The judgment of the beast of mainstream Christianity

Ascended Master Jesus, February 11, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, I say to you – I, Jesus, the living Christ – raise the right hand of this messenger to use the scepter of Surya to bring forth the absolute and final judgment of this beast of orthodox Christianity and the Catholic Church. The beast that began even before Peter, for he had worshiped it in many embodiments before he met me in the flesh. And he is still worshiping it today, refusing to let it go. My Beloved, this beast has come to an end this day.

Certainly, it will be re-created almost instantly by those who cannot, who will not, let it go. But yet the momentum that has been gathered over these 2,000 years, that momentum is dead—now at this very instant; it is gone. And thus, people have a new start, a new white page on which they must now write. And everyone who is here, every one of the billion plus people who call themselves Catholics – and the many millions more who claim to be following another mainstream religion – well, they will sense it this instant at inner levels, even though most of them will be unwilling to recognize it consciously. They will sense that a shift has occurred, that a cycle has come to an end. For this is the year 2010, that marks the end of the Piscean age and the beginning of the Aquarian age.

And thus, I tell you I, Jesus, am withdrawing my light, the light that has allowed so many Christians over these 2,000 years to be able to call themselves Christians, while worshiping the idols of anti-christ. That veil, that dispensation, has been withdrawn. I allowed this because I wanted to give people as much time as possible to build the inner discernment, from within their hearts, that would allow them to recognize the reality of Christ within themselves. Yet, I can no longer maintain this dispensation, and thus it must be withdrawn, so that people must stand on their own, their own momentum without having any of my light, any of the grace that has supported them. And thus, they will have to deal with their own karma, with their own thoughts, their own idols, their own dualistic images, that they are constantly superimposing upon the Ma-ter light, and thereby superimposing upon themselves, their outer minds, their physical bodies.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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