must get it from the realm in which you live, from a horizontal direction. Thus, the fallen beings had to steal the light from those who could still get it from a teacher or from within themselves. So the fallen beings now started seeking to deceive un-fallen co-creators and newly created angels into giving them their light. And the entity they had created started pulling new co-creators and angels into believing in its lies in order to steal their light. These fallen beings used their previous attainment to deceive less accomplished beings, as for example the Serpent deceived Eve. Thus, after being blinded by duality, these beings turned their previous accomplishment into a negative force. This is what Jesus talked about in the following quote: “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:23).

This is essentially the process that has given rise to the myth of vampires that suck people’s blood. This myth is a crude illustration of an underlying fact, namely that there are beings who must suck the light from others in order to survive. The difference between myth and reality is that this is not done in an obvious way but through manipulation that is often unrecognized by the victims.

Take note that the entities I am talking about are not physical and thus have no physical power to harm you. They exist mainly in the emotional and mental realms, so they can only influence you by pulling on your emotional and mental bodies. A primary example of such an influence is what happens to an entire nation before it goes to war. The inhabitants of that nation are being pulled into hating their enemies, and when the hatred becomes strong enough, they are ready to kill the enemy at all cost. This can only happen because people’s emotional bodies have become overpowered by a mass entity of hatred that has blinded them so they no longer look at their enemies as human beings. They can see no other way to resolve the tension than by going to war.


Now comes another subtle point. A fallen being – as opposed to the entity – can take light through force from other beings at the same level. In other words, a fallen being in embodiment can take light from other people through force, such as rape, murder, torture or other forms of physical, mental or emotional violence. If a fallen being uses force to take light from another being, then that fallen being clearly violates the Law of Free Will. A fallen being has a right to be in a dualistic state of consciousness, but if it forcefully steals light from others, it violates the law. Stealing energy can still be done through force, and it can give a fallen being an injection of light. However, when a being falls, it will have a certain time span to turn around and start the upward path. When a fallen being violates the free will of others, this time span is reduced. It is like an addict who gets a high from a fix but who reduces his natural life-span and will eventually end up completely empty.

The Law of Free Will gives any being the right to do whatever it wants with its energy, meaning that an unfallen co-creator or angel has a right to give its energy to a fallen being. Thus, if a fallen being can deceive another being into voluntarily – although it is a decision based on ignorance – giving it light, then the fallen being is not subject to as severe of a penalty as if the light was obtained through direct force. In other words, fallen beings can experience a greater gain through deception than through force. The more intelligent fallen beings know this, which is why Genesis states that the Serpent was more “subtil” than any of the other beasts of the field (Genesis 3:1). My point is that the Law of Free Will does not allow force, but it does allow deception, for the free will of the un-fallen beings demands that they must have a right to make mistakes and experience the consequences of them. This means they have a right to let themselves be fooled and learn from that experience.

Also, all beings with free will must face the temptation of anti-christ and be given the opportunity to overcome it. Before any beings had fallen, that temptation was more personal and theoretical. After the first beings fell, the fallen beings now embodied the mind of anti-christ and thus they served as the tempters for un-fallen beings. Yet take note that this does not mean fallen beings are necessary. The fact that they are allowed to tempt others serves a dual purpose. One purpose is to present un-fallen beings with the temptation of anti-christ and the other is to give the fallen beings more opportunities for abandoning the mind of anti-christ.

How can a fallen being deceive inexperienced beings into giving it light? One way is obviously by presenting the being with a deception that is based on the dualistic logic of the mind of anti-christ. It was such a deception that the Serpent presented to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet why would students believe in such a lie? Well, the real reason is that these students have stopped listening to their spiritual teacher. Thus, they must fend for themselves and because they are inexperienced, they are easily overpowered by the logic of the fallen beings and the gravitational force of the entity that pulls on their minds and emotions. As I have explained, everything is consciousness and all consciousness within a given unit is interconnected, meaning that the consciousness of an entity that exists within the energy field of Earth can pull on the consciousness of a person in embodiment. Obviously, this cannot happen against the person’s free will, but once a person has opened its mind to the deception of a fallen being, the entity to which the fallen being is connected (is a part) can now pull on the person’s mind. This can often provide the extra force needed to draw the person into making the decision to partake of what it is being offered.

