The Catholic Church promotes inequality

Ascended Master Saint Germain, April 12, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Only when each person knows, that he or she has access to God directly within themselves; only then can there be true freedom and true equality. If the population believe, that they cannot access God directly but must access God through an external mediator of some kind, well, then they will be subject to being dominated by that external mediator. And whatever institution this might be, will inevitably be taken over by those people who lust after power, and who therefore will use that external institution to control the people, as indeed the Roman Catholic Church – from its inception by the Emperor Constantine – was meant as an instrument to control the people.

This must be seen. Someone must cry out, that the Pope has nothing on, and that the institution that he represents was flawed from its inception, was a deviation from the true mission of Christ. Where are those who dare make that cry? You, of course, have the potential to be among them, my beloved. As some of you have already done, at least in your own minds and among friends. But I tell you, there is a need to bring forth this awareness and to challenge not only the Catholic Church – for certainly we are not seeking to single out the Catholic Church – but to challenge the very institutionalized nature of Christianity—be it Protestant or Catholic or Fundamentalist or whatever you want to call it.

Look at the very idea that you are born in sin, and therefore are fundamentally flawed from the very beginning, fundamentally different from Jesus, who had an immaculate conception. I tell you: you all had an immaculate conception in the mind of your spiritual parents, when your lifestream first descended to this earth. Therefore, you can reclaim that birthright and say, “No, I was not born in sin. I do not accept that I am fundamentally different from Christ.” For do you not see, that the principle of equality cannot be completely understood or espoused as long as there is in the consciousness of the people, the concept that one person, even though he walked the earth in a physical body, was fundamentally different from all others?

Right there, you have, in the Christian religion, a concept that undermines the very reality of the mission of Christ and the very reality of the true principle of equality, that all men, all self-aware beings, all co-creators were created equal in the mind of God. Not in the sense that they were created alike, for each one is a unique individual, but in the sense that they are of equal value in the mind of God. Or rather, we should go beyond even the concept of value and comparison and recognize, that each lifestream was created out of the unconditional love, the unconditional mind, of God.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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