The reality simulator of earth

Ascended Master Jesus, June 17, 2012 through Kim Michaels.

What is planet earth, my beloved? Well, some of you are familiar with an old television show called “Star Trek.” Some of you will know that in the spaceship “Enterprise” they had something called a “holodeck,” and when you went into the holodeck, a computer would simulate a completely artificial environment. While you were inside the holodeck, the environment seemed completely real to you. So planet earth is simply a reality simulator.

We have talked about the cosmic mirror. We have said the Ma-ter light will take on any form projected upon it and this true. But the purpose is to give you the experience that you have said you wanted based on the mental images you have formed in your mind and have projected into the cosmic mirror.

One side of the purpose is to give you that experience, give you the return of what you are sending out. The other aspect is to make what comes back seem completely real. The effect of this is that if you are not taking responsibility for having sent out the impulse – as you cannot do when you go into duality, when you go below the 48th level of consciousness – then you will believe that what you are experiencing on earth is a completely real world created by some external source, be it an almighty God in heaven or natural processes.

Do you see the point? You believe this a real world and therefore you can believe that this is not the result of your state of consciousness and that your state of consciousness cannot do anything about this. You think you cannot transcend these outer conditions but that you must submit your Spirit to them and that you must adapt to conditions, rather than taking dominion over the earth and exercising your potential to be a co-creator.

Awakening from simulated experiences

You see, there is nothing wrong with this. This is the outplaying of free will. Free will gives you the right to go below the 48th level. When you go below the 48th level of consciousness, you begin to believe in the illusion that the world in which you live is a real world that cannot be changed by people’s state of consciousness. This is one of the two types of experiences that a reality simulator is designed to give you.

The first experience is an immersion experience. You are immersed in the world created by the simulator and you believe it is completely real. You believe it has power over you, not only physically but even power over your Spirit so that you must adapt to it.

Go back 2,000 years when I walked the earth. The vast majority of the people on this planet, as the vast majority of the people today, were completely absorbed in the immersion experience. What did I come to show, what did the Buddha come to show, what did PadmaSambhava come to show, what did all the spiritual people come to show?

We came to show that the immersion experience is not the only experience you can have inside the reality simulator called earth. The other type of experience you can have is an awakening experience where you begin to awaken from the sense that the world in which you live is real, is unchangeable. This is when you start the upwards path of going through the seven rays, gradually attaining mastery over the seven spiritual energies that make up the entire material universe. At the 96th level you do have some mastery of mind over matter so that you do no longer believe that matter is real or that matter has power over your Spirit.

Become aware of reactionary patterns

All of you who are here, all of those who will read or listen to this dictation, you have all shifted. You are no longer completely absorbed in the immersion experience, you have shifted into the awakening experience. It is only a matter of how you have progressed in the process that leads you from total immersion to total awakeness.

By becoming consciously aware that this is the process in which you are engaged, you can make it much easier for yourself. You can begin to look not only at your reactions, not only at the beliefs behind the reactions but you can begin to ask yourself: “Why does this seem real to me? Why does it seem real that this or that condition has power over me? Why does it seem real that I have to become upset when other people do certain things, is it really necessary? Do I really have to always react this way?”

My beloved, you can try with the outer mind and the outer will to force yourself to change that reactionary pattern, and you may have some limited success with this. But the far more mature approach is to keep questioning until you come to the point where suddenly there is this subtle shift, and now the very condition to which you used to react, simply no longer seems real to you.

When it no longer seems real to you, it will no longer have power over you. Do you not see that only when something has an appearance of reality, will it have power over you. Only that which you think is real will be able to convince you that you have to adapt or limit your Spirit according to this outer appearance. Indeed, it is an important step to take, to take some time to look at your life and see what is real.

What seems real, what seems like it has power over me and then begin to question those beliefs behind it. Why does this seem real?

Dare to leave the box

As our other messenger explained her involvement with the banking world where she grew up in a communist country, where there was very little opportunity to rise beyond the general level of poverty. When her country suddenly was freed from the yoke of communism, there was new opportunity. She decided that she wanted to escape the poverty in which she had grown up. She took a realistic assessment and realized that the only opportunity really to escape this economic poverty was to go into the corporate world and the banks were the biggest corporations in the country.

This was the most realistic opportunity, and for a number of years it seemed real to her that she had to force her creative personality and Spirit to fit into this corporate box as many of you have done also. Then there came a point where it no longer seemed quite as real, quite as important, where she began to see the contradictions. She began to see that it was really a dead end, it was all an act, an appearance and many of you are in the same situation or have gone through these same steps.

For a time you have been immersed in certain circumstances but then gradually these faint little thoughts begin to creep into your mind. What I am suggesting is that if you will make the conscious effort, you can come to see that what is really happening here is that you are beginning to question the reality of your circumstances and your limitations. If you will make a conscious effort to accelerate this process, you can fairly quickly come to the point where now the veils have come down and you realize you have an opportunity beyond this box. You have an opportunity for creative expression.


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