We now see another reason why I was not lying when I told Adam that if he ate the forbidden fruit, he would surely die. Once you open your mind to the lies of anti-christ, you will become subject to the gravitational pull of the entire mind that is behind a given lie. And until you have attained a high degree of Christhood, you simply cannot withstand that pull. Thus, the only sure way to avoid being pulled down is to never open your mind to the subtle logic of the fallen beings who parade their fruits before you. Obviously, this is rather difficult to do when you have been brought up in a culture that does not recognize the existence of the duality consciousness and fallen beings or belittles it as superstition. It is hard to protect yourself from a danger that you do not know exists. Just consider how vulnerable people were before they knew that bacteria exist and can cause disease.


I know full well that this teaching can seem frightening or depressing and that many spiritual seekers would rather avoid thinking about anything dark or evil. Yet how can you possibly attain spiritual freedom unless you understand the forces that are trying to take away your freedom? Furthermore, these forces can only influence you against your knowledge, for when you see what they are doing, you can overcome their illusions and stop feeding them your light. As always, understanding is freedom and ignorance is bondage. It is the truth that makes you free and the lie that imprisons you. As I have explained, fallen beings can only influence you with your consent, and you will give your consent only because you are ignorant of the nature and consequences of the temptation. Thus, when you become aware of the deception, you can withdraw your consent, you can undo your ignorant choices by making informed choices. By doing this, you will take back your power and stop the bleeding of your light, so that you can make faster progress on the Path of Oneness. So allow me to explain the fullness of what you are up against as a being in embodiment on Earth.

After the first beings had fallen, they had to start trying to deceive other co-creators and angels, and they were successful to some degree. The mind of anti-christ was used to create a number of illusions, and for each illusion a group of inexperienced beings fell. Thus, for each illusion, an entity or identity was created, and there is a symbiotic relationship between such an entity and the fallen beings who created or reinforced it. The fallen beings serve as the tempters for other beings in the new sphere, and the entity pulls on these beings’ minds and emotions so they more easily fall for temptation. Yet if the fallen beings are unsuccessful in attracting new victims, the entity will begin to devour their light and thus shorten their life-span. My point being that once such a dualistic entity has been created, it can give fallen beings more power, but it is also a strict taskmaster who demands constant sacrifices. This is actually the origin of the many myths or religions in which a god requires constant and ever more severe sacrifices of its worshippers—such as has been seen in cultures that performed human sacrifices to appease their deities. This is the real cause behind all mass killings, from ancient sacrifices to the modern Holocaust. Likewise, all war is a sacrifice on the bloodstained altar of the gods of war.

The creation of these entities began several levels above the material universe, and for each time a sphere ascended, the fallen beings and their entities fell into the newly created realm. In some cases such entities have eventually been starved to death, but in other cases they have continued to grow, becoming stronger all the time. And since your sphere is – presently – the lowest level of the world of form, all of the dualistic entities and their fallen beings have ended up here, where they truly exert a formidable force that can easily overpower those who are unaware.

As I said, there are many individual entities, but together they form a conglomerate. The Book of Revelation calls such a conglomerate a beast, but all the beasts together form what is called “the beast that was, and is not, and yet is” (Revelation 17:8) or the dragon. This is an apt description in the sense that this conglomerate entity has a survival instinct but does not have any self-awareness and thus cannot be reasoned with. It will mechanically seek to devour the light of any being that it can influence, and it can influence any being who is open to being tempted by the lie that created it. Thus, both the dragon and the individual beasts fit the description in this quote, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1Peter 6:8). The Earth is presently the hunting ground of a number of such beasts that roam about, seeking whom they may devour, and together they form a superstructure, a dragon.

