The laws of nature are not mechanical

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, science has created the concept of the laws of nature. And certainly, there are laws that guide the evolution of nature. But the problem with materialistic science is that it has given people the impression – the fundamental belief, the paradigm – that even the laws of nature are mechanical, and thus always function in a certain way and therefore nothing can override the laws of nature.

This is what has caused several past societies – that had achieved a high level of sophistication – to actually lose the abundance they had attained. Some of these societies were so abundant and so sophisticated that, compared to your current civilization, you would have said that they were a Golden Age society. And to some degree they were. But what happened was, that those societies were eventually taken over by the people who had an imbalance of power. These are the people who are unbalanced in power, and they will seek to control those who are unbalanced in love—and who therefore become passive followers of the blind leaders.

And when the blind leaders had taken over, they created a society in which the people were very comfortable. But they were comfortable because, number one, they had used the mechanization consciousness to create mechanical technological devices, that gave them what they needed to sustain their lifestyle. And number two, they had been seduced by the mechanization consciousness to believe, that there was nothing beyond their current lifestyle, that there was no greater abundance to be had. Because according to the laws of nature – and the limitations built into nature on this planet – they could not have more than what they had.

This is the scenario expressed in the saying that ignorance is bliss. The people were ignorant of the potential to have more, and therefore they had reached a certain state of contentment, a certain state of comfortability with what they had. And this was to a large degree the case with the Jews at the time that Jesus appeared. And that is why he had to perform certain miracles, that shook people out of the consciousness that there were certain limitations, that there were certain things that were impossible for a human being.

Today, those who are trapped in the aspect of the mechanization consciousness called materialistic science, look back at Jesus’ time and deny his miracles because they say, “This would go against the laws of nature, and therefore, clearly, it could not be possible that someone could raise the dead, heal the sick by a simple command, or walk on water or turn water into wine. Thus, Jesus must have been a phony, he must have been a charlatan, he must have hypnotized the people to believe in his miracles. Or the gospel writers simply made it all up to make Jesus look special.”

The reality is, that the laws of nature are not mechanical. When you attain some measure of Christ consciousness, you can go beyond what science currently calls the laws of nature. And thus, you can use the infinite creative power of the expanding and contracting forces of the Father-Mother God – through the balance of the Christ mind – to bring forth a much higher manifestation than what is currently possible on earth.

What science currently sees as the laws of nature are not actually the laws of God. They are the laws that are created out of the duality of the mechanization consciousness, where an action must have an opposite reaction. And thus, any action will be limited by the reaction. There are certain limitations, that human beings cannot go beyond—as long as they are trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness, the mechanization consciousness. And Jesus came to demonstrate, that with men it is impossible to go beyond the current limitations of nature, but with God all things are possible.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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