The path begins when you are willing to change your reaction

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, December 31, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Well, as Jesus, as the Great Divine Director, as Astrea and Serapis Bey have recently explained in great detail, they do this because they are not willing to take responsibility for themselves. And what does it mean to take responsibility for yourself? Well, it means, quite simply, that you are willing to recognize and consciously acknowledge the one truth, that is the foundation for your progress on the spiritual path, for your entering into the ascending spiral. This is the one truth, that makes it possible for the ascended masters to work with you on a personal basis. Instead of you staying in the school of hard knocks or in the school of outer teachings and outer organizations and outer gurus, where you may find a true guru or you may not, but in any case you will be attracted to the kind of guru or teaching, that resonates with your current level of consciousness.

For you see, when you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you are not willing to question your current level of consciousness, your current perception. And thus, how can you attract a guru who is beyond that level of consciousness? It simply cannot be done. This is one of those self-evident truths, that should be self evident but is not self-evident to those who have not taken responsibility and therefore look at everything with polluted perception.

So what then is that one inescapable realization, that you must come to before you can be a personal student of the ascended masters? Well, it is precisely that everything in the world of form is an expression of consciousness, a creation of consciousness. There is nothing – I say again, there is nothing – in the world of form, be it in the spiritual realm or in the material universe, that has any independent or objective existence. Nothing ever came into being without being brought into being by a self-aware co-creator, who first envisioned a mental image and then used his or her co-creative abilities to superimpose that image upon the Mater light, which then took on the form of the image.

There is no other way to create. The Creator itself creates this way, and so do all co-creators throughout the ages—in this sphere, in previous spheres, going all the way back to the first act of creation. There is no other way to create. And thus, the beginning of the spiritual path is when one comes to the point, where one is willing to question the perception, that what you perceive in the material universe is real—has an independent existence, meaning that it exists independently of consciousness. And thus, it is permanent or unchangeable, or will only change very slowly due to some process beyond your control; be that God or the angels in heaven or the laws of nature or the process of evolution or whatever myth that people have come up with, in order to explain what they see around them. Where they see, that there is both an appearance of permanence but also an obvious appearance of change.

And yet, in their unwillingness to take responsibility for themselves, they must project that things have permanence, have independent existence. And thus, they must also project, that the change that they cannot deny comes about by some process outside themselves over which they have no control. Yet is there actually anything in your world – in your personal world – over which you have absolutely no control? Well, yes there is—at your current level of consciousness. But if you are willing to transcend your current level of consciousness, to transcend your current perception, to transcend your current mental box; then there is absolutely nothing in your world, that you cannot accelerate to a higher level by being willing to accelerate your own consciousness.

For you may look at the world around you, you may look at your personal circumstances, and you may see that right now there are many factors in your life that you seem to have no power to influence or change, because they are dependent upon natural laws that you seemingly cannot change. Or they are dependent upon other people and their free-will choices. But you see, you still have power to change something. You have power to change your own reaction to those external circumstances and to the behavior of other people.

The beginning of the spiritual path

And when you start where you are by saying: “How can I accelerate my reaction, so that I am not forced into a negative reaction by certain circumstances or by certain actions or words of other people? How can I accelerate beyond my old patterns of reaction? How can I get out of the reactive mode of consciousness?” When you begin to ask those questions, that is when you can start the spiritual path.

In the beginning, it may seem like you are only changing your reaction to outer circumstances or other people, but I can assure you that we of the ascended masters – we who have gone through the process of starting in a very dualistic state of consciousness and accelerating ourselves into the Ascension Spiral – we have proven, proven over and over again, that when you do accelerate your reaction, you will come to a point, where you will no longer encounter certain circumstances or certain types of people. And my beloved, is this really so difficult to understand, when you have the many teachings, that we have given on the fact that the universe is a mirror, that reflects back to you what you are sending out?

If you are sending out that you are always being accused unjustly, what will the universe reason, based on the mental image that you hold in your mind? Well, it will reason, that you want to experience a situation where others accuse you. And so, it will comply and send you such people. And thus, you can go into the age-old spiral of seeking to defend yourself against their accusations, or seeking to deny them or seeking to justify yourself or even seeking to change their minds—but you are still reacting.

And do you see, that what you are reacting to is not an external circumstance that exists independently of your own state of consciousness? You are reacting to the reaction from the cosmic mirror to the images you are sending out. You know about the law of cause and effect, which has also been called the law of action and reaction. So you know that reaction comes after action. And yet, when you have not taken responsibility for yourself, you do not see, that the chain of events started with an action on your part, namely the mental images, that you allow to exist in your identity body. And which you then project into the cosmic mirror—and so what comes back to you is the reaction from your own action.

When you do not recognize this, you look only at what is happening outside yourself, and now you think, that other people’s treatment of you is their action. And now you think that their action forces you to react in some way, often that it forces you to react in a particular way, whatever your personal momentum might be, such as defending yourself or accusing others back. And you think that because you cannot change their action, you have no way to transcend the situation. But do you see, that the reason why you feel powerless to change the situation is, that you have confused action and reaction? You think that your reaction is to their action, but the reality here – the reality that is the difference between those who are true students of the ascended masters and those who are not, even though they may claim to be or be firmly convinced that they are – is in fact the one realization, that when you take full responsibility for yourself, you are NEVER reacting to anything!

When you take full responsibility for your state of mind, you see that God has given you free will. And no matter what happens to you on earth, you have the freedom to choose what goes on inside your mind—regardless of what is going on outside of your mind and physical body. And thus, when you take responsibility for yourself, you realize that you have absolutely no need to react to anything. There is no natural law, that forces you to react to the circumstances you encounter in the material universe. For you have the potential to accelerate into a higher state of consciousness, where you are not reacting—you are acting. Because no matter what happens on the outer, you choose your own state of consciousness. And you choose your actions based on your own state of consciousness, NOT based on the consciousness of other people. And that is why you will never be limited by the state of consciousness and the free-will choices of other people, for YOU, in any situation you encounter – regardless of the choices made by others – you are free to choose your own action, your own state of consciousness.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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