The WORD wants to set everyone free

Ascended Master Jesus, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The key is to become one with that Living Word, so that you do not need to judge yourself or judge the world through the outer mind, through the dualistic filter. In fact, you do not go around judging anybody, but on the other hand you do not go into the other extreme of thinking that everything is just wonderful. You have the true Christ discernment of knowing what is real and what is unreal. And you simply have no judgment, no negativity, no criticism toward what is unreal. You just realize it is unreal and then you allow yourself to be the open door, whereby God might speak through you and allow you to bring forth some aspect of the Living Word that might unlock the understanding for another person.

But I tell you that there are many times when you will see other people and see something unreal, but you will not feel an inner prompting to address it. And there can be many reasons for this, but when you get inner attunement, then you will know when to speak and when not to speak. You will not sit there – and this is a pattern that many of you notice in yourselves – you will not sit there and evaluate with the outer mind, “Oh I should say this, I should tell this person what he is doing wrong.”

When you are in that mode of consciousness, when you are in that mode of judging based on the outer mind, the intellectual mind, then you will know you are not one with the WORD. Because the Living Word is not like that. The Living Word is not the hellfire and brimstone of the Christian preachers who are trying to scare people into submission. The Living Word does not seek to condemn or criticize anyone. The Living Word has only one desire and that is to set everyone free.

Human beings are so quick to judge, they are so quick to create a hierarchy, a false hierarchy, saying that this person is better than that person, and this person is really, really bad. My Beloved, this is what I encountered in ancient Israel, where the Jews were so sure they were God’s chosen people, that they looked down upon everyone else that lived in their society or around them – the publicans, the sinners, the Samaritans, the Romans, the tax collectors, what have you – all of them were considered by the Jews to be subhuman.

And you see many people in today’s world who have set up their own classifications, “Oh these persons are really, really bad, they don’t deserve to live, they should be killed, or they should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives.” But why do these people think this way? It is because they see the world, they see other people, through a filter.

Why you judge yourself

And my beloved, if you look at the world through yellow glasses, what happens when you stand in front of a mirror? Well, you will look at yourself, you will look at your mirror image, and you will look through yellow glasses. So by the same standard that you judge others, you will also judge yourself.

When the Conscious You has entered into the prison created by the ego, it will see everything through the filter created by the ego—and therefore it will see itself through that filter. And that is precisely why, the words, the beliefs that you have in your mind, will justify or condemn you—because you are justifying or condemning yourself. Judge not that ye be not judged. For you are the one judging yourself. You are the one who looks upon yourself and says, subconsciously, “I am separated from God, I am a sinner, I am not worthy to enter the kingdom.” Or perhaps you say, “I know better than God, I know better than the Living Christ, surely I will enter the kingdom.” And surely, you are not open to the possibility that perhaps you will not.

You see, you are the one who keeps yourself outside the kingdom by the way you look at the world, because that is the way you look at yourself. And as Mother Mary has explained so beautifully in her book, the Conscious You is who it thinks it is in the realm of time and space. And if you think you are separated from God, then you ARE separated from God—in your own mind. And thus, you can never enter the kingdom of God, and that is when you become susceptible to the illusion, the master illusion of the ego, which wants to maintain its own existence and therefore does not want you to find the straight and narrow path of self transcendence, of inner transformation.

So as an alternative, it has to create the false path, the outer path that makes it seem like you can enter the kingdom of God by doing all these outer things. And then, at some future time when certain outer conditions are fulfilled, you will automatically enter. But you see, that future time will never come. For when can you enter the kingdom of God? Can you enter yesterday? Can you enter tomorrow? No. You can enter only in the Eternal NOW.

And when you contemplate the words of this Invocation rosary of the Eternal NOW, when you really let them sink into your consciousness, you see how profound they are and how they too, how this invocation in its entirety, is designed to give you precisely these “Aha” experiences of seeing what stands in your way—what keeps you out of alignment with the Eternal NOW, with the Living Word, what keeps you outside that state of consciousness that is the kingdom of heaven.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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