The perversion of spiritual organizations

Ascended Master Nada, April 6, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Yet, so far on this earth, what has happened to every spiritual organization is that, after some time, it has fallen prey to the manipulations of those who are trapped in the duality consciousness and therefore do not truly want to serve all life. They want to claim to serve God, but it is the external remote being in the sky that they serve. And therefore, they need you to keep believing in the illusion of the external God.

These are the ones that Jesus talked about, when he talked about the hypocrites, who prayed in the streets to be seen of men, who fasted and walked around with distorted faces so everyone could see that they were fasting. Or those who paraded themselves in the temples, in the synagogues, as always being the superior, the wiser ones, because they knew all this intellectually and they did all the outer things right. Yet as Jesus said, “Your heart is far from me.” For they had not cleared their heart of the anti-love that had entered that heart at some distant time, when they chose to separate themselves from the teacher of love—whomever that teacher was, in whatever sphere they separated themselves.

God cannot be grasped by the intellect

The clearing of the heart is the key to overcoming the duality consciousness and the illusion of the remote God. For you can see all manner of people in the world – whether they be in a formal religion or not – you can see all manner of people who believe they have God all figured out with the intellect. Some believe that they have intellectually proven that God does not exist. Some believe they have intellectually proven that God does exist. But, my beloved, both are wrong.

Surely, that will sound startling to some—that I can say that those who believe they have intellectually proven God’s existence can be wrong. But you see, their conclusion is not wrong, for God does exist. But what is wrong is two things. First, the God, the image of God, that they think they have proven is the graven image of the remote God. And the second thing is that the intellect cannot fathom the real God. For the Living God is beyond the intellect and beyond all intellectual reasoning, all analysis, all comparison.

God is incomparable, and the intellect works by analyzing through comparison. Something is right, something is real, in comparison to something else. Yet God cannot be compared to anything else, especially not anything in this world. For when you compare God to anything in this world, what do you do? You create a graven image. And now you say, “Oh this is the way God is. Now we have figured God out, we have created a neat little mental box, we have put a label on it that says ‘God’ and now we think the real God is going to jump into the box and pretend that he can fit inside of it.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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