The ultimate truth is oneness

Ascended Master Hilarion, November 26, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

For it is not a matter of finding an ultimate truth—and once you have found that ultimate truth, you are guaranteed to go to heaven. How do you actually go to heaven? Well, as Serapis pointed out: by entering the ascension spiral, which is a spiral, where you are constantly accelerating yourself by transcending your current state. So if you think that you have found an ultimate truth – whether it be in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or an ascended master teaching – then you are not accelerating.

For now you are using the outer teaching to create a framework, a mental box, or a weapon to use against others in the egoic desire to raise yourself up in comparison to others. “Truth” has so often on earth been used as a weapon to justify aggression against others. Yet, you will not get beyond the kindergarten stage on the fifth ray, until you completely let go of this tendency to use “truth” to put others down.

For what is ultimate truth? It is that all life is one and that God the Creator wants all life to grow, and transcend, and come back into oneness. And so, if you are trapped in the idea, that there is a truth that can be defined on earth and that can be set apart from all other truths, so to speak, then you are trapped in the belief that truth is relative. You have taken one relative truth and elevated it to the status of being absolute. Yet the absolute truth is, of course, the Spirit of God. The absolute truth is the wholeness of the entire world of differentiation. And so, to take one part and impart it with absolute value is a fundamental misunderstanding of the very nature of the differentiated world.

It can only spring from ego, it can only spring from separation; there simply is no other explanation, regardless of the fact that people will come up with seeming explanations or justifications.

Truth is beyond words

For another thing you must realize on the fifth ray – in order to get out of these initial groups, that are the kindergarten stage – is that ultimate truth cannot be expressed in words. Because words have different meanings, and thus you can always twist and turn the words to justify anything that you want to justify.

And this is precisely the initiation that is illustrated in the story of the serpent and Eve. Where the serpent presents her with the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is, of course, as we have said before, the relative knowledge of two dualistic polarities, that can only exist in relation to each other.

Truth is only truth – relatively speaking – when it is contrasted with error or lie. And that is why – when you are trapped at this level of looking for the ultimate truth, and thinking you have found an ultimate truth on earth – then you will so easily be tempted to use it to judge other people, and to try to either control them, or if they will not be controlled, try to punish and destroy them.

This is a pattern that you see repeated so many times throughout the world. Look at how religious organizations, such as Christianity and Islam, have fought wars over this. Look at how two fragments of Christianity, the Catholic and the Protestant fragments, fought wars over this issue. Look at how communism set itself up as having the ultimate truth, and again was warring with everyone, was willing to kill millions of people in order to establish their truth as the dominant one.

You see, my beloved, there is absolute truth and there is dominant truth. If you think that while you are still in embodiment on earth, you have found an absolute truth, that can be defined as a system in this world, you are demonstrating that you have not grasped the reality of absolute truth. Thus, you are not really on a quest for absolute truth; you on a quest for a dominant truth, that you can use to domineer others. And this is, indeed, the power struggle you see in so many religious movements, and in political movements, and even in the movement of materialism.

You will not get beyond the kindergarten stage in the fifth ray retreat, until you see the futility of seeking to use a relative truth as a weapon against others. And you see this when you tune in to the fact, that absolute truth is beyond words, and that the absolute truth is that all life is one and that God wants to raise up all.

You cannot then believe in the lie, that you can do God’s work by putting down another part of life. You know that you are only doing God’s work, when you are seeking to raise up the whole. And therefore, you might very well challenge other people, but you do not seek to put them down. For you realize, that then you are putting down the whole and that is also your self, your greater self.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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