Those with no respect for God

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Some of them did indeed play their dramas by killing the living Christ—those of the Sanhedrin. They were the ones who plotted my death, for they saw the danger that if I kept preaching and attracting five thousand here, eight thousand there and two thousand there, I would soon turn the people against their tradition. And what would that mean? It would mean very simply, that if the people did not fear the tradition, then the Sanhedrin – the power elite of the time – would lose their power over the people. And this, of course, could not be allowed to happen, for they were fully convinced, that their leadership was in the best interest of the people. And it was not in their best interest to follow this, as they said, self-appointed Messiah.

They had no respect whatsoever for me, nor did they have any respect for the people—but beyond that, they did not have any respect for God. For they were not worshipping a living God, but a dead god of their own making, a dead god that they had wrestled with the Scriptures of the past, with the prophets of old, with the Living Word, until they had encoded it in a tradition, that was so rigid, that those who followed them dared not step out of that mental box, even to listen to me or to come and see, whether they could be healed of some disease through the living power of the Spirit flowing through me.

These so-called guardians of the people, representatives of God, those were the ones who were self-appointed as the leaders of the people. They were the blind leaders of the blind, as you see them today in churches, in mosques, in synagogues, in the political establishments, financial establishments, scientific establishments all over the world. There you see them: the blind leaders, my beloved.

But as I spoke in Jerusalem, their day is coming to an end. For as the Christed ones rise up and acknowledge their Christhood – dare to express it as the Living Word, not necessarily spoken in a dictation as right now, but spoken from the heart in whatever context you are called to speak, depending on your background, expertise, experience or even the fire of your heart, as you raise up yourselves beyond this heavy burden, that has been put upon you by following this or that tradition – well then, you will begin to see a difference, you will begin to see that the world will lighten up, the hearts and minds of the people will open up.

Many came to find fault with Jesus

Consider how few people actually lived in this area 2,000 years ago, and then consider what a miracle it was, that there were five thousand people who would come to listen to this preacher, that some saw as the Messiah but many saw as a charlatan. And they came only out of curiosity, hoping to catch me in some error that they could use against me. And you know, that even though I was the Living Christ in embodiment, do you know what happened when people came with their personal dramas and mental boxes, seeking to impose their dramas, seeking to project their images, upon me? Do you know, that the vast majority of them always found some little detail, that they could use to judge me and say: “O this could not be the Messiah. This could not be the Living Christ speaking this way, expressing this way, looking this way, behaving this way.” Any little detail that they could find, they would use to reject me.

This is the same circus going on today by those who find my website. Again, if you come to project and reject, you will always find something that confirms your desire to reject. Go with peace if that is what you want. Go with peace, for I the Living Christ can do nothing for you. Go and bury your dead doctrines, your dead images, your dead mental boxes, your dead personal dramas. Go and bury them in the churchyard, that has been created for you by the blind leaders, who have managed to put their epic dramas upon you, so that you think you have to stay within their boundaries, the mental boxes they have defined. My Beloved, there is no mental box you could possibly create, that could hold me. For if you do not understand that I am here to shatter any mental box you could possibly have created, then you understand nothing of the living Christ.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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