Yet – again – while this may seem frightening, remember that a beast can influence you only if you believe in its lies. Thus, by being vigilant, by seeking the one truth of the Christ mind, you will rise above the temptation of any dualistic lies. How can a beast ultimately be eradicated? One way is by starving it to death. The beast can continue to survive only as long as some beings – those who have not yet been cut off from receiving light from above – continue to feed it. We might say that when beings give their light to a beast – even if they do so without fully understanding what they are doing – they are actually using their free will to allow the beast to continue to exist in their sphere. Thus, the contracting force of the Mother cannot consume the beast, for the beings in embodiment have dominion over the Earth. This not only allows the beast to continue to exist, but it also allows it to aggressively seek to do what the Bible describes as follows, “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 12:17). The planetary beast, the dragon, will seek to pull all beings on Earth into the duality consciousness, so that this world becomes the domain of the dragon and not the kingdom of God. The dragon is essentially trying to set itself up as the superior god of the Earth.

My overall point here is that it is only as long as a majority of the people on Earth remain ignorant of a particular beast – and keep believing in the lie that created it – that such a beast can exist on this planet. Once a critical mass of people see through the lie and decide that they will have nothing to do with it, the contracting force of the Mother will break down the beast, thereby freeing the Ma-ter Light that has been trapped in an impure matrix.

There are also spiritual forces who can bind a beast once a critical mass of people have refused to support it. The leader of these forces is a spiritual being known as Archangel Michael, who is appointed to defend the faith of those who are committed to the Path of Oneness. If a critical mass of people withdraw themselves from a beast and abandon its lies, they gain the authority to call – on behalf of humanity – for this beast to be bound so it can no longer influence people. This can remove such a beast much faster than by simply starving it to death, especially because it is difficult to get every human being to stop feeding energy to a given beast.

Once you personally start freeing yourself from the lies of a particular beast, Archangel Michael can and will cut you free from its influence—if you ask him to do so. Once a critical mass of people do the same, Archangel Michael can bind such a beast, thereby preventing it from influencing people until the contracting force can break it down completely. In fact, you can protect yourself from the gravitational pull of all beasts by invoking the spiritual protection of Archangel Michael, which is most efficiently done through affirmations or a spiritual ritual called Archangel Michael’s rosary. Yet take note that the ultimate defense is to become transparent by rising above all dualistic elements in your being. A beast can only pull on misqualified energies and beliefs that spring from the mind of anti-christ. Thus, by transforming or purifying the energies [using Mother Mary’s rosaries], you will become transparent to all dualistic entities. This is what Jesus described when he said, “for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” (John 14:30).

Before we move on, let me make one thing clear. Once a beast has been created, the evolutionary force will actually drive that beast to grow. Yet the beast was not created by the Christ consciousness, so it can never transcend its level of consciousness, it can never rise above the lie that created it. The beast cannot grow in a vertical direction and instead must grow in a horizontal direction. What I desire you to understand here is that such a beast can never be resurrected, can never be purified and become part of the spiritual realm. It has no chance whatsoever of ascending to a higher state, and thus it will inevitably be broken down by the contracting force. The beast itself is simply an illusion created from the consciousness of anti-christ. The illusion has no substance, but the beast has absorbed misqualified energy, which does have substance. Yet this energy – which is the Ma-ter Light that has been given an imperfect vibration – can indeed be purified and returned to its pristine state. When sufficient energy is purified, there will be nothing to uphold the illusion and the beast will dissolve.

Why is the evolutionary force allowed to make a beast evolve in a horizontal direction? Because the beast was created by beings who exercised their free will. The beast is allowed to grow in order to give these beings the maximum opportunity to overcome the illusion that caused them to create or support the beast. As the beast becomes more powerful, its mechanical nature becomes more obvious. We might say that its evil becomes more obvious, but in a sense a beast is not evil. It is simply like a computer that acts based on its programming, and that programming is defined by its creators through the mind of anti-christ. Since the beast was never created by God and has no self-awareness (has no conscious self) it cannot evaluate what is good and evil, what is in alignment with God’s law and what is not. The beast no more questions its actions than a computer questions its programming.

As a beast becomes more powerful and even begins to control or devour those who created it, these beings receive additional opportunities to see what they have created and thus realize their mistake. In other words, a beast can never be resurrected, but the fallen beings who created or are upholding the beast can indeed be resurrected. And that is precisely why the beast is allowed to exist, for the laws of God are set up to give many opportunities for fallen beings to come back to the Path of Oneness. In fact, as I have explained, the entire material universe is presently functioning as one big opportunity for such beings to finally see the light.


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