The serpentine mind in the Catholic Church

Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

What did that mind say to Eve? “Thou shalt not surely die.” But I must tell you that when you dip into the duality consciousness, thou shalt not surely live either, for there is no life in that consciousness, there is no spiritual life. I was a true universal Christian and I was that way because at the time, the Catholic Church had not totally calcified. And I had the hope that it would indeed not go down but would go up and become more universal, the true universal Church.

Many of us back then saw the Church that way, we saw the hope, the promise, that it would remain Christ’s Church. Surely, I saw the danger signs. But it was, as I said, too early to totally say that the Church was beyond the point of no return. It was my hope that the Spirit itself would transform the Church and those in it, as it had transformed myself and those to whom I preached. For as I said, I was not into the politicking of the Church; I was but a humble preacher.

And yet my beloved, I must tell you, that in retrospect, I realize that that in itself was also a certain weakness, as you might say. I do not look back at my lifetime with regret, for I realize that it was not my divine plan in that lifetime to go into Church politics. It was indeed my divine plan to preach the Living Word, yet I must tell you that if I had been more attentive, I could have set forth a better example, a better organizational structure, for the Church in Ireland that might have kept it from going rigid so soon.

And therefore I tell you, anyone in a spiritual movement must be aware that when you are in this physical octave, you are constantly dealing with the serpentine mind. And when you start a new spiritual initiative, a new spiritual movement, that serpentine mind will seek an inroad in whatever way it can into your movement. And if you are not alert and not aware, as Eve was not aware, it is all too easy to gradually slide down the slippery slope, where you are not surely dead, but where you are not surely alive and connected to your Christ Self either.

You are thinking that because you are doing the outer things that you have been doing for a long time, and that have been prescribed by your religion, you are still on the right track. But you do not realize the subtleties that the things that you did yesterday have fulfilled their purpose, have come to the end of their cycle. And thus, the only way to keep the upward momentum of your own growth and the growth of your movement is to transcend the level of yesterday or a year ago.

Has the Great Divine Director not said that his motto is, “Change is the order of the day?” Change meaning growth. But I must tell you that sometimes any change is better than still-stand. For when there is change, there is at least the opportunity that people with re-consider their approach to life, their World view. But as long as things remain stuck in the mud, stuck on the treadmill of doing the same thing – yet expecting different results – well, then who will rethink the approach when they think everything is going perfectly and that they are on the right track to salvation, however they define it.

This is what some of you have witnessed in various spiritual movements that are much younger than the Catholic Church. By seeing how – within a few decades – things can slide unknowingly into the rigidity and subtlety, the fogginess of the serpentine mind, where people confirm their own illusions that they are doing the right thing. And so with this in mind, you might then look at the Catholic Church and say, “How can an organization that has been rigid for so long, ever be renewed?” And I tell you, it is a topic that is on the discussion board of the ascended masters—whether it is possible at all to renew the Catholic Church.

I must tell you that on one hand we are always willing to let the Holy Spirit flow through individuals who are willing to be the open door, and certainly there are Catholic ministers who are willing to be the open door for the Holy Spirit, at least to some capacity. And they receive the anointing for which they are worthy, that they are able to bear. But I can also tell you that what is going on right now is only a trickle of what it needs to be, if the entire organization is ever to be transformed. And I must tell you, in all honesty, that we do not see how this can happen with the present Pope still in office. For is he not a good example of the kind of people I was up against, when I wanted to follow my inner direction, my clear spiritual direction to preach the Living Word, and yet they first had to make sure they could control me before they were willing to send me to witness to Christ?

Those who are stuck on doctrine and the letter of the Word will always feel threatened by those who have the vision, the fire of the heart, the joy, the enthusiasm—who are on fire for God. Those who are stuck on the outer word do not have the fire. They either never had it or it has gone out, because now they have become attached to the conditions they have believed, they have accepted in their minds, as Mother Mary spoke about. They have accepted a set of conditions, defined by their religion, that says that as long as you stay within this mental box, this physical box, you are sure to be saved because God simply has to let you into his Kingdom because you are such a good Catholic.

Ah what folly is this, my beloved! How long can the people on this earth, how long can they believe in this lie? Can they not look at the life of Christ and then look at the Bishops and the Pope and the Cardinals in their elaborate Catholic Cathedrals, swinging around their incense and their cups of gold, can they not look at that and say, this is not how Christ preached, this is not how St. Patrick walked about in the hills of Ireland—dressed up in ornate raiment and swinging the incense before him? Can you see that throughout the ages, those who have had the flow of the Spirit have not needed or wanted all the outer appearances?

Do you see this my beloved? When you have the flow of the Spirit, you need none of this. You do not need to build yourself up with outer appearances of this or that kind. You can stand anywhere. And you can let that Spirit flow, for those who know in their hearts will recognize that Spirit even if it comes in a humble disguise. And those who do not recognize it from within are beyond your reach anyway.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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