The path of Christhood is all about oneness

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 21, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Contemplate this and then realize that so many of the spiritual people on this earth have a high understanding of the spiritual path, but they have not truly understood the essential key of oneness. They have not truly seen that the spiritual path is all about oneness and that behind the outer path is the path of oneness. This is truly the alchemical key, and it is a key that I could not give in  the past because humankind’s consciousness simply was not at that level.

What is the true key to alchemy? It is to realize and to see only that behind all outer manifestations is the oneness of God, and that all manifestations in the material universe are made from the Mother Light, the Ma-ter light. Thus, how can you transform base metal into Gold? Only when you see that the base metal is made out of the Mother Light and that when you return the base metal to the pure state of the Mother Light, you can then impose the pure vision of gold, the Christ vision, upon that Ma-ter light—and the base metal is transformed into gold.

This goes for any imperfection on earth. Any imperfection is made from the Mother Light, and that Mother Light can outpicture the perfection of God instead of the current imperfection. But you will be able to see this and manifest this only when you see the oneness behind all manifestations. And you will see that oneness only when you are one in yourself, when, as Jesus said, your eye is single. When you see no divisions and give them no permanence and no ultimate reality, but see right through them to the light of God behind them.

Then you will be the ultimate alchemist, who can transform the base metal of the human consciousness into the gold of the Christ consciousness and all the base elements of the human consciousness and the manifestations of that consciousness that you see on earth, you can transform them also into the perfect vision of Christ. And the kingdom of God will then be manifest through your being because you are the open door here below.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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