The path of total humility

Ascended Master Jesus, July 5, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Therefore, I am putting up a sign, for I am looking for those who are willing to help co-create the Golden Age. And you might have seen on businesses, there is a sign saying, “Help wanted. Apply within.” I am putting up that sign, because your help is wanted. And you must apply within, meaning within yourself, by going within and discovering that ego, and then letting it go.

Yet, I also have certain conditions. Two thousand years ago I spent a considerable amount of time and energy dealing with those who were not willing to even consider that they needed to change, that they had an ego; those who thought they were perfect, those who thought they were the wise ones, they were God’s chosen people and they did not need to change themselves. It was everyone else who had a problem and everyone else who needed to change. My big sign says, “Help wanted. Apply within.” But the small letters underneath say, “Hypocrites need not apply.”

The path that I offer is the path I offered 2,000 years ago. It is the path of total humility. And even my disciples, who had spent three years with me, had not fully understood that path. And that is why they started arguing amongst themselves, concerning who would be greatest among them when I left. At that moment I had one of these “hitting the concrete experiences,” and I said to myself, “Does that mean that after three years they have not understood your message? Have you not been able to penetrate and make them see what the path is all about?”

And today I am in a much better position because there are many people who can see what the path is about. It is not the way that seemeth right unto a man, which is the glorification of the ego. Instead, it is the path of the total humility, of letting go of all of the pride of the ego, so that you can simply walk away from it and be free. This is the path I offer. I offer it with all of my love. And I will lovingly guide you to that point of freedom. Yet I must also say that love is not always soft, for sometimes you need a firm hand to be awakened. And this relates also to how you approach other people about the spiritual path.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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