The dream of an ultimate argument

Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

You see, my beloved, at my trial I had realized it was not my personal task to convert or change or awaken those in the fallen consciousness. I knew because at that time I had realized that there was nothing I could say that would convince the Sanhedrin, or even the Romans, that would awaken them from their blindness. For several years of my mission I had hoped that there was some way to demonstrate to them some argument that could come up from the Christ mind that would convince them. That is why I engaged with the scribes and Pharisees.

I thought somehow there must be an ultimate argument that will convince these people and help them see how they are out of alignment with the reality that I see through the Christ mind. The Christ mind has no ultimate argument against the mind of anti-christ for in the mind of anti-christ there is no ultimate argument. When you are in the mind of anti-christ, you think that you are God. You think that your definition of good and evil is the ultimate one. As long as you uphold that definition, you can disprove any Christened being who tries to reason with you. You can even disprove an ascended master for you think you know better than the ascended master.

This is the condition of those who are the most trapped in the fallen mind. Your arguments have no effect on them whatsoever for they have no truth in them wherewith the truth of your words can resonate. There is no resonance in them for they have killed truth, they have killed Christ in themselves, thinking they are actually elevated to a superior status.

My beloved, this is what I finally realized shortly before my arrest and trial, and that is why I stood there and did not defend myself. What would have been the outcome of me defending myself? They would only have mocked me and rejected anything that could be said. Yet still, even though I knew that they would execute me, I still thought that until the very end God would send angels to rescue me and demonstrate that a Christened being can win over the fallen beings even here in the physical. I thought that God would show an undeniable sign that those who killed the Christ cannot fail to see what they have done.

Again, there is no undeniable sign. Even God and his angels cannot show an undeniable sign for the fallen consciousness can, as I have explained, deny anything. This I did not realize until I was hanging on the cross where I was expecting that I would be rescued by angels. Then it suddenly dawned on me that it was not the fallen ones who needed to change; it was I who needed to change.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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