The Catholic Church’s anger against women

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, February 14, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

And this, of course, is something that many people in the modern age have begun to see. There has not yet been a public outcry against this anger and persecution of women by the Catholic Church. There has not yet been a willingness to go back and air the dirty laundry of history, to see what really happened and to expose the consciousness behind it.

Yet that consciousness can be seen even today, where I can assure you, that if you could hear the secret meetings that take place between the Pope and the cardinals and other important figures of the Catholic Church, you would be shocked at the anger against women, that is being expressed openly at such meetings. You would be shocked at the attitude towards women by some of these men, that claim to be the representatives of Christ on earth—but of course are not. I can assure you, that if the world knew what is going on inside the corridors of the Vatican and the Catholic structure, of how women are used as sexual objects by priests and cardinals and bishops – and then put away secretly or paid off to be silent – then the world would be shocked, that such abuse of women and such a degrading attitude towards women can still exist in the western world in this day and age.

And precisely because there is a growing awareness of this problem, I have decided to give an opportunity for people to rise up and demand the exposure of this consciousness of anger against women. And also an opportunity for them to overcome the momentums and the blindness, that they may indeed not only expose it, but also clear up those ancient records—and therefore open up the way for the Aquarian Age, where men and women must be seen as complete equals.

Men and women in the Golden Age

If the Aquarian Age is to be a golden age, it must be recognized, that both men and women are needed and that no society can be balanced if it is led exclusively by men or exclusively by women. But it must also be recognized, that for there to be harmony and cooperation between men and women, there must be harmony and peace in the relationship between men and women, starting with the marriage and the family.

And thus, you see how important it is for the progression towards the Golden Age to bring these issues out in the open and to transcend the old structures—that keep men and women trapped in these traditional roles, that actually destroy the individuality and creativity of both men and women. For neither can express their full potential in a society that is not in balance, in a family that is not in balance, in a relationship that is not in balance—or in a mind that is not in balance between male and female, the masculine and feminine.

Thus, I have decided to give this impetus by withdrawing the space from the focal point of this energy. For the first hurdle that must be overcome is the male anger against the female. That is where it all starts, and once that begins to fall and be transcended, then all other divisions between the sexes can quickly be overcome. And of course, the anger against women is only an outer expression of the inner anger against the female aspect of your own being, the anger from the conscious self, from the Conscious You that will not take responsibility for itself.

Overcome that—if you will be part of the Golden Age. We have given you the teachings, we have given you the tools—all you need is the decision, that you are willing to see what you have so far not seen in yourself. Be willing to see those twins of the dualistic decision, that you left to die out in the forest. Be willing to see how they were raised by the she-wolf and have now become a powerful force that seeks to control you. Look it straight in the eye. See it for what it is, then surrender it, dissolve it, transcend it. Make the appropriate calls for the transmutation of the energy, call for Archangel Michael to cut you free from the planetary beast to which you have been tied through your own consciousness. Call to Astrea to cut you free and accelerate you into purity.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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