Understanding Christ as the LOGOS

Ascended Master Jesus, April 8, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

What truly is the LOGOS? Well, it is what we have already explained in different ways: the universal Christ mind, the only begotten of the Father. It is the essential unifying principle that God the Creator set up to ensure that, as co-creators were given free will, there was an underlying element that could always maintain oneness in God’s creation. So that no matter how far a co-creator descended into the consciousness of separation, there was always the opportunity to rise back up and come back to oneness—so that nothing could be lost, except through total denial of one’s true identity.

The LOGOS is in everything because everything was created out of the LOGOS. But I wish to give you a deeper understanding, for you might get the impression that the LOGOS is something impersonal, something up there beyond your reach. But you see, my beloved, the LOGOS is far more. For, as Maitreya explains in his book, the Creator first created one sphere set apart from the void, then created self-conscious extensions of himself and sent them into that sphere with the command to multiply and have dominion. And when these first co-creators had multiplied their sense of self – to the point that they came back into oneness with their source, when they had attained the Christ consciousness of oneness with the source – well then they became part of the LOGOS.

And this process has continued through succeeding spheres. And all beings who have overcome duality and separation, all beings who have come into oneness, are indeed part of the LOGOS. So truly, all ascended beings, all members of the ascended masters, are part of the LOGOS. But even more than that, we ARE the LOGOS for the LOGOS is us and we are it.

When you overcome duality and separation, there is no separateness, even though there is still individuality. We are all individualizations of the Creator, but we do not see our individual beings as separate, disconnected, such as you do on earth. We see ourselves as one, for we know we are part of something greater than ourselves. Yet we are part of that greater thing and we are that thing. Because indeed the Conscious You has the capacity to identify itself with anything, including its source and the allness of what has come out of that source.

Accepting your oneness with the LOGOS
So, my beloved, the difference between you and I is that I have fully accepted my oneness with my source, while you have not yet come to that acceptance. And why have you not come to that acceptance? Well, yesterday I gave you the image that the world is a stage and that there are certain predefined roles that you can play in this world—and certainly you can even create your own unique role that no one else has ever thought about. But all of the roles in this world have one thing in common—they are part of the realm of duality.

And what is the realm of duality? Well, it is the realm where there are always two opposites. And what does this really mean? Well, it means that in duality there is always a contrast—good and evil, joy and sorrow, happiness and despair, anger and peace. When you think deeply and logically about this, you will realize that you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven while you have these dualistic opposites in your being. And that means that the dualistic extremes are not found in heaven.

Surely, you can see this. For you cannot imagine that Mother Mary and I would ever get into a heated argument and be angry with each other. Or perhaps you can imagine it, for through the dualistic filter anything is possible. Yet I must tell you that if Mother Mary and I were to have a disagreement, there would come a point where we would suddenly fall still, look into each other’s eyes and realize: “Who is arguing with whom?” For since we are one, then I am arguing with myself in her. And what sense does that make? So you see, through that recognition, the arguments you have on earth are simply not possible. For when you know the oneness, you can never be fully identified with the roles of duality.

So does that mean that we do not have joy in heaven, that we do not have happiness in heaven? Well, that is indeed correct—if with joy and happiness you mean the human definition of joy and happiness, the definition that is based on duality. In heaven we do not have sorrow, we do not have unhappiness. So consequently we do not have a form of happiness that is defined in contrast to unhappiness.

In heaven we are much more on an even keel, so to speak. Which is why I always stress balance for those who want to walk the path of Christhood. This does by no means mean that we do not have true joy. For indeed, we have a state of mind that is permanent, constant. This does not mean that it is never changing, for as we expand our consciousness, we can indeed experience more of this state of mind. And this state of mind is a state that you cannot accurately describe by any term, by any word used in this world.

But, as Maitreya says in his book, if we are to use a word, the closest one is “bliss.” But, again, you could easily come up with a dualistic definition of bliss, where you see it in contrast to non-bliss. As indeed there are some teachers today who are starting to see the fallacy of the duality consciousness and even some who have seen this for many centuries. Yet some of them have defined that the way out of duality is to go into non-duality. But yet many define non-duality based on duality – as the opposite of duality – and this is still duality.

So you see, there is no way to accurately convey to you through words the state of mind that we have. But you can experience it! And many of you have indeed had at least short glimpses of a state of consciousness that is beyond duality, beyond the dualistic extremes. For have you not sometimes felt at inner stillness, at inner peace, almost like you were in another dimension. Or like you were experiencing a situation from the outside.

Even what people describe of how in a life-threatening, stressful situation, they suddenly fell still, almost like they were outside the situation. That is a state of non-duality, where there is no contrast. The reality of life is that since God is all, God can have no opposite. It is only those beings who have become trapped in a dualistic state of mind who think they are in opposition to God and God’s work—and who in their folly pride themselves on having the power to destroy God’s work or disturb God’s plan.


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