The insane lie of only one Son of God

Jesus, June 28, 2008.

So then, let Christ be raised in all, for that is why I came to this earth. Do you see, my beloved, it is complete insanity – and I say deliberately “insanity” – to think that there can be only one Son of God, only one Christed Being on earth. This is the lie that must be exposed. It must be exposed for what it is, no matter how painful it might be for those who have made themselves the blind followers of the blind leaders and would prefer to continue in their illusion, that if they stay loyal members of an outer Christian Church, declare me as their Lord and savior, then they will automatically be saved—whereas all others will go to hell.

If you understand the reality of why I came to this earth, you will see that I came to give LIFE, the abundant life to ALL people—not to a select, small group. Do you understand, that I descended in the Middle East precisely because there is hardly a place on earth, where you find a greater concentration of the very consciousness that is the antithesis to Christhood, namely that some people belong to a special group, the chosen people, who are fundamentally above and beyond anyone else?

I came to challenge the Jews to overcome that consciousness – that they had built for thousands of years – of being this little tribe that somehow was favored by God. So that God was only concerned about saving the Jews and was willing to condemn all others to hell for eternity. This is the very consciousness of the fallen beings, who in denying God in themselves must therefore deny God in all others. And therefore, when one person is raised up – and demonstrates an extraordinary consciousness – and they cannot kill that person and they cannot kill the movement he started, well then they will kill the example by raising that person up to some unique status so that no one else can follow.

This is the fallacy of current Christianity. It must be exposed, my beloved. And who can expose it but those who are in touch with the Divine Feminine? For you see, it is the feminine aspect of men and women that has the ability to feel oneness with all life here below. And it is only through the feeling of that oneness, that you can overcome the illusion that only some people are meant to be saved, so that you can tune in to the reality, that God wants to raise up and save everyone.

This is the Mother – the Mother Flame, the Mother aspect – who wants to raise up all of her children, not just a few, and who then can come to see all people as children of the Mother. Thus, you realize that the false image of the male judgmental God – the selective God, the monotheistic God up there in the sky – is truly a false image that has nothing to do with the reality of the Father-Mother God. For truly, when the Father aspect of God, the unexpressed God, has expressed Itself as all self-conscious beings, then what sense will it make that God does not want to raise up every aspect, every expression of itself? But would want to condemn certain people to hell, based on some criteria defined by a particular religion, the religion of a small, little tribe on this small, little planet, called earth—which is like a speck of dust in the vastness of the universe.

Do you see, that thinking that you belong to the chosen people is the ultimate expression of ego, is the ultimate spiritual blindness? It is the ultimate insanity of thinking that out of the vastness of the universe, only these few people who belong to this particular tribe – or this particular Christian fundamentalist Church – will be saved, whereas all others will be tossed aside as dry grass that you throw into the fire, for it is worth nothing. How could God possibly think that an extension of itself is worth nothing? It is only the ego who can divide people up based on worth, saying that some people have a superior worth and some people have no worth at all. Thus, again, I yield to Saint Germain.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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