The initiation of non-attachment

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, October 1, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

It is not necessarily easy to always know what is right with God. And the reason for this is that there is no outer rule that can be given in this world for what is right according to God’s absolute reality. For each situation, each person, is different. In one situation it might be right to do one thing. But in another situation, that might seem similar based on outer appearances, it may be right to do what seems to be the opposite. And thus, you cannot know this by setting up rules with the analytical mind that loves to create labels and say that, “Under these circumstances you should always do this. And under those circumstances you should always do that.”

Well, my beloved, this will not work. For then you have pulled yourself into the realm of the intellect which can only operate in the field of duality. Yet you can attain much by consciously working on non-attachment. For truly, when you are non-attached to the outer appearances, you will not be tempted to respond according to a human standard for what should be right in this or that situation. You will then be able to reach up for the higher reality of God, so you will spontaneously do what is right.

Yet in order to do what is right with God, you must realize that non-attachment is not the same as indifference. If you will study my life as the Buddha incarnate, you will notice that I walked a path of attaining complete non-attachment to the things of this world. And then, after having attained that non-attachment which is commonly in Buddhist terms called Enlightenment, I still faced an initiation that many Buddhists do not understand or even look upon. For I faced the temptation that the forces of this world said, “Oh, but what you have seen, what you have attained, is far too advanced or complicated for the people on earth. You will not be able to explain it to them. They will not be able to understand it. None will understand you, so don’t bother to go out in the world and bear witness to your truth. Just stay in Nirvana and leave the world to the forces of duality. Do not attempt to enlighten the people, for they will not understand.”

Well, I passed that initiation only by connecting to the I AM THAT I AM within me, to Brahman himself. And through that connection I got the clear impulse: “Some will understand.” And I went out and started preaching my truth and some did indeed understand. Thus, you will face the same initiation. First you face the initiation of attaining non-attachment to other people’s reactions, so that when they reject your light, your God Flame, your truth, you are non-attached to their reactions. And you do not allow their rejection to become an excuse that the ego can use to trick you into turning off your light or being quiet about challenging the unreality on earth.

Yet in attaining and working on that non-attachment, you will then come to the temptation of thinking, “What is the point of seeking to enlighten people when they are so far down into the consciousness of duality and seemingly are so uninterested in anything spiritual?” It is a delicate balance to remain non-attached but at the same time not to become indifferent, not to give up, not to become a pacifist who just sits there and lets the world do what it will do without challenging what is unreal. And each of you must find your own balance, for I tell you, there is an idolatry in the world which thinks that it was easy for me to walk the path and pass my initiations and then find my balance and go out and preach my truth.

Likewise, they say it was easy for Jesus to pass his initiations and then go out and witness to his truth. But I tell you that it was fully as difficult for Jesus and myself as it is for you. We all have certain elements of the human condition that we must surrender and overcome before we manifest a higher state of consciousness. And the human conditions that each of us have are precisely those conditions that are the hardest for us to see. So Jesus was not born in the fullness of his Christhood. And I was not born in the fullness of Buddhahood, as is clearly seen in our lives.

Therefore, we too had to overcome our own points of blindness that we could not see. And precisely that which we could not see was as difficult for us to overcome as it is for each of you to overcome that which you cannot see. Do you see, my beloved, it is such an illusion to think that Jesus and I and other spiritual masters were above you and that it was so much easier for us. For indeed it was not easy at all. But the fact that we made it should be an encouragement that you too can make it. For as has been the motto of the ascended masters for a long time, “What one has done all can do.” And in this age we might say, “What one is Being, all can Be!” For truly it is not doing that is the key but Being.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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