The real cause of the murder of the Divine Mother

Ascended Master MORE, June 29, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

What am I leading up to with this? It is to give you an understanding, an understanding, based on your own experience in this lifetime and in today’s age, of what was the real cause of the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria. For it was this very process, of the tendency of the ego and the false teachers to create graven images of God. And what is the purpose of the Divine Mother, when there was a representative of the Divine Mother in embodiment? Well, it is the same purpose as Lord Krishna, as the Buddha, as Jesus, as every true spiritual representative or teacher. It is to shatter and challenge the mental boxes, the graven images, that people have created, for this is the essence of the path.

Those who murdered the Divine Mother, entered into the consciousness of wanting to walk the mechanical path, wanting to worship a graven image—which then gave them control, not only over the image, but over the path, and gave them the illusion of control over their material circumstances. They were not willing to transcend the graven image and come up higher. So, when someone challenged their graven image, they would do almost anything to silence that challenge. And in some cases they would go to the extreme of killing that person, either by slitting their throat in a temple or by nailing them to a cross.

So you see, what I am trying to point out to you here is, that there may be some of you who have a sense that you were on Lemuria, and you were there when the murder of the representative of the Divine Mother took place. Yet, what I am trying to give you is a different perspective, where you realize that all human beings on earth have been and are stuck in the consciousness that caused the murder of the Divine Mother.

The unwillingness to transcend is the very consciousness that caused the murder of the Divine Mother on Lemuria, elsewhere, and the murder of the representatives of God throughout the ages. For this has not only happened with Jesus and the Divine Mother on Lemuria, it has happened countless times and is still happening today. Even in the form of psychic murder, where you silence those who could have spoken out and brought society forward.

What I am calling you to realize is, that what needs to be overcome is that consciousness, the unwillingness to transcend, to self-transcend. And I am also calling you to realize here, that I am not saying this to give you any sense of guilt. I am, in fact, saying it to perhaps push your buttons a little bit, so that you can see if you feel guilty over this. For then there is something you need to look at. For have we not explained so beautifully how the Divine Mother feels about the murder of her representative? There is no judgment, there is no anger, there is no negative feelings—there is only unconditional love. And in unconditional love there is not even the need for forgiveness.


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