The pattern of denying Christ

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Get thee behind me, Satan. For thou art an offense to me. Thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. These are the words I spoke to Peter on that fateful day, when he set the pattern, that has become the pattern of the Catholic Church—and through the Catholic Church for all of Christianity.

The pattern of denying Christ

The pattern was that of using your built-in ability to recognize Christ– that there is something unusual about Christ or those who have the light of the Spirit – but you are not willing to let them take you out of your mental box. You want them – you want the Living Christ – to come into your mental box and conform to it, therefore confirming that box and all of the beliefs within it, all of the mental images, the graven images, the idols, that you have built in your desire to avoid taking responsibility for yourself and changing your life to follow Christ.

For you are not willing to let the old identity die and be reborn. You are not willing to give up that old identity in order to follow Christ into the unknown, where for a time – for a split second – it will seem as if you have no identity—for you have allowed it to die. And indeed, you have, for you must let the old die before the new can be reborn of the Spirit. That is the law, that is the eternal law that everyone who has ever ascended has faced. You must be willing to let go of the old, not knowing if there will be any self-awareness behind that point of letting go. Not knowing what it will be like, not knowing whether you will go to heaven or hell—or whatever you envision might come after the surrender of that mortal self that you have come to deify, or idolize, and see as the graven image that you have set before God.

This is the initiation that Peter failed, and he failed it to the end of his days, and he has failed it to this day. That is why the lifestream of Peter has not ascended. Yet, truth be told, Peter is not the only one of my personal disciples that have not ascended. For the reality of it is, that two-thirds of them were among the original fallen angels that fell in the first sphere and have kept falling, until they ended up in this sphere, here on planet earth. They were assembled here over a long period of time, they were put together in embodiment after embodiment, and I descended to give them that final opportunity to confess Christ or to deny Christ. And they have all denied it, with the exception of one, who is now in the process of ascending. Which one it is, is immaterial. But I give you this realization – that it is possible for even the original fallen angels to rise above that fallen sense of identity – if they are willing to let it die. And if they are not willing, well, then they will continue the downward spiral, until they end up at the second death, where their opportunity runs out.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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