The process of Transfiguration

Ascended Master Mother Mary, September 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

What happens when you take full dominion over yourself, meaning your soul, mind and body? You reach the point that my beloved Jesus demonstrated on the Mount of Transfiguration, when he became transformed into a being of light in front of his disciples. At that moment, the outer form of Jesus was transfigured into a being of pure spiritual light. This means that any imperfections that Jesus might have taken into his soul were transformed until only the pure, divine matrix of his lifestream was left. It means that any imperfect beliefs or feelings in his mind and subconscious mind were transformed into the perfect vision and feelings of the Christ mind. It means that any imperfections in his body, from genetic defects to toxic chemicals or environmental pollutants, were consumed, and his body outpictured the perfect design of the pure human body—given the current level of vibration of the earth.

This is the potential that all of you have when you walk the path of personal Christhood and take dominion over yourselves. When a critical mass of human beings take this dominion over self, they can consciously use their creative powers to take dominion over the earth. Thereby, they can literally superimpose the perfect vision of Christ upon the passive matter substance that makes up this planet. This can cause the entire planet to be transfigured, so that it can once again be in alignment with the perfect vision of God that is still held in the minds of Elohim.

This can remove all pollution in nature and all pollution in the human body. It can remove all imbalances in the crust of the earth and consume the very cause and core of natural disasters. It can consume all imbalances in the animal kingdom and even the density of matter itself. This can turn the planet into the harmonious and balanced platform for growth that it was designed to be from the beginning.

For this to happen, a critical mass of human beings must decide to be the open doors, so that the light of God, the self-conscious, self-aware light of the Presence of Infinite Light, can stream into their minds and stir up the ocean of the Ma-ter light. When this happens, the unconscious and passive Ma-ter light can indeed be awakened, until matter itself becomes transfigured into pure light substance that is conscious of its own existence and of its ability to consciously outpicture the perfect vision of God and maintain that vision on an ongoing basis.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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