The quintessential serpentine lie

Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 20, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Now, my beloved, if you will analyze what caused the fall of most human beings on earth, you will realize that it was that they all came to believe in the quintessential serpentine lie. And that lie is that God’s will is in opposition to your will, that God is a tyrant who is seeking to impose his will and his law upon you and in so doing wants to take away your free will and restrict your creativity.

This is the lie that in a disguised form was presented to Eve in the Garden of Eden. For had not Maitreya told her that if she ate of the forbidden fruit – which represents the consciousness of duality – that she would surely die. And did not the Serpent say that she would not surely die. But in fact, there was more than what was recorded in the Bible, because the Serpent made Eve believe that not only would she not die, but that she would find the real form of life, the life that God did not want her to have, the life that could only be found by rebelling against God’s Law and God’s Will. For the Serpent would have you believe that you can only have truly free will by going against God’s Will. And this impression has, of course, been reinforced by the main religions in the western world who are all so focused on the masculine aspect of God and deliberately deny the feminine aspect of God.

What has come down to the West, including through Christianity, is the whole idea that women were responsible for the fall of humankind. But the symbol behind that outer statement is that the feminine aspect of creation and the feminine aspect of your own being is responsible for your fall and for the fall of humankind. My Beloved, there is some truth to this. For the masculine aspect of your being is the spiritual self, your I AM Presence. And the feminine aspect is what I in my book have called the “Conscious You” or the conscious self.

The conscious self is what descends into the material world. It is the conscious self who is the co-creator with God, who is charged with multiplying its creative abilities and taking dominion over the earth. And it does so by building a sense of identity through which it expresses itself. And therefore, the identity or etheric body is the highest of your four lower bodies, and everything that follows in your lower bodies is colored by, is springing from, is the result of the sense of identity that you have built.

It was the Conscious You who made the decision to believe in the serpentine lie, to leave off of your oneness with God’s Will. Yet the reality is that it is also the feminine aspect of your being, your conscious self, who must make the decision – the only decision – that can bring you back into oneness, which is what Christian’s call salvation. For it is another serpentine lie that after you have separated yourself from your own higher being, there will be some outer savior, some outer religion, that will save you, who will do the work for you. And it is a lie that you cannot save yourself. This is the lie that Jesus challenged when he said, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

The serpentine plot

The lie that has been perpetrated now through the western religions for thousands of years is that the feminine aspect of your being is responsible for the Fall, is bad, can only make wrong choices and therefore must be disciplined and suppressed by—what? My Beloved, this is what religions do not tell you. They do not tell you that the feminine aspect of your being must be brought into alignment with the higher part of your being, the masculine part of your being. No, they say that the feminine aspect of your being must be controlled and disciplined and restricted by some external deity, an angry being in the sky. And thus, do you see the subtlety of the serpentine plot?

First, they get you to leave off from your oneness with your higher being by making it seem like your higher being is an external deity, who is a tyrant that is trying to impose his will upon you. And therefore, you should run away from that and exercise your free will in opposition to God’s “restrictive” laws. And then they create a set of religions in the western world who say that the only way to be saved is to submit yourself to the will of this external deity, which they first told you was a tyrant that was trying to take away your freedom.

They first get you to run away from the external God in the sky. And then they try to tell you that the only way to be saved is to submit yourself completely to that external being in the sky. So do you see that what has happened here is that they have attempted to create what we call a spiritual catch-22, where you are running away from something at the same time as another part of your being is feeling that it has to force itself to run towards that something?

And because you do not want to run toward the angry being in the sky, you do not want to submit yourself to the angry being in the sky and his external will, you are forever a house divided against itself. And thus, you cannot stand in the presence of the Living Christ. And thus, you cannot sense the presence of the Living Christ because you do not sense the burning in your heart, because the burning in your heart is so overshadowed by all the turmoil created by the divisions in your psyche. For that original division has mushroomed into many other divisions that take all kinds of shapes, in the form of all kinds of psychological problems or in the form of desires for the things of this world or the belief that following an outer religion and doing all its outer rituals and practices will save you.

And because of all these different things that are pulling you in so many different directions, you do not have the attention and the time to center in your heart. And that is why so many people in the world today cannot focus on the spiritual path, even though they have more free time than ever before. Yet their free time – which is Saint Germain’s gift to them so they can pursue the spiritual path – their free time is being eaten up by all these outer things, all these compulsions that they cannot let go of, simply because they are so divided that they do not realize they are being pulled in different directions.

And they can never see beyond all the surface divisions to see the central division that is behind it all – and that their egos and the prince of this world do not want them to see – because once you see that central division, you can then look beyond the outer divisions and go to the core, you can take the axe and cut the tree at the root instead of dealing with the branches. And once the tree comes tumbling down, the tree of anti-life, then there will be a clearing in your mind, and you will now see the Tree of Life, which is the tree of oneness rather than the tree of anti-life which is the tree of division.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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