The truth about the virgin birth

Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 28, 2003, through Kim Michaels:

To fulfill the law, I must comment on the birth of my son Jesus. The fulfillment of the law requires that when human beings are given a higher teaching of the potential for the miracle kingdom becoming manifest on earth, they must be willing to balance that teaching by letting go of one of the illusions that are preventing the manifestation of that kingdom. The illusion that you must shed today is the illusion of the virgin birth, as it is understood by mainstream Christianity.

Ah yes, this is indeed a topic that will make many Christians uncomfortable. They have created such a dense and hardened consciousness around the birth of my son Jesus, and they have done this in an attempt to cement the idol into which they have made my son. They have done this to cement the idea that Jesus was unique and that no one can follow in his footsteps. So in their obsession to set my son apart from all other human beings, they created a completely false myth about the virgin birth.

What is the reality of the birth of my son Jesus? The reality is that it was a virgin birth, but not as it is understood by most people today. The true meaning of “virgin” is a woman whose consciousness is pure because she has learned to keep her energies above the critical level. And therefore, her thoughts and feelings do not miss the mark and do not misqualify the pure energies of God. She is therefore pure, and whatever she does is pure. So when a person is in this state of consciousness, it is quite possible to conceive a child in the natural way, and that child will not be conceived in sin.

What I am telling you here is that my son Jesus was indeed conceived as every other child on this earth has been conceived, namely through the physical interaction of myself and my beloved Joseph. It is very true that the Holy Spirit was present at that conception, but the Holy Spirit did not work as envisioned by most Christians.

You will recall that when the angel appeared to me, I questioned the angel – which by the way is not a good habit to get into – I questioned the angel by asking how this could be, seeing that I knew not a man (Luke 1:34). You see, I knew then, as everyone knows today, that the conception of a child requires the physical interaction of a man and a woman. The angel’s answer was that the Holy Spirit would come upon me, and many Christians have accepted the idea that Jesus was conceived exclusively through the power of the Holy Spirit.

What truly happened was that the Holy Spirit came upon me and upon Joseph. Upon meeting each other, we instantly knew, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that we were meant to be the parents of the Christ child. We also knew that the Christ child had to be conceived at a precise moment in order to give our beloved son the best possible platform for his mission on earth. So the conception of Jesus did indeed take place out of wedlock because there was no time for us to be married and to receive the consent of my parents.

You will know that back then most marriages were arranged by the parents. I was indeed a temple virgin dedicated to the service of God, and therefore my parents had given up the idea that I would ever be married. I can assure you that if I had gone to them and said that I wanted to be married, they would have reacted against the idea very violently. And they certainly would never have given their consent to a husband whom they did not know and who was much older than myself. Even a husband who lived in the town of Nazareth, which was looked down upon by all in Jerusalem.

My son Jesus was indeed conceived out of wedlock, and he was born out of wedlock. Because how could we be married without the consent of my parents, who would not give that consent until much later? The journey to Bethlehem was not merely because of the census, but because of the desire to escape the condemnation of my parents and of society. And the flight into Egypt was not merely out of fear of the king, although the wrath of the king certainly was a real danger to the life of my son. The flight into Egypt was indeed out of the desire to take ourselves and our beloved son away from the condemnation of the society in which we had grown up, a society which could not and would not understand and accept that Joseph and I had been moved to do what we did through the power of the Holy Spirit.

You see, my beloved, if you take the biblical words literally, you will never understand the inner meaning, you will never understand the true spiritual meaning. Therefore, you will never understand the higher law, the spiritual law of God. And if you do not understand and accept that law, how can you open yourself to be the incarnation of that law and thereby become the Living Christ in embodiment? This is quite impossible.

My last order of business is to relate the conception and birth of my son Jesus to the conception and birth of every child on earth. My son Jesus had to be conceived at a precise moment in order to have the best possible platform for his mission on earth. This is no different from any other child ever conceived on this planet. I give you this teaching to help you understand why we of the ascended masters do not approve of abortion. You see, we understand perfectly well that when a child is conceived, no matter how inconvenient, unplanned or unwanted it might be to the parents, that conception represents a unique opportunity for a particular lifestream to come into embodiment. By aborting that child, you abort a soul’s opportunity.

I would like you to understand that it is perfectly acceptable that a woman exercises her freedom of choice by taking all practical measures to avoid becoming pregnant. This includes contraception, and therefore, once again, the Catholic Church is out of alignment with the truth and the reality of the ascended masters by denying Catholics the use of contraceptive measures. This simply is not right in a modern age.

However, when a woman has exercised her right to freedom of choice and still becomes pregnant, it would be highly beneficial for herself and the incoming soul to recognize that a higher law has now taken effect and superseded the material law. It would be beneficial for the woman to realize that although her surface consciousness, her conscious mind, does not want this child, a deeper part of her soul did indeed volunteer to bring this child into the world at this particular moment. This does not mean that the woman has to raise the child. It is perfectly acceptable to give up a child for adoption. But it does mean that if the woman wants to fulfill the law of God and her soul’s own choices, she should bring that child into the world.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.


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