The origin of inequality in society

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

In many past ages it has happened, that those who were the dualistic leaders managed to create a society in which they had set themselves up in leadership positions. And positions that were untouchable, because the people could not challenge them—either because they did not have the physical power or because they believed that they could or should not challenge the leaders.

The Jews of Jesus’ time had created precisely such a society. And this was a society in which they were very comfortable. And even though they had the concept that a Messiah would come, they were not actually looking forward to the coming of the Messiah. Of course, they would not have admitted this consciously, but subconsciously they were not willing to lose their comfortability, to lose their mortal lives, in order to follow the Messiah. And thus, subconsciously they were happy to believe that the Messiah would come sometime in the distant future.

So when suddenly Jesus appeared and said, “I AM the Messiah and I am here NOW,” they came up with all kinds of excuses for ignoring him. And they allowed the fallen leaders to kill his physical body in an attempt to prevent that he would overthrow status quo by overturning those tables of the spiritual money-changers—who had taken away not the money of the people but the consciousness of abundance of the people. Thus separating them from the flow of the River of Life, so that no one among the people could gather enough light, enough Christhood, to stand up and challenge those fallen beings in leadership positions.

A subtle secret about fallen beings

I will now give you a subtle truth, that very few people on this earth have understood. And I do not say this to cause any kind of pride in your being, although I do say it with the intention of giving you a test of whether you will respond with pride or not. What exactly is it that happens, when a culture or society or a lifewave separates itself from the flow of the River of Life? Well, my beloved, they obviously are cut off from the creative forces of God, namely the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. They cannot be the open door for this creative force, and thus they cannot bring more abundance into their sphere, into the sphere of their planet. But more than that, you need to understand exactly what is going on in the minds of such beings.

To illustrate this, let me ask you to imagine something. Imagine that you had a gun as you know them on earth. And imagine you were walking in the forest – and you were starving and your family and community were starving – and you saw a deer that could provide nutrition to your community. And you took aim with the gun and fired the gun, and then the gun would fire and the deer would be killed. But if you flew into anger and raised that gun to shoot one of your fellow men, then the gun would refuse to fire. This is how it is with the creative power of God, the flow of the River of Life. If you co-create with a pure intention and pure vision, then the power of God and the love of God – in perfect balance – will gladly and lovingly flow through you. They will flow with the eagerness of the God who wants to express itself through all of its sons and daughters. And thus, you will have the power of God for which nothing is impossible.

When you try to express your co-creative abilities with impure vision, an impure intent, well then the power of God will not flow through you. We might say that the cosmic gun will not fire, and thus you will not have the power of God. You will only have the power you have garnered in your own being through your initiations on the first rays before you fell. Those who were the original fallen beings – who realized this mechanism after they had descended into the matter spheres – realized that they would soon run out of power if they did not do something. And here is the plan they came up with, in order to prolong their own existence in the matter realm for as long as possible.

We might say that the River of Life – the creative force of God – is creative, and by creative I mean something that is not predictable, that is not mechanical. And this creative force will work only when you have pure intention. And thus, it will not work for those who are trapped in duality and seek to limit other forms of life and raise up themselves. And so what they decided to create was a sphere in the material realm – not limited to planet earth, but including planet earth – where they had created a mechanical force in imitation of the creative force of God. A force that allowed them to express power with impure intentions.


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