The connection between freedom and Christhood

Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 28, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

It is indeed a great joy for all of us that this course has been brought into the physical. Certainly, it is not the end-all and be-all of what could be said about the path to Christhood, for as Jesus has just said, there is no end-all and be-all. For Christhood is an open-ended process that will never end. And how does this tie in with freedom? You see, freedom is also an open-ended process. Freedom cannot be a permanent state—for then it is no longer freedom. As soon as something becomes permanent, it becomes a prison, and it is no longer free. Do you see this, my beloved?

It is essential that you ponder the reality of freedom and how it relates to Christhood. For you have – all – certain illusions about what it means to be a Christed Being. You think that it is possible to set up some standard for how a Christed Being should be—perhaps based on Jesus, perhaps based on your image of ascended masters and what we are like and the teachings we have given. But I tell you, that all of these images you are holding on to are graven images, and they will only keep you trapped in the mental box that is created by the ego and the false teachers. And only when you are willing to step outside of that box – and embrace total, absolute freedom – only then can you hope to begin to manifest Christhood.

For I tell you, as Jesus says in the course, there is no standard whatsoever for what it means to be a Christed Being. For being a Christed Being means being the ultimate creative being. And in creativity there can be no standard. How can there be, when creativity can never be predicted, can never be planned? For if an activity is planned, it is not a creative activity but a mechanical activity.

And thus, do you see that this course is setting the foundation for helping people quickly cross the gap, cross the distance, that they should have crossed over the past 2,000 years by embracing the inner teachings of Christ. But which many have not been able to cross precisely because the true teachings were taken away from them. And thus, those who will embrace this course can then quickly step up to the point, where they can begin to embrace the Aquarian-age consciousness. And if this course had not been brought into the physical, then there would have been no point in me bringing forth the vision of the Aquarian age, for no one would be able to lock in to it.

For again, most of you have an unrealistic expectation of the Golden Age, as I mentioned yesterday. You think that it can be defined in some final, absolute plan and that I, Saint Germain, have a firm and fixed plan up here. You think I am looking for you to fill in the pieces here and there, as if you were robots who just surrendered your free will to me – as the hierarch of Aquarius – so that you could be the worker bees to fit into the puzzle and thereby gradually assemble the puzzle. But you see, my beloved, that is not my vision at all. My vision is an overall vision of what could be the Golden Age, but it is not a fixed vision. There is infinite room for individual creativity in that vision. There is no final plan! It is a living, breathing plan.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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