The persecution of women started with the fallen beings

Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 29, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

Yet, of course, it must also be recognized that in the more distant past – and certainly also in the recent past and present – the real factor that has caused the put-down of women, is indeed the Catholic Church.

For very few institutions on earth have endured for so long while persecuting women, ignoring women, putting down women, shutting out women from the priesthood. Even shutting out women from being able to marry the priests, and therefore still have at least some influence on the spiritual life of the nation, rather than sitting passively in Church or doing passive work that is not related to the real, important Church functions that are always performed by men.

Do you not see, that this goes back many, many centuries? It goes back to the Roman Empire, which had a clear persecution and putting down of women. But it even goes further back in the Jewish religion and the Old Testament. And thus, if you are willing to truly look at this, you will see that this, indeed, is almost written into the Old Testament, especially the Book of Genesis, where of course the Fall of Man is blamed upon Eve and thereby all women. This especially became pronounced after the Catholic invention of the concept of original sin, which of course was never there originally, even in the Old Testament, and most certainly not in the original teachings of Jesus.

And thus, if you want you go even further back, you must recognize that Genesis is partly written by the fallen beings, who have been putting down the Mother element ever since they decided to rebel against the Father and the Spirit. They determined that since they could not control Spirit, they could at least try to control matter, the Mother element. And they have done so in many subtle ways by seeking to put down women and the female element, even the concept of motherhood. 

Thus, when you recognize how deep, how subtle and how ancient the persecution of women truly is, you can also see that much work is needed in order to overcome it. And this does in practical terms mean that Poland in order to overcome the persecution of women – even the outright abuse of women, such as the selling of women into prostitution – then Poland needs to be willing to question the Catholic Church and its influence upon Polish society.


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