The prince of this world is a finite being

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Do you see that the prince of this world is not an infinite being; the prince of this world is a finite being. Meaning, that even though there are some who think that the devil has great power, the devil has only finite power, because the devil has only a finite sense of self, and therefore only a finite awareness.

Do you see, my beloved, that what the devil wants is to come to you and cause you to accept the fixed sense of identity that holds you back at a certain level—so that he can now run out and start working with other people, getting them to accept the fixed sense of identity? And he wants that when he has made his rounds and comes back, you are still in that fixed sense of identity.

But you see, if you transcend that sense of identity, and the devil comes back, he will be shocked, “He is no longer there, where is he?” And now he will have to try to catch up with your new sense of identity and try to turn that into a fixed sense of identity. And that takes his attention away from all the other people that he has to entrap—and all of a sudden, when enough people transcend their former sense of self, the devil becomes so scattered, the prince of this world becomes so confused, that he can no longer keep his sense of control. And thus, even the prince of this world must somehow transcend his old sense of identity in order to keep up with the people who are accelerating, my beloved. And thus, you see, everything is pulled up.

“I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” [This also means] lifting up the mass consciousness—which is just one expression of what has traditionally been called the devil. For as Gautama explained last year, at New Year’s, my beloved, when you go into the temple of the dark lord, you see that there is no dark lord there. It is all an empty shell, it has no ultimate reality.

But do you see that constant self-transcendence is the key to accelerating yourself out of this pull of the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness? So that you simply – whatever they send at you – you use it to transcend your sense of identity, to be reborn. You accept that you are reborn, and thus, you are a new being in Christ. And it will take time for your ego, or the false teachers, or the mass consciousness or other people to catch up with you. And when they eventually catch up with you, as they probably will while you are in a physical body, you just immediately allow yourself to be reborn again. And now they have to play catch-up.

And therefore, you come to the point where they are always playing catch-up, my beloved. For you have now turned the tables on the moneychangers, so that they are the ones that have to catch up to you. Because you are no longer allowing yourself to remain in that fixed sense of identity, where they think they have you under control.

And so you see, my beloved, that this becomes sort of a cat-and-mouse game, that you might even for a period find some enjoyment in. Where you realize that you are no longer playing the dualistic game of seeking to destroy the opposite dualistic polarity, but you are playing a sort of a higher version of the game of trying to outfox and outsmart and out-transcend the forces of this world, the prince of this world.

And you can do so very easily once you truly lock in to the process of being reborn. Of course, there will come a point where you are ultimately reborn to the point, where you do not even find enjoyment in outfoxing or outsmarting the prince of this world because that prince has simply become irrelevant to your sense of self. And you are now focused on other things, you are now focused on raising up others and awakening them from the consciousness of death by demonstrating to them how it is possible to be reborn. And by teaching them that they, too, can be reborn—challenging their present sense of self.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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