The original twelve tribes of Israel

Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 16, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

When you look at the Middle East based on what I have told you, you see certain perspectives that suddenly come into focus and now become obvious. First of all, you must realize that the Middle East is not one of the holiest places on earth. Jesus descended to the Middle East not because it was a holy place but because it was one of the unholiest places on earth. Thus, he desired to bring the light where there was the greatest darkness. Likewise, the teachings – I might say: the pure original teachings – of the Koran, were given in the Middle East precisely because there was still great darkness.

Why is the Middle East a place of great darkness? Because certain lifestreams have embodied there who have come from other systems of worlds, and these lifestreams have a long history of warring amongst each other. When Jesus said that he came to rescue the lost sheep of the house of Israel, he was not actually talking about the original root races on planet earth. Jesus descended in the Middle East because he had volunteered to do a two-fold mission.

Part of Jesus’ mission is universal and timeless, as the hierarch of the Piscean Age, which is a planetary phenomenon. This was the Alpha aspect of Jesus’ mission. Yet the Omega aspect of Jesus’ mission was to address a specific problem that is centered in the Middle East, namely that there are twelve groups of lifestreams who have been allowed to embody on this planet. Yet these lifestreams have a long history, that goes far beyond the earth, of warring and competing amongst each other.

These lifestreams did originally come from a system, a solar system, that had twelve planets. Yet as each of them grew in sophistication, they became increasingly rigid and they became increasingly adept at misusing the Ma-ter light for their purposes of obtaining power and control. In doing so, they even used the Ma-ter light for the purpose of warfare, seeking to destroy each other. These lifestreams achieved technology that is more advanced than what you know of on planet earth today. They were able to travel from planet to planet within their own solar system. And eventually they started interplanetary wars.

This eventually led the entire solar system to self-destruct. And although many of the most rigid lifestreams went to their second death, a number of the other lifestreams were scattered throughout several galaxies and solar systems. As they embodied on other planets, some of them did indeed grow and transcend their mindset. Yet some of them fell back into the old patterns and continued their warring. Eventually some of these lifestreams were allowed to embody on a planet in this solar system, a planet that has now been destroyed, which created the asteroid belt. Representatives from all the original twelve planets have been allowed to embody on planet earth after the fall of the fourth root race. This has been done as a final opportunity for these lifestreams. And also as an opportunity for the lifestreams on earth who had become so rigid that they were beyond reach.

These twelve evolutions of lifestreams were indeed what Jesus referred to as the twelve tribes of Israel. So you now see that although these lifestreams are beloved by God, it is an illusion to think that any of these tribes, any of these waves of lifestreams – be they known as Jews or Arabs today – had a particular merit or a particularly high spiritual consciousness. In reality, none of them had a very high state of consciousness when they came to this earth. That is why they were the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Had they had a higher state of consciousness, they would not have been lost because they would have known who they were as co-creators with their God.

The Omega aspect of Jesus’ mission was that he took embodiment in a particular circumstance in order to speak directly to the lifestreams that had embodied in the Middle East and represented these twelve tribes. That is why, when you read the Bible carefully, you will see that Jesus clearly recognized that there were certain limitations put upon his physical mission. For he could not give forth certain teachings while he was in physical embodiment, precisely because the lost sheep of the house of Israel were at such a low state of consciousness, that he could not give them these powerful teachings. They would immediately have used these teachings for selfish purposes, even for warring amongst themselves. Thus, Jesus taught the multitudes in parables, the multitudes being the lost sheep of the twelve tribes of Israel, which were twelve evolutionary groups that came from far-off worlds.

Where are the tribes today?

What have these twelve tribes done with the teachings that Jesus gave them? Well, I am happy to report that, over the past 2,000 years, a great number of these lifestreams have indeed made sincere efforts to internalize Jesus’ teachings. That is why a number of these lifestreams are embodied in the predominantly Christian nations in the United States, Europe and to some degree South America. Yet I must also tell you that most of these lifestreams have not let go of their rigidity. This is why you see that they have turned Jesus’ teachings into a rigid, dogmatic religion, whether it be the Catholic Church or the fundamentalist or evangelical churches in the United States.

This, of course, shows you that many of these lifestreams have not fully internalized Jesus’ teachings. Thus, although they have made clear progress over the past 2,000 years, they are still a far cry from where they need to be in consciousness in order to become free of the past and take up their highest possible roles on this planet. Which is that they become universal sons and daughters of God, letting go of all sense of their old ways and their old history and origin. This is the only way that will allow these lifestreams to set themselves free from the patterns of their past, the patterns that they have been repeating now for tens of thousands of years. And of course, only when they completely overcome these patterns, will they be able to transcend and make their ascensions to higher spheres of learning.

While this is good news, I must also report that there are a number of the lifestreams from the twelve tribes that have not been willing to transcend their old ways and their old state of consciousness. These then are the lifestreams that have continued to embody in the Middle East. I am not saying that all people embodying in the Middle East belong to these lifestreams, for indeed some have volunteered to embody there to provide a counterbalance to the density of the consciousness of the original twelve tribes. Yet I must tell you that there is a significant number of the people in the Middle East who are embodying there precisely because they have not transcended the consciousness that Jesus came to challenge 2,000 years ago. In fact, they have become even more rigid in this state of consciousness.

This, of course, is what you see has led to countless wars and conflicts, not only over the past 2,000 years but going back beyond recorded history. Thus, I can tell you that the sands of the Middle East are indeed almost saturated with the blood of countless people, blood that has been spilled in senseless and pointless conflicts between lifestreams who are so trapped in the consciousness of competition and war that they cannot free themselves from it.


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