The structures in your mind

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, it is only the ego that envisions some ultimate gift of the Spirit, some ultimate event that will awaken everyone. Look at the fundamentalist Christians, who expect my second coming any moment. I will appear in the sky as some unmistakable manifestation, that no one can deny. And therefore, they can jump up and say: “We were the ones who expected this all along, look at us, look at how wise we were, that we knew Christ was coming in this way.” It will not happen, my beloved. This is the evil and adulterous generation that lusteth after an outer sign. I will appear like the lightning from the East to the West, in ways that you will not see, because it will be gone before your eyes can even register it. I will appear through many people, through a word here, a gesture there, a cup of cold water in Christ’s name, that sets somebody on a different track, other than the downward track they had been on for perhaps many lifetimes.

This is how the Spirit works, not in an outer, demonstrative way, but in so many subtle ways. Allow this flow to happen, allow it to happen by letting go of your rituals. Look at this Catholic Church and how everything is set in stone, in some ritual, in some equipment that the Pope needs in order to perform his duties, in some dogma and doctrine. Look how it has squeezed out the Spirit, but then be willing to be honest and look in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror, at least metaphorically speaking, and look at yourself. What structures do you have, what enormous structures have you built in your own minds? For I tell you, there are some of you who have built structures in your minds – in your mental body, even in your etheric body – that are far more grandiose than this basilica of Saint Peter’s.

You have built these structures thinking, that one day somebody on earth will recognize your superior wisdom, your superior intellect, your superior ego—even though you will not admit that this is what it is. Look at those structures, and then allow them to crumble before the winds of the spirit. Then you will be free. You will feel such a freedom, such a joy, such an innocence. This is indeed the joy that I desire to see, this is the joy, that I displayed in certain moments 2,000 years ago, that are not recorded in the Scriptures. This is the joy, that I displayed when I was with my companion, Mary Magdalene.

Many of you will also find your companions, when you let go of these elaborate structures, that keep you out of the kingdom. You will find that male or female companion, that is meant to complete you. For in the Aquarian age, it will not be the lone ascetic, celibate priest that brings people to God. It will be those who live a lifestyle, that you have called normal, but they are not living it in a normal way, because they have transcended the traditional roles of male and female. And therefore, they demonstrate the balance of the union of masculine and feminine, Alpha and Omega, that I and Mary Magdalene demonstrated in private back then. For we knew, that it could not be recognized by the male-dominated culture.

And unfortunately, my intent of having Mary Magdalene take an integral part of the Christian movement did not come to pass. For she was rejected by the male disciples, precisely because too many of them, as I said, were trapped in the fallen consciousness, wanting to blame women for the fall and suppress the female element in what they saw as their religion, their Church, their movement.

In this Aquarian age, Christ cannot be expressed, unless there is balance between masculine and feminine. Some can achieve this balance alone, many cannot. And therefore, there is indeed the need for a new understanding, a new awareness of the male-female relationship, that it may not be the downward spiral, that it has become for so many, the worship of outer forms. But that it may be seen as a road to transcendence, a road to higher spirituality. And this, of course, is something we will speak much more about in the coming time, even in the coming years, as there is much teaching to bring out.

Thus, I have fulfilled my purpose for giving a teaching here, for giving this messenger an opportunity to demonstrate to himself, that even though he thinks it is not possible to take a dictation in an overcrowded basilica, it is indeed possible. For with God all things are possible, and none of the hundreds of people that have walked by within hearing distance have taken any notice. For they were sealed from noticing, for they were so focused on the outer things, that they could not see what was right before them. For only those who have some connection from within, will be able to see it outside themselves. Thus, I, the living Jesus Christ, will – for the first time with the infusion of the Spirit of Christ in this place – I will say, “May the peace of Christ be with you!” I will even go beyond and say, “I am the peace of Christ with you!”